Having just launched in 2019 their menswear line, in 2020 Anton and Ksenia Schnaider continue to give a masculine update to the brand’s signature and carry-over items. When working on this collection as the solo designer Anton was also aiming to create the clothing he personally likes, while keeping at the same time in his mind that there are other people who will also wear it and hoping they will like his vision of menswear in 2020.

On one hand I like basic and classic clothes, but on the other hand I find them boring”, says Anton Schnaider. “I really like everything tech and bright that is kind of like from the future, but obvious future and brightness are very boring for me. So I try to stay entertained by searching for the balance between classic and new. I search for the future in the past, and for classic in the future. I move it back and forth, and check if and how it fits”.