Best Fashion Spring/Summer 2011

Brian Shimansky photographed by Sven Baenziger, Thomas Schmidt, Robert Grischek, Jan Steinhilber, and Oliver Schwarzwald for Best Fashion’s latest issue highlighting the best of Spring/Summer 2011 fashion.

26 MarEditorial

Blue denim

Editorials featuring Alexander Beck  and Robin Ahrens groomed by Massimo Gamba and shot by Milan Vukmirovic for the current issue of L’Officiel Hommes.

25 MarEditorial

Jaco Van Den Hoven for Fiasco

Jaco Van Den Hoven captured by Aline & Jacqueline Tappia and styled by Riccardo Linarello with pieces from Giuliano Fujiwara, Raf by Raf Simons and other designers for Fiasco.

24 MarEditorial


Andrej Pejic is photographed by Anthony Maule for the April 2011 issue of Dazed. Andrej is transformed into human sculpture with the help of Gary Card‘s incredible costume pieces.

24 MarEditorial


After the cover, here is the beautiful editorial where Danish model Victor Nylander is joined by French model Luka Badnjar, photographed by Pierre Debusschere with styling by Jean Michel Clerc for the Spring/Summer 2011 issue of »

24 MarEditorial


Editorial by Guy Hipwell featuring Alex Poots, Andre Feulner and Greg groomed by Takanori Yamaguchi & Ole Elias R Hove and shot by Mariell Amelie for the current issue of Fashion156.

23 MarEditorial


Adrian Wlodarski, Alex Bennett, Alex Dunstan, Bastiaan Ninaber, Dan Kling, Gerhard Freidl, Isaac Carew and Sebastian Sauve photographed by Lionel Guyou and styled by Birgitte Mahrt for the issue #8 of TWIST magazine.

23 MarEditorial


Paolo Anchisi photographed by Chris Craymer and styled by Toby Grimditch for the issue #25 of DANSK.

23 MarEditorial

Adrian Wlodarski for Twist Magazine

Lionel Guyou photographs Adrian Wlodarski for Twist magazine, styled by Birgite Mahrt in pieces from Kris Van Assche.

22 MarEditorial


Max Nippert photographed by Anja Boxhammer and styled by Bodo Ernle for the issue #35 of >BMM.

22 MarEditorial

Teen Vogue & GLEE

El próximo número de Abril de Teen Vogue contiene este editorial con los chicos de Glee fotografiados por Jason Kibbler, con estilismos por Peter Klein y Lawren Howell.

22 MarEditorial

Time & Space

Julien Sabaud photographed by Ronald Stoops and styled by Usula Geisselmann for the April 2011 issue of Wallpaper*.

22 MarEditorial

Barbies Puppe

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Barbie’s boyfriend Ken, Aaaron Bruckner and Alex Sandor are shot by Armin Morbach, styled by Klaus Stockhausen and groomed by Seb Bascle & Lori Baur for the current… »

21 MarEditorial


Charlie France and James Smith photographed by Frederike Helwig and styled by Nancy Rohde for the Spring/Summer 2011 issue of Io MEN.

21 MarEditorial

Henrik Bülow for Dansk Magazine

Malthe Lund Madsen, Oskar Tranum, Peter Beyer and Victor Nylander, lensed by Henrik… »

21 MarEditorial


Baptiste Giabiconi is photographed once again by Karl Lagerfeld and styled by Serge Girardi for the latest issue of Numéro Homme.

21 MarEditorial

le Cri

Jonathan Marquez styled by Panos Yiapanis and photographed by Willy Vanderperre for the Spring/Summer 2011 issue of Vogue Hommes International.

21 MarEditorial

Life In Neon Color

River Viiperi and Sebastian Sauve are the cover boys  for the issue #22 of GQ Style Russia, photographed by Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca and styled by Igor Garanin.

21 MarEditorial

Gentleman’s Agreement

Simon Nessman photographed by Chidi Achara and styled by John Tan for the issue #4 of Visual Tales.

21 MarEditorial

Primary Colors

Pierre-Harald Leducq is shot by Milan Vukmirovic and styled by Scarlett Viquel for L’Optimum.

20 MarEditorial

Hustler White

Josh Beech is shot by Caius Christoe and styled by Fredo for Fiasco‘s… »

20 MarEditorial

What’s the manga with me?

Los modelos Malthe Lund Madsen y Victor Nylander coincidieron en la campaña de primavera de Versace y ahora vuelven a trabajar juntos en este editorial para el último número de… »

20 MarEditorial

Jumper by Mark Gong

New updates in TheOnes2Watch: Jumper shot by Mark Gong feat. Daniel McSweeney (Red Model) and Zach (Colby Models).

20 MarEditorial


O’Shea Robertson and Omari captured by Adam Whitehead and styled by Way Perry for the first printed issue of Ponystep.

18 MarEditorial

Where Angels Tread

Jakob Wiechmann photographed by Sebastian Kim for Vogue Hommes International. Styled by Francesco Cominelli with leather pieces from the likes of Burberry Prorsum and Galliano.

18 MarEditorial

Shore Leave

Clément Chabernaud photographed by Glen Luchfordputs and styled by Anastasia Barbierifor this cinematic story for the latest issue of Vogue Hommes International.

17 MarEditorial

Peter Bruder for Unflop paper magazine

Peter Bruder photographed by Markus Pritzi with styling by Isabelle Thiry for the 1st issue of Italian magazine Unflop paper.

17 MarEditorial

Punk Ain’t Dead

Eugeniy Sauchenka appears in the latest issue of Twist, photographed by Lionel Guyou with pieces… »

17 MarEditorial

Taea Thale for T Magazine

Nico Krull and RJ King captured by Taea Thale for this menswear editorial for T Magazine focusing on Fall/Winter 2011’s Capsule show.

17 MarCapsule. Editorial

Silviu Tolu and Kaan Tilki for Grit Magazine

After the cover, here is the cover story featuring Silviu Tolu and Kaan Tilki photographed by Shannon Sinclair for the issue #6 of Grit Magazine.

16 MarEditorial
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