‘iCHiBAN’ is a tribute to Luchini’s reputation as an international man of mystery and is the first single since last years’ hyped ‘Bubblegum Creep’ EP.

“Ichiban” means “number one” in Japanese. Produced by Luchini himself, the aggression and rawness of punk are mixed with trap drums, Directed by Shannei Rae and edited by Joe Hart-Green we follow Luchini and his post-apocalyptic gang, which includes two anime-expert stylists Soleaux Noir and Xyrenn Maddox, in a murky setting. Here they are shown with weapons in hand, masks, a massive tire and old bike. All shot on various cameras, respecting the canons of contemporary clip-making, the clips puts emphasis on the saturation of digital screen culture.

His new EP Tears Behind My Shades is coming very soon, watch the music video below: