With the Last Sweater, fashion designer Julian Zigerli and WWF Schweiz have come up with an eye-catching way to sound the alarm about climate change.

The sweater serves as a call to action. The heatwave that hit Europe last summer was a reminder of the urgent warnings scientists have been making for years: the earth’s climate is warming quickly. We will be hit hard by the consequences unless we do something soon.

How can you get young people to think about a problem that has provided them with more swimming days this year than ever before? Zurich designer Julian Zigerli has found a fashionable answer to these questions: the Last Sweater – a Christmas sweater that depicts climate change in bright colors. With the words “Thank you for warning” across the front, it features images of polar bears shedding their fur because of the heat, plastic bottles combining to form snow crystals, melting smiley faces and masses of water surging to form tsunamis.

With this sweater, Zigerli is attempting to get each and every one of us to act: “It’s up to us. If we want to continue to be able to wear sweaters, we have to act quickly to stop the climate from warming.”

All proceeds from the sale of the Last Sweater will go directly towards WWF projects to combat climate change. Available at lastsweater.ch