Bershka has travelled to New York to get to know what’s important to new generations. The brand proposes a new essential manifesto, where youth is changing the way we see everything.

Akiva, Myles and Sam are just three characters part of the coolest city on the planet: New York. Bershka has travelled to the city to know what’s important to new generations and get the keys to have an exceptional 2018. A new generation is arriving to shake up the scene with a healthy dose of optimism (and realism). Gen Z have got big resolutions and they’re going to see them through. The final message: life is for dreaming and making those dreams come true.

Without a doubt, the realism with which the new generations see their future is overwhelming. Of course, they dream – but with their feet on the ground. Their main short- and long-term objectives are to travel, break down borders, establish relationships (interpersonal and international) and to value each other’s style, regardless of their social position. Impossible? No way.

On top of this, they try to leave individualism to one side, hopeful for a more communitarian society in which they can share new values and inspire others. And, even though we might not believe them, they’re not scared of society. For them, spending time with themselves means to grow and mature. But what about happiness? What’s the key to achieve it? With a few sweeping statements (not to be taken lightly) they respond: positivity, being with friends and family, having self-confidence and living in the present. Their philosophy is to be happy with what they’re doing in the moment, beyond personal goals. And once they’ve achieved their goal; on to the next!


“What I want for the future is for all of us to get along much better with each other”,
– Akiva, 18 years old. Massachusetts.

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“My dream is to be happy doing whatever I want, not necessarily becoming someone specific, but doing what I want in the moment and being happy about it”.
– Miles, 21 years, Washington

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“I don’t believe you need to be someone important for your art to be more valued”
– Sam, 19 years old. Colorado

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“Dreams give life. And if your dream is to travel, then travel. Travel as much as you can. Hey, don’t worry if things don’t turn out the way you’d hoped. The important part is staying on track, valuing what you do and spending time with the people you appreciate the most. Even though there’s nothing wrong with spending quality time alone – to grow and mature. And maturity is nothing more than discovering and valuing your own style. Because it’s unique (and important). Remember: the only barriers are imposed by your mind. If this is clear, the rest will come. Your future starts now”.


Goodbye, 2017. Hi, 2018, we’re ready for you.

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