Asger Juel Larsen Fall/Winter 2013

Asger Juel Larsen showcased his Fall/Winter 2013 collection during Copenhagen Fashion Week. His designs are an intoxicating medley of the past and future, taking inspiration from historical events and fusing it into a futuristic sci-fi sphere. The clash of textures play… »

Sand Fall/Winter 2013

Søren and Lene Sand created a Fall/Winter 2013 collection with great fabrics, well tailored details and perfect cuts.

2OR+BYYAT Fall/Winter 2013

2OR+BYYAT presented their Fall/Winter 2013 collection during Copenhagen Fashion Week. The label, based in Helsinki, is known for skillful unconventional cutting, poetic story of colours and inventive textures.

Wood Wood Fall/Winter 2013

Wood Wood presented their Fall/Winter 2013 collection during Copenhagen Fashion Week. The brand reinvents streetwear, creating exclusive leisure and workwear for men.

Soulland Fall/Winter 2013

Soulland showcased their Fall/Winter 2013 collection during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Soulland’s design esthetic is rooted in traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship and through great attention to the detailing of the clothes, classic menswear is reinterpreted with a present-day aesthetics.

Margrethe-Skolen Spring/Summer 2013

Margrethe-Skolen’s force is its creative approach to the design education. The school’s positive, dynamic and creative atmosphere inciting the students to develop personality, originality and individuality.

CIFF Spring/Summer 2013

An international team and a number of international models. The show will bear the marks of great work by some of the most talented people within fashion. The stage will be much simpler, which allows the clothes to be in… »

Henrik Vibskov Spring/Summer 2013

Words by Didder Rønlund I fell head over heels for all Henrik Vibskov‘s quirks and curious ideas – indeed, for the entire energy and atmosphere of the collection, inside Carlsberg’s large bottling hall. And yet again, I fell… »

BARBARA Í GONGINI Spring/Summer 2013

BARBARA í GONGINI is a Faroese brand based in Denmark. The aim of the company is to create Nordic clothing based on a conceptual approach to the process, where experiments with forms provide the setting for the visual motive… »

BRUUNS BAZAAR Spring/Summer 2013

Focusing on modern day wear with luxurious sporty elements, men’s wear influenced tailoring, easy separates and reduced evening wear.

Asger Juel Larsen Spring/Summer 2013

Asger Juel Larsen is a designer that marks and merits the adventurous and rule breaking reinvention of modern menswear. Hailing from Denmark but truely establishing his art in the UK, Asger graduated ‘top of the class’ at the… »

Adidas Originals Spring/Summer 2013

You can always expect a bold style when it comes to Jeremy Scott. Adidas Originals for Spring/Summer 2013 is no different.

Wood Wood Spring/Summer 2013

Danish brand Wood Wood presented their Spring/Summer 2013 collection during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

The collection is inspired by the phenomenon ”Summer of Love”, that took place first in 1967’s San Francisco – center of the Hippie movement, and the later “Second Summer… »

Astrid Andersen Spring/Summer 2012

The Astrid Andersen Spring/Summer 2012 Show took place at a gym in the center of Copenhagen.

Jean//Phillip Spring/Summer 2012

Jean//phillip‘s Spring/Summer 2012 collection featured monochrome looks and great asymmetrical sleeveless vests.

Designskolen Kolding Spring/Summer 2012

Designskolen Kolding presented the final collections of its graduating class, during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Magnus Loppe Spring/Summer 2012

Magnus Loppe presented a clean and simple collections for Spring/Summer 2012, featuring exceptional forms and unconventional silhouettes.

Soulland Spring/Summer 2012

Soulland showcased their Spring/Summer 2012 collection during Copenhagen Fashion Week.


Designer’s Nest Fall/Winter 2011

Designer’s Nest presents some highlights from CFW at end of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Astrid Andersen Fall/Winter 2011

Wood Wood Fall/Winter 2011

Wood Wood presenta su colección para el próximo invierno en la Copenhagen Fashion Week

Terminal-2 Fall/Winter 2011

The working man get dressed by Terminal-2 with a collection full of sporwear pieces .

Bruuns Bazaar Fall/Winter 2011

Soulland Fall/Winter 2011

Teko Fall/Winter 2011

Jean//Phillip Fall/Winter 2011

Nom de Plume Fall/Winter 2011

Nom de Plume presented a collection full of delicate, smooth and draped pieces inspired by Asian culture.

Kopenhagen Fur Fall/Winter 2011

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    Cover feat. Jhona Burjack at Next Models shot by Kito Muñoz

    “And even if we change neighborhoods, cities or countries, we always carry with us that sense of personal transformation that a piece of land, with its buildings, parks, bars, and people, has given us. We are almost certain to hang on to a sense of gratitude and nostalgia for it.”

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