When enfant terrible and grand master of creative perfume making Mark Buxton, who is usually working for brands like Cartier, Lelabo or Comme des Garçons, can be convinced to create a fragrance for an art project, the idea behind this project must be different and outstanding. So much different and outstanding that New York based photographer Janine Gordon, Germany’s electronic music legend T.Raumschmiere and the famous package designer at HAJOK are joining in as well. 

The basic idea of „Dreckig bleiben“ (in English: “stay dirty“) is quickly told: “Dreckig bleiben“ was for years the greet and a saying amongst Hamburg Punks and squatters and is meant as a metaphor for an authentic appreciation of the world: that one feels the people and life itself, that one stays grounded, that one is open for all new things. The dirt is standing for the real things, the authentic and that one cares of what is happening in this world.

Stefanie Mayr und Daniel Plettenberg of PMP see this as an art project: “We don’t aim to become a product to be sold in the big perfume chains. This is a handmade product that aims to be different! And so we cooperate with a handful of highest end perfume stores around the world!”

With the limited number of 999 bottles of the perfume “Dreckig bleiben“ PMP-Perfumes Mayr Plettenberg are hitting the market of exclusive niche perfumes.

Dreckig bleiben, limited to 999 bottles, € 120,00 / GBP 100,00 Online at www.dreckigbleiben.com