SELF MADE by Gianfranco Villegas unveiled a new video for SS17 titled “Dilemma“.

The film is about the life in the suburbs of a big city, where a group of friends part of a gang are devoted to religion and to their written destiny in the streets. It’s about two main characters from the same gang: the first one is asian and really religious, but also very violent, and the other one is a handsome guy that decided to change his life and leave the gang, and He will pay the price for that.

Everything is the reinterpretation of the inspirations for this season. Ghetto street-life, religion and loyalty. The violence and the blood in the video are inspired by the Crucifixion in the Philippines that is a devotional practice held every “Good Friday”, where devotees or penitents are willingly crucified in imitation of Jesus Christ’s suffering and death, while related practices are carry wooden crosses, crawling on rough pavement, and self-flagellation. The video features also motorbikes inspired by the “Gangsta’ Dirt bike” movement from Philadelphia.

Written & Directed by Bonasia&Narcisi.
Styled by Ramona Tabita.