Stars & Stripes

Thiago Santos and Robbie Wadge photographed by Kirt Reynolds and styled by Victoria Cameron for “The Hollywood Issue” of Fiasco magazine.

11 MarEditorial

Hard To Be Passive

Mariano Vivanco and Nicola Formichetti team up to shoot Nicola’s muse Rick Genest for the latest issue of Vogue Hommes Japan.

11 MarEditorial

Misha Taylor for Indie Magazine

Nicolas Ripoll and Juan Manuel Arancibia captured by Misha Taylor for Indie’s latest issue. The duo was styled by Dennis Blys with pieces from the likes of Prada and Energie.

11 MarEditorial

Matteo Montanari for GQ Germany

Bastiaan Ninaber and Matvey Lykov appear in the latest edition of GQ Germany, photographed by Matteo Montanari and styled by Marcelo Burton with pieces from Prada.

11 MarEditorial

Five Boys

Artur Olecki, Felix Ollerearnshaw, George Watson, Keno Weidner and Patrick Kuszmar are photographed by Louis Park and outfitted by Santa Bevacqua for The Ones2Watch.

10 MarEditorial

Heels for Him – Black booties

Cover boy Kaan Tilki photographed by Victor Soria for the latest cover story from UMNO magazine.

10 MarEditorial

Scorpio Risin

Aline & Jacqueline Tappia photograph Vince Robitaille for the current issue of Flamboyant.

9 MarEditorial


Getting Back To Where I Was

Paul Boche is photographed by Kristiina Wilson and styled by Martin Waitt for Fantastics Magazine.

8 MarEditorial

Eastern Promise

After the covers, stylist Nicola Formichetti shares a preview of his collaboration with photographer Steven Klein for the cover story of Vogue Hommes Japan “Eastern Promise” issue.

7 MarEditorial


Max Krieger is photographed by Thomas Cooksey  and tyled by Yasuhiro Takehisa in pieces from WTAPS, for the latest edition of Common & Sense Man.

4 MarEditorial

Pop Will Eat Itself

Yuri Pleskun, Noma Han, Paul Boche, Gene Fedorenko and Kyle Saunders for the March 2011 issue of Blackbook, shot by David Roemer and styled by Christopher Campbell.

4 MarEditorial

Smooth Criminal

Sam Riley is shot by Alan Clarke and styled by Gareth Scoutfield for the February 2011 issue of Esquire UK.

4 MarEditorial


Model Misha Patel photographed by Thomas Lohr and styled by Toby Grimditch for Contributing Editor.

2 MarEditorial

Andrej Pejic for Oyster Magazine

Andrej Pejic photographed by Jez Smith for Australian magazine Oyster.

2 MarEditorial

The Fight Club

Colby, Diego Miguel, Kyle Oglesby, Marshall Brockley and Mikhael Ayoub, photographed by Christian Anwander and styled by Christian Stroble, for the issue #6 of Ponytail.

2 MarEditorial

Turn on the bright lights

“Turn on the bright lights” es un editorial para The ONES2WATCH fotografiado por Dario Salamone.

1 MarEditorial

Miguel Reveriego for Vogue Germany March 2011

Paul Boche, Jules Hamilton & Sasha Lysenko photographed by Miguel Reveriego and styled by Katie Mossman for the March 2011 issue of Vogue Germany.

1 MarEditorial


Eddie Tucker is photographed by Steven Chee and styled by Kim Payne for the issue #40 of Men’s Style.

28 FebEditorial


Oskar Landstrom, Roel and Jack L. photographed by Hans Ericksson and styled by Gorjan Lauseger for the current issue of Faint Magazine.

26 FebEditorial


Alex Smith photographed by Perry Curties for the issue #16 of 125 Magazine.

25 FebEditorial

Re-bel Boys

Ben Weller shot editorial for latest issue of Re-bel magazine. Styled by Rasharn Agyemang, the story features Ben Warnock, Breton, Elliot Dillon and Jed Texas with set design by Andrea Cellerino.

25 FebEditorial

AMMO Magazine #5 – Tribute to David Bowie

Cover boy Stephen Thompson shot by Bryan Taylor Johnson for the current issue of AMMO Magazine.

25 FebEditorial


Adnan Djinovic, Clinton Weber, Max Barreau and Tanel Derard photographed by Satoshi Saïkusa and styled by Andrea Tenerani for the February 2011 issue of GQ Italia.

24 FebEditorial

Made in England

James Austin Binney shot by Ian Cole for the issue #4 of Supplementaire magazine.

21 FebEditorial

Missionary man

Coverboy Thomas Penfound groomed by Ayami Nishimura & Halley Brisker and photographed by Aitken Jolly for the current issue of Dansk magazine.

21 FebEditorial


Husk magazine selected nine young and promising designers that are based in London and are part of LFW. Niclas Heikkinen photographed looks from Namely, Asger Juel Larson, Astrid Andersen, Boat Khajeenikorn, Matteo Molinari, Nicholas Komor, Teatum Jones, Shao Yen,… »

21 FebEditorial


Tomasz Pastyrczak photographed and styled by Philipp Jelenska and Mirza Sprecakovic for the issue #12 of Vangardist.

21 FebEditorial


The first Oki-Ni “STYLED” of spring/summer ’11 sees super-stylist Andrew Davis (second right) – former style editor of THE FACE and contributor to LOVE, INTERVIEW, L’UOMO VOGUE and HERO – take the helm.

21 FebEditorial

Keen on boys

Editorial by Nada Nadia Lotterman featuring Pascal de Wolf, Tristan Knights, Byron Valkenburg, Casper Nusseler, Tim Boot (and more) groomed by Anita Jolles, Stef Ralbovsky & Ilona de Leeuw and photographed by Shamila Photography for the… »

20 FebEditorial
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