Beau Scarlett-Pitt is a 2020 BA Fashion graduate from Kingston School of Art.

Beau’s graduation collection titled “She’s So Heavy” explores the narrative of a man who so badly desires ‘Her’. His infatuation with ‘She’ and her powerful, unmatched sensuality leads him to explore and attempt to grasp the execution of her sexual demeanour as well as his own. The character of ‘She’ was founded from the raw, sexual and proud collective energies of female pin ups featured in my core research of 60’s and 70’s porn mags. This collection has come from the desire to see the power of feminine sensuality more represented within the codes and constructs of menswear.

As a woman in the creative field of menswear, it’s important for me to see my energy presented and communicated to the world and also aid the exploration of new masculine erotic identities. From tailoring to leather, to denim, I wanted to communicate her energy across his entire wardrobe whilst drawing on the training and experiences I’ve had on Saville Row and at Givenchy.” – Beau Scarlett-Pitt

Photography: Ryan Croxton
Production: Caroline Wong
MUA: Sunao Takahashi
Model: James Spencer