Paris Fashion Week #2 by Monsieur Jerome

Monsieur Jerome ends his journey through Europe with this eight great looks captured for Fucking Young! in the streets of Paris during the Fashion Week.

16 JulParis. Streetstyle

Paris Fashion Week #1 by Monsieur Jerome

We expected excited for this! Monsieur Jerome continues his journey through Europe and this time  brings us eight fresh new looks captured in the streets of  Paris during the Fashion Week.

2 JulParis. Streetstyle
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    Issue #9

    We hope that in the future, within the next few million years, when the continents go back to uniting and natural borders disap- pear, man won’t be erecting walls. Welcome to Pangea.

    Cover feat. Jordan Barrett by Mariano Vivanco

    🏆 Best Cover Men 2017 by SWIPECAST AWARDS
    🏆 Magazine of the Year by FASHION NET AWARDS 2017