It was pretty obvious that the word was getting very popular. We figured we’d take the name before anyone else claimed it. We wanted to get rid of the bullshit, strip it down to rock ‘n’ roll. We wanted the fun and liveliness back”. In 1975, John Holmstrom launches the magazine Punk which embodies and decodes the musical spirit of those years. New York, 15 March 2013. JW Anderson presents his capsule collection for Versus in Lexington Avenue Armory. Same emotional appeal, same force… For months this moment was being expected… No disillusions!

The encounter between the young Jonathan and the stainless Donatella opens a new chapter in the Maison founded by Gianni Versace. Adrenalinic, innovative, a breath of fresh air… The collection takes back the authentic spirit of Versus, the 1989’s: wild and nonconformist. Transforming the very concept of unisex, Anderson launches a spiritually punk line because, as punk, not subject to the strict rules of the convention… Bold men parade with bandeau tops. The pants are in leather. Zebra-patterned trenches alternate with one-shoulder vests only held in place only by straps at the back. The black and the inevitable fluo tonality predominate. The clear, exaggerated cuttings leave much skin uncovered. On their heads golden crowns because, making ours Emma Elwick-Bates’ words, they are “newly appointed rebellious Versus princes”… Too haead!


Photos: Vogue