Monsieur Cactus is an electro-pop queer band from Barcelona. Today they reveal their latest video for “Hemisferios”.

Last Autumn, Monsieur Cactus released the EP “Hemisferios”, a work of slow maturation that narrates the journey since their first LP, “Astronomía Elemental”, and is at the same time a manifest about who they are: electronic pop, blunt and folkloric; Queer and synthesized.

“For the video, we have returned to work with the queer production company FUTUROA, this time under the direction of Estel Díaz, with whom we decided to focus on the idea of “moving away to see things in their entirety, or with another – and greater – perspective” , as well as face some binary opposites (light-dark, far-near, opaque-transparent, etc.), something almost ironic from the base that, both producer and group, we share precisely a position contrary to binarism in terms of gender and expression of this one (something also reflected, again, in the video)” – Monsieur Cactus

In the clip that you can see above, they have collaborated with some interesting names of young Spanish fashion: Victor von Schwarz, Jeaven & Jell and LosFelizShop.