“I was born in Ukraine but at the age of 6, I came to Vilanova i la Geltrú with my parents. So the home for me symbolizes a safe place, where I can express myself freely, without being judged and where I can feel calm.”

“When I arrived it was very strange at the beginning, I haven’t seen my mother for 6 years and she was a new person in my life… so, learning the language seemed complicated, but the Mediterranean attitude of the people made the time more bearable and then recently I moved to Barcelona where I experienced a big change especially in terms of leisure and fashion.”

“Barcelona is a capital city and for that reason, it continues to be a reference, but having people from the outskirts so active puts the batteries through its influence.”

“I am second-hand clothes consumer because you can buy the same thing that the commercial brands offer, but at a better price and with more variety to choose.”


“Home is where you have roots, a faraway place for me.”

“The interculturality that we find in the outskirts, has similarities with immigration, but there are two different immigrations, the one that ends up in Barcelona city and the one that goes to the suburbs, both has different goals in life.”

“From the suburbs strong projects are being made and there is no need to go to downtown to show them, there is a suburbs public that can consume them.”

“I like second hand clothes because their exclusivity and is the good prices. But on the other hand, we must be aware of sustainability and the care of the environment, just as we recycle waste at home, why don’t we do the same with fashion consumption?”

“Makeo opens a new fashion concept to the new generation.”


“The interculturality experienced thanks to the multiculturalism of Barcelona has been very positive, because you have inputs from all sides, for example, my mum is British… Basically, my whole family is a great mix, I have friends who were born here and others from some other areas … All this It looks super nice and all this affects me in the way I speak for example and brings me great wealth.”

“Barcelona is pretty small, but it continues to grow upwards and that’s why in the outskirts it is gestating and so on … and the relationship between the suburbs and Barcelona I think it is reciprocal.”

“For me second-hand clothes… I like it the most because I find it very appealing, because it has essence by itself, has something, has a story, has a content or something that calls my attention, I do not see it as a dead garment, in a certain way. I don’t know … I like it a lot and I like to be promoting it to give them a new use in a creative way. “


Looks from Makeo.top

Makeo is a second hand online store, created by Eme Rock and Roberto Piqueras where you can find a selection of streetwear garments. Their goal is to make a reinvention of the thrift shops and vintage with a contemporary look. They want to make their customers conscious about sustainable fashion, global environment and street culture.

Discover more at www.makeo.top

Director Jordi Estrada
Photography by David Montosa
Dop Carlos Feher
Focus Puller Camila Pineda
Color grading – Julia Rossetti
Sound Design Lucas Mathias
Styling Eme Rock
Casting Roberto Piqueras
Make up Judit Santa
Models: @cumisari @elnegroeserubito & @vladyposhyvanyuk