Many brands have followed consumer pressure to stop using fur, but fake fur doesn’t always mean sustainable. The majority of faux fur derives from non-biodegradable plastics. Synthetic fibers are the worst offenders and in recent years we have learned more and more about the effects on our water system and marine life. When it comes to faux, we need to research the supply chain. Kyiv-based designer family duo Ksenia and Anton Schnaider of KSENIASCHNAIDER knows all about the fur and faux debate and have came back with a sustainable alternative that we are excited about.

Already known for their denim and sportswear upcycling, they have experimented with creative sustainable solutions for years. Now they have just dropped a collaboration with Ukrainian hemp textile production DevoHome. KSENIASCHNAIDER x DevoHome collab features two winter denim jackets and two vests made with the perfect fur alternative –– hemp fur.

We created fur alternative of hemp fibers several years ago and only this year we succeeded in making it completely biodegradable” explained Oksana Devo, DevoHome founder. “Hemp fur is perfect for cold weather down to -20 °C, it’s nice to touch, it smells fresh and 100% cruelty-free”.

Anton Schnaider commented on the drop “I just like the idea that you can make clothing from a plant, including fur alternative that is also very warm. I have been reading a lot of Internet stories about hemp as a supermaterial, which farming was reduced because of anti-hemp and pro-cotton lobbying. We’d really like to bring it back to everyone”.

Both brands are committed to prove together that industrial hemp is a perfect alternative sustainable material for fashion industry and stigma surrounding it should be removed. And shall we add that it can be just as warm as fur!

The capsule was captured at the hemp production factuality and the drop is available online exclusively at

Photographer: Anton Schnaider
Model: Azer @motherfucker201201