Dze-Georgian Project is a result of a non-precedential partnership between “AFG’”, Creative Agency “Windfor’s” and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi. The partnership aims with the help of fashion to promote the idea of philanthropy and urge society to focus on social problems that remain beyond the attention. Lately, the fashion industry takes intense positions in supporting social problems/issues and Georgian fashion industry as a part of it responds to this challenge likewise.

Dzegvi Shelter was established near Tbilisi in Armazi Gorge as “Street Children Orphanage” for rescuing so-called “street children” in 1995. 120 street children who were brought up in the Shelter have already returned to normal life. Since 2010 as a result of different reasons the ‘former street children” orphanage was converted into the unique mixed shelter that is the only of its kind all over Georgia. At the moment Dzegvi shelters former street children, disabled children and elderly, homeless elderly and adults and single mothers with their children.

By creating a pseudo-brand “Dze – Georgian Project”, and with the help of the modern and stylish trends, the team involved in this project decided to put the important issue that is philanthropy, in the spotlight.

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