Cloh and Civil Daggers unveiled their new collaboration for 2019. A creative aesthetic on contemporary loungewear. A versatile wardrobe, items in premium fabric, making it suitable for home, work and more active pursuits.

The collection features exquisite tailored pieces by Cloh with beautiful embroidery and accessories by Civil Daggers, invoking a strong sense of eroticism, sexual desires, sensuality and romantic love.

Inspirations came from the ethnic but very diverse royal rulers of India, from King Ashoka, who took the initiative of protecting minority interests, to King Akbar, tolerant towards all religions and who left the world with the most romantic symbols of love, Taj Mahal. Particular research also explored the themes eroticism- sometimes quite explicit in Hindu and Mogul arts, literature and religious texts.” – said Faisal Mohammed, Creative Director at Cloh.

Art Direction- Christina Campbell-Delgado & Faisal Mohammed
Set Design- Furmaan Ahmed & Jamila Aubad
Photography- Furmaan Ahmed & Vasso Vu
Styling- Rhianonne Stone
Hair & Make-Up- Madeleine Virginia Brown
Models- PJ Harper @PRM_Agency, Andre Serraino, David Shanks, Luke Simumba, Sean Paul and Mobo.