This season, go Dutch. The unisex brand to know (and to love) has landed in New York. Behind the doors of Odd92, is a five-piece candy cane colored holiday collection, Maison the Faux <3 Odd92. From $140 for a Faux Ethicus hoodie to a cotton denim, satin jacket ($480), find something for that special Fauxmosapien in your life (you).

“Creating a holiday collection has been on our minds for quite a while now. We were waiting for the right partner to make it come to life,” said Tessa de Boer, one half of Maison the Faux. Odd92, formerly Odd, is a Brooklyn boutique and e-tailer founded by Judson Harmon in 2012. A young kid who moved to New York at age of 18 to pursue a career as an actor and a dancer, who found his way into modeling and eventually at the age of 20, into entrepreneurialism. “I started my first business when I was like 13. Selling little novelty goods,” he told me once in an interview. “I do feel lucky. Fortunately, with Odd, there’s no plateau.” “Odd92 is a store that really connects with our brand. We really love their selection of brands and the way they approach fashion,” said de Boer.

And it wouldn’t be Maison the Faux without a video shot by Robert Fox to commemorate the occasion. So, watch, shop, and be Merry! Maison the Faux <3 Odd92 is available in-store and online. Buy it here. Stock is limited.