The Max ‘n Chester Fall/Winter 2017 collection tells a sophisticated, compelling story based on the brand’s four pillars of fabric, design, silhouette, and comfort. This season reflects music’s influence on fashion through the decades, specifically the punk and grunge periods. Oversized sweaters and a palette of blacks and charcoals are a direct nod to that influence. Ultimately, the line reflects designer and founder Peter Trainor’s personal aesthetic. “What I wear is what I design. It’s the fabric that inspires me more than anything,” says Trainor. Incorporating bold new patterns and fabrications as well as introducing outerwear and sweater options for the first time, the designer says of the collection, “Anyone can look good in a suit, but fashion is about how you articulate yourself with the wardrobe that you have, and this collection gives the wearer the ability to do that.” The FW17 collection explores new silhouettes for men, working to achieve an effortless, elegant aesthetic for the confident wearer striving for individuality.