Etnia Barcelona present us its new campaign and collection with some special guests. They visited the brothers Stefano and Max of the restaurant Xemei; the architect Benedetta Tagliabue, director of the Enric Miralles studio; illustrator Ricardo Cavolo; jeweler and national craftsmanship award winner Enric Majoral; and music producer Awwz, whose video you can see up here.

Awwz is an emerging project on Barcelona’s electronic scene. Gemma is the name behind this producer who offers up sensitive electronic music based on vaporous textures with slow rhythms and hypnotic melodies. Her discourse mixes casual libido with sensuality and a mimetic interplay of feelings and experiences that makes her musical proposition original and different.

The emergence of Awwz as a producer is preceded by her career as a DJ, which has led her to perform in the principal festivals and clubs in Spain—such the Sónar Festival , SOS Festival, Razzmatazz, Sala Apolo—as well as in Mexico and clubs worldwide.

Dj Awwz wears Ferlandina CLGD, from Etnia Barcelona Originals Collection.

Etnia Barcelona is free, human, multi-ethnic but, above all, it is culture. Inspired by cultural movements, they create their story through collaborations with creators from the worlds of art and photography. Because Etnia is passionate about artists and their pieces. The process of transforming raw materials into works of art.

The inspiration for this collection: Barcelona creators. A tour through the creative studios of key figures from different cultural disciplines in Barcelona, people who have made the city their place of residence and source of inspiration.

Enjoy here a selection of our favorites from
the Originals collection by Etnia Barcelona:

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