Bryce Barnes unveils in exclusive on Fucking Young! his new video for Fall/Winter 2019.

The collection titled “Forget Me Nots” is an ode to love, specifically black love. Bryce reinterprets the song (Forget Me Nots) by Patrice Rushen recorded 1982 — an era when black love was celebrated more through advertisements, commercials, tv. Black love was shown in a positive light, smiling, enjoying each others company whereas today we’ve become more and more detached from that feeling. Bryce’s intent was to bring that same feeling back.

Check the video below:

Videographer: Luca Venter
Art Direction: Jiyoon Cha
Stylist: Kyle Luu
Mua: Sage White
Set Design: Andrea Bonin
Talent: Sola Olosunde, Doretha Mintah, Kemi Olukanni, Kenyatta Meadows, Raeann Walters, Danita Hill, Jasiri Anderson