I was having breakfast in a sunny terrace here in Madrid this morning reading Vogue Spain new issue who´s cover star is Kim Kardashian. Tv is power, is a strong weapon that Kim and her family knows very well how to use it and managed to get the whole world, including the fashion industry, to accept them, but what I want to talk about is, flicking through the pages I got to the pictures of the exhibition Vogue Like a Painting, which is still on at the Thyssen-Bordemisza museum in Madrid, and I remembered what a great time we had! I got there after more than 12 hours of filming and had a few bellinis straight away before visiting the exhibition with the gorgeous actress Hiba Abouk, my very-official-not-girlfriend. I didn´t know whether to look at her or at the photographs, but without revealing too much about the exhibition I´ll say it´s a great journey through the recent history of fashion with beautiful photographs by artists like Irving Penn, Nick Knight, Peter Lindberg or Tim Walker just to name a few of my favourites. Don´t miss it if you are in Madrid, is on until October the 12th. Thank you Vogue Spain for a great summer evening

Esta mañana desayunaba en una terraza de la calle Serrano antes de mi primer meeting del día leyendo el nuevo número de la revista Vogue, cuya protagonista de portada es Kim Kardashian. Sí, la televisión es poderosa, una arma que Kim y su familia han sabido utilizar y han conseguido meterse a todo el mundo, incluyendo de la industria de la moda, en el bolsillo... Pero a lo que voy es que, pasando páginas, dí con las fotos de la inauguración de la exposición (que todavía puede visitarse en el museo Thyssen-Bordemisza). Nos lo pasamos tan bien! Llegué directamente después de grabar durante más de 12 horas seguidas y me bebí unos cuantos bellinis del tirón antes de ver las exposición junto a la preciosa Hiba Abouk, mi no-novia superoficial. No sabía si mirarla a ella o a las obras, pero sin desvelar demasiados detalles diré que es un recorrido maravilloso a través de la historia reciente de la moda con fotografías de artistas como Irving Penn, Nick Knight, Peter Lindberg o Tim Walker, por mencionar algunos de mis favoritos. No os la perdais, de verdad, está en el Museo Thyseen hasta el 12 de Octubre. Gracias Vogue por una noche de verano tan agradable.

All pictures by Azahara Fernández


I could count with one hand how many times I got this excited in the past about a menswear collection. Truth is I normally get really excited about the womenswear and usually think "Why didn´t they do the same thing for men?" Every season most of the menswear collections usually make me yawn, to be honest. That´s why I´m utterly excited about the fact that...

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I´m starting the week with great news! The contract is signed and I can finally revealed the reason why I´ve been having so many meetings in Madrid: I´m so happy to announce I´ll be part of the incredible team of the Spanish tv show "Cámbiame" as one of the three style coaches! We are starting the filming this week and I will soon share all the details for all...

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