Oscar Jacobson Spring/Summer 2015

Oscar Jacobson presented its Spring/Summer 2015 collection during Fashion Week Stockholm.

J.Lindeberg Spring/Summer 2015

The Scandinavian Fashion House J.Lindeberg unveiled its Spring/Summer 2015 collection during Fashion Week Stockholm.

WHYRED Spring/Summer 2014

WHYRED presented its Spring/Summer 2014 collection during MBFW Stockholm. The inspiration comes from the light and colors of Fårö and Ingmar Bergman’s films.

The Local Firm Spring/Summer 2014

The Local Firm presented its Spring/Summer 2014 collection during MBFW Stockholm. Formalwear and jeans are mixed with draped jerseys and sports fabrics into a contemporary street style.

Cheap Monday Spring/Summer 2014

For Spring/Summer 2014, Cheap Monday plays with the idea of hubris and makes inflatable egos visible through an exaggerated silhouette and narcissistic graphics. The collection is confident with an in-your-face aesthetic and kick-ass attitude, channelling bold artists from… »


Erïk Bjerkesjö Spring/Summer 2014

Erïk Bjerkesjö presented his Spring/Summer 2014 collection during MBFW Stockholm, inspired by the drama of the international pandemonium of the mid 20th century. A lush line of hard silhouettes was inspired by outdoor activities on the Swedish island Gotland. Materials… »

J.Lindeberg Spring/Summer 2014

J.Lindeberg presented its Spring/Summer 2014 collection during MBFW Stockholm. “The empowering looks of the small creatures magnified in a giant perspective and nature’s never ending genius to create functionality, inspired me to the Spring/Summer 14 collection. I have always been… »

Filippa K Spring/Summer 2014

Filippa K presented a minimal Spring/Summer 2014 collection during MBFW Stockholm. The style can be defined as pure minimalism, with a modern yet timeless design.

Peak Performance Fall/Winter 2013

Peak Performance presented the Fall/Winter 2013 collection during MBFW Stockholm. They taken the best components from their outdoor heritage; their unique combination of natural and functional fabrics, impeccable craftsmanship and technical know-how and adapted the collection to suit the urban… »

Tiger of Sweden Fall/Winter 2013

Tiger of Sweden’s philosophy of a different cut embraces rock ’n’ roll elegance this Fall/Winter 2013 season. Cool classics contradicted by the luxe rock ’n’ roll attitude of David Bowie sees the menswear lean, minimal silhouette ready for… »

Whyred Fall/Winter 2013

Whyred Fall/Winter 2013 collection is inspired by Power, Corruption & Lies, which is the second album by New Order and which was released 1983 on Factory Recordings. The silhouette is in essence narrow and closed to the body… »

Cheap Monday Fall/Winter 2013

Artificial Grunge is the theme for Cheap Monday‘s Fall/Winter 2013 collection. The grunge aesthetic is therefore mixed up and deliberately not an accurate blueprint of the early 90’s style.

The Local Firm Fall/Winter 2013

The Local Firm presented their Fall/Winter 2013 collection during MBFW Stockholm. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989: this moment of liberty and optimism is the inspiration for The Local Firm’s F/W 2013 collection. The club scene in Berlin… »

J. Lindeberg Fall/Winter 2013

J.Lindeberg presented the Fall/Winter 2013 collection during MBFW Stockholm, featuring beautiful outerwear and well tailored pieces, inspired by the Stockholm City Library – an extraordinary building created by legendary architect Erik Gunnar Asplund.

Whyred Spring/Summer 2013

The main theme of Whyred Spring/Summer 2013 is “Calypso Punk”, a dark mind and colorful appearance. Inspiration comes from new wave and Wet Magazine amongst others.

Ubi Sant Spring/Summer 2013

For the Spring/Summer 2013 collection “Sedate Constellation”, the emphasis is on one of the core Ubi Sunt aesthetic values: subtlety.
Focusing on hues and light reflections rather than strong contrasts of colour and mundane details, the ambition is to create silhouettes… »

Tiger of Sweden Spring/Summer 2013

Tiger of Sweden presented a Spring/Summer 2013 collection featuring a wellfitted tailored cut, with high quality and modern Scandinavian attitude, at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Stockholm.

The Local Firm Spring/Summer 2013

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection of The Local Firm is called TLF Tribe. It draws inspiration from urban club-kids of the European early 90s. Large geometric shapes are in focus, worn with body-hugging Lycra garments in layers. The theme of… »

Oscar Jacobson Spring/Summer 2013

Oscar Jacobson presented his Spring/Summer 2013 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Stockholm.

JOSEFINSTRID Spring/Summer 2013

The mood for JOSEFINSTRID‘s Spring/Summer 2013 collection is taken from hip-hop/street-culture as well as urban, minimalistic styled men with a great interest in dressing themselves.

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