Emiko Sato and Takeshi Kitazawa presented their Spring/Summer 2014 collection for DRESSEDUNDRESSED during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo, featuring genderless pieces and a mostly monochromatic color palette.

DISCOVERED Fall/Winter 2013

DISCOVERED presented its “Architecture” Fall/Winter 2013 collection during Tokyo Fashion Week.

MR.GENTLEMAN Fall/Winter 2013

Takeshi Osumi and Yuichi Yoshii presented their Fall/Winter 2013 collection for MR.GENTLEMAN at VERSUS TOKYO during Tokyo Fashion Week.

Ganryu Fall/Winter 2013

Fumito Ganryu presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection at VERSUS TOKYO during Tokyo Fashion Week.

FACETASM Fall/Winter 2013

Designer Hiromichi Ochiai presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection for FACETASM at VERSUS TOKYO during Tokyo Fashion Week.

NITZ SCHNEIDER Fall/Winter 2013

Designer Prince. S.Kuga presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection for NITZ SCHNEIDER during Tokyo Fashion Week.

Yoshio Kubo Fall/Winter 2013

Yoshio Kubo presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection during Tokyo Fashion Week, featuring well tailored pieces, lion prints and other great graphics.

Jun Okamoto Fall/Winter 2013

Jun Okamoto presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection during Tokyo Fashion Week.

1 piu 1 uguale 3 Fall/Winter 2013

Tomohiro Ozawa presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection for 1 piu 1 uguale 3 during Tokyo Fashion Week.

beautiful people Fall/Winter 2013

Hidenori Kumakiri presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection for beautiful people during Tokyo Fashion Week. Entitled “Whole lotta Love“, the collection featured beautiful outerwear.

Mikio Sakabe Fall/Winter 2013

Mikio Sakabe presented its Fall/Winter 2013 collection during Tokyo Fashion Week.


Mercibeaucoup Fall/Winter 2013

Eri Utsugi presented a colorful Fall/Winter 2013 collection for mercibeaucoup during Tokyo Fashion Week.

Whiz Limited Fall/Winter 2013

Hiroaki Shitano presented his “Lust for Life” Fall/Winter 2013 collection for Whiz Limited during Tokyo Fashion Week.

FACTOTUM Fall/Winter 2013

Koji Udo presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection for FACTOTUM during Tokyo Fashion Week. Entilted “DO TRY”, the collection featured youthful looks and some interesting prints and patterns.

Jotaro Saito Fall/Winter 2013

Jotaro Saito presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection during Tokyo Fashion Week. Ever since his debut at the age of 27 as Japan’s youngest kimono designer, he offers a style that shares classic and contemporary sensibilities, in the… »

Etw.Vonneguet Fall/Winter 2013

Designer Olga (オルガ) presented her Fall/Winter 2013 collection for Etw.Vonneguet during Tokyo Fashion Week. Entitled “RANDOM VALUE”, the collection featured voluminous pieces, colorful patterns and digital prints.

Sise Fall/Winter 2013

Seishin Matsui presented his Fall/Winter 2013 collection for Sise during Tokyo Fashion Week. Entitled “Hero”, the collection featured Urban street style looks and relaxed silhouettes.


Takeshi Kitazawa and Emiko Sato created all-monochrome and minimalistic designs for the Fall/Winter 2013 season of DRESSEDUNDRESSED. The collection was presented during Tokyo Fashion Week.

Christian Dada Fall/Winter 2013

Christian Dada presented its Fall/Winter 2013 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. Entitled “FENGHUANG“, the collection featured mostly black looks, with oversized cuts, shoes with wings and some interesting details.

Jun Okamoto Spring/Summer 2013

For his Tokyo fashion week debut, Jun Okamoto created a romantic Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

29 OctSpring/Summer. Tokyo

FACETASM Spring/Summer 2013

For FACETASM Spring/Summer 2013 designer Hiromichi Ochiai created a collection themed around the concept of “Flavor”, featuring layered looks constructed from multicolored and multi-patterned materials.

29 OctSpring/Summer. Tokyo

Yoshio Kubo Spring/Summer 2013

Yoshio Kubo took inspiration from sports for the Spring/Summer 2013, with a collection full of patterns and color, featuring the models with clown makeup, curled mustaches and exaggerated pompadour hairstyles.

23 OctSpring/Summer. Tokyo

Phenomenon Spring/Summer 2013

Takeshi Osumi created a youthful Spring/Summer 2013 collection for Phenomenon, combining masculine military-inspired patterns with feminine vintage floral prints.

22 OctSpring/Summer. Tokyo

Sise Spring/Summer 2013

SISE presented a clean and minimal Spring/Summer 2013 collection during Mercedes Benz Tokyo Fashion Week.

22 OctSpring/Summer. Tokyo

Whiz Limited Spring/Summer 2013

Whiz Limited Spring/Summer 2013 collection entitled “Off City” featured streetwear looks with bits of animal print and camouflage.

22 OctSpring/Summer. Tokyo

Beautiful People Spring/Summer 2013

Beautiful People presented a fresh and relaxed Spring/Summer 2013 collection at Mercedes Benz Tokyo Fashion Week.

22 OctSpring/Summer. Tokyo

Ato Spring/Summer 2013

Ato Matsumoto‘s collection for Spring/Summer 2013 featured sporty looks with a casual array of color-blocked pieces and juxtaposed cuts.

22 OctSpring/Summer. Tokyo

Phenomenon Fall/Winter 2012

Phenomenon showed a wearable sportswear Fall/Winter 2012 collection at Tokyo Fashion Week. Vivid colors strike a contrast throughout the heavily layered outerwear and tops.

Mikio Sakabe Fall/Winter 2012

Mikio Sakabe created a youthful and fun Fall/Winter 2012 collection with hints of Sailor Moon influences.

Facetasm Fall/Winter 2012

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