hosoibalance1 hosoibalance2 hosoibalance3 hosoibalance4 hosoibalance5 hosoibalance6 hosoibalance7 hosoibalance8 Spanish fashion label HOSOI presents its second collection #BALANCÉ, as a journey that takes us back to his personal universe where masculinity and femininity are confused, very confused. The unisex brand designed and produced 100% in Spain and this time the campaign is captured by Javier Tomás Biosca and Javiera G. Huidobro. Soon available at www.hosoi.es

Photography Team: Javier Tomás Biosca & Javiera G. Huidobro
Hair: Miguel Rodríguez at Corta Cabeza
Make Up: Andrea at Corta Cabeza
Nails: Teresa Cobo at Nailistas
Model: Borja Algvno / Marina San José / Marcos Soria