Cedric Haughton is an independent men’s ready-to-wear design label based in New York City. The namesake was founded in April of 2018 drawing inspiration from innate glamour and evolved ideals of street luxury.

The beauty of a man is always determined by how much he loves himself first“. With this in mind, the line is dedicated to developing clothing that celebrates a new form of masculinity through strong silhouettes, advanced fabric development, and modern tailoring mixed with conceptual relevance. Function, innovation, and reinvention are the key focus of the brand’s vision. While his DNA is deeply rooted in menswear, he believes that style doesn’t lend itself to the binary division of gender. His ideals and design aesthetic will allow him to blur this divide and appeal to both sexes.

Model: Mekhi Lucky
Photography: Pavel Denisenko
Styling: Colin Anderson
Grooming: Ty Shearn
Angel Bow Durags in Collaboration with Sarah Sokol Millinery