Frank Ocean in Band of Outsiders.
Shot at the Los Angeles Times Building in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.
March 12th, 2013.

Max Minghella in Band of Outsiders Prince of Wales check suit.
GQ, June 2013.

The Lonely Island in Band of Outsiders.
Plaid button-down shirts (top).
Ties (bottom).
Paper Mag, May 2013.


Josh Brolin in Band of Outsiders.
Shot at The Sunset Ranch Hollywood in Beachwood Canyon, CA. 
August 27th, 2012. 

Jumpsuit (top).
Jacket, pants, shirts + sweater (bottom).
GQ China, October + November 2012. 

Bow tie + tie.
Vanity Fair, January 2013. 

Kendrick Lamar in Band of Outsiders. 
VMan, Fall/Winter 2012. 

Frank Ocean in Band of Outsiders.
Terry Richardson's Diary. May 24, 2012.

Garrett Hedlund in Band of Outsiders (top).
Plaid Shirt.

Andrew Rannells in Band of Outsiders (bottom).
Embroidered pants. 

Vogue, October 2012.

Chris Paul in Band of Outsiders.
Button-down check shirt.
GQ, October 2012.

White button down shirt.
Opening Ceremony Annual, 2012.