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In the new January issue of Dazed, we present a Raf Simons 15 year anniversary special, shot by Pierre Debusschere and styled by Robbie Spencer

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Yesterday Dazed TV premiered Pierre Debusschere's new film from his Raf Simons anniversary special in Dazed & Confused's January issue. Here, Dazed Digital brings you more images images captured by the fellow Belgian, together with Dazed's Senior Menswear Editor, Robbie Spencer. As Simons celebrates 15 years in the fashion industry, Pierre and Robbie shot parts of his archive in homage to Raf Simons. Accompanying the images in the magazine is Jo-Ann Furniss' in-depth and personal interview with Simons, and a handful of quotes from friends and colleagues. The testimonial statements are here presented, with an additional one from long-time collaborator and legendary Factory Records art director, Peter Saville.

"Raf is one of the great pioneers of convergence, transporting the art of sub-cultures into contemporary fashion"
Peter Saville, Graphic Designer

“He created a space to tell stories in menswear that had not existed before. I walked in the brilliant Black Palms show S/S98 , which was an amazing experience.”
Alister Mackie, Stylist

“My career highlights from the last 15 years of Raf were the S/S02 collection, because that was the first time he invited me to contribute to his world, and also the carte blanche he gave me to do the Raf Simons Redux book for his tenth anniversary. But more important were the talks, the banter, the spats, the exchange of ideas and the CD’s (some returned, some not), because those are the kind of things that contribute more to the making of fashion collections than most people would ever imagine.”
Peter De Potter, Artist and Consultant

“Raf inspired a whole new way of casting and presenting shows. Once, 45 boys arrived from Belgium and were transformed, with the help of black dye, bleach and severe undercuts, into a Raf Simons army. Twelve years later, this hair style is still referred to as the Raf Simons look. Amazing!”
Guido Palau, Hairstylist

“How to describe all those years we’ve known each other? From obsessively watching people to things that inspired us, to joining up with them and creating things that would inspire other, to sharing many moments in shows, videos, advertising, and especially in life. Thanks Raf, for the inspiration, the emotion, the beauty, the friendship, the love.”
Olivier Rizzo, Stylist

“It seems like yesterday that a Raf Simons collection was no more than a bunch of kids talking and dreaming at Elke Hoste’s apartment… We have grown up but the kids are still here.”
Peter Phillips, Make-up Artist

“‘Time is never time at all’ was the opening sentence of Raf’s first runway show, when he changed menswear forever. Recently, the same sentence faded in as a reinterpretation of the most copied silhouette ever came out on the runway of his anniversary show. Tears sprung to my eyes as flashes of us together over the years came to me. A sense of pride came from knowing that he is my best friend… still on top of his game, still evolving.”
Willy Vanderperre, Photographer 

“Raf came from a product-design background and worked as an intern for me on different projects: furniture, masks, a fake perfume bottle… it was really nice to see him developing an interest in fashion while he was in my office. It’s fantastic how he made his way into the fashion world!”
Walter Van Beirendonck, Fashion Designer

Photograghy Pierre Debusschere
Styling Robbie Spencer 
Hair Naoki Komiya at Julian Watson
Make-up Anita Jolles at Touch by Dominique using Sisley Cosmetics
Models Bert, Dorian at Dominique; Christian at Major; Demy at Success; Joren tiemen, Quentin at Sharp; Julien; Lenaart, Ward at New Models, Tom at Elite
Photographic Assistants Ismael Moumin, Julien Ajare, Sebastien Meulenbergh
Styling Assistants Elizabeth Fraser-Bell; Irina Paskevic 
Retouching Ismael at 254ForestStudio
Special thanks to Studios 202 

1. Ward wears hoodie A/W02-03, Virginia Creeper, Lenaart wears bomber jacket and grey hoodie A/W01-02. Riot Riot Riot, Tiemes wears camouflage bomber jacket A/W0-02, Riot Riot Riot Riot, Tom wears cape S/S05, History of The World

2. Hoodie and necklaces A/W03-04, Closer, blanket S/S04, May the Circle Be Unbroken

3. Julien wears S/S03, Consumed

4. Joren wears camouflage bomber jacket and striped jumper worn underneath A/W01-02, Virginia Creeper; trousers A/W05-06, History of My World, Quentin wears jacket A/W02-03, Virginia Creeper; mesh jumper S/S06; jumper worn underneath A/W01-02, Riot Riot Riot; trousers A/W05-06, History of My World

The full Raf Simons interview by Jo-Ann Furniss is out now in the January issue of Dazed & Confused

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