Franziska Eichhorn is a german fashion designer, who lives and works in Leipzig. Her current collection “Yes, Boy” is inspired by the emancipation of the modern man and his new role in society. It combines several materials like soft leather, transparent silk with denim and heavy water-repellent fabrics. The colours reach from warm to mellow tints and the geometrical pattern are selfmade with silk-screen printing.

“Yes, boy” contains knitted and self coloured pullovers, trenchcoats with denim or leather pelerines, parkas, generosly cutted jackets, sweatpants and sheer shirts and t-shirts. This collection wants to suggest a playfully and easily dealing with fashion and to emphasize the personal liberty of each man.

Franziska Eichhorn just graduated at the University of Art and Design, “Burg Giebichenstein” and her upcoming label is named after her collection: “Yes, Boy”