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Fringe Belt Black

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The Line 1 Lofters | White

Designer kiev


Slava is imbued with a bygone spirit of aristocracy, decadence and excess and it's an indulgence reflected in every detail
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Black and White Check Printed Jacket

Editorial NJAL Projects

The NJAL Team Edit

Discover the luxe side of an urban summer with this essential edit of what the NJAL team is coveting most. Shop Now!
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Azure Dress

Editorial NJAL Projects

The Aquatic Essentials

NJAL has your edited list of essentials to splash into style with. From the best bikini’s (once dubbed “the swoonsuit”) by Diana Vreeland to all the lightly tailored solutions to wind in the warmer months ahead–it’s all here to shop now
Editorial The Conversation

Kathryn Ferguson

NJAL revisits a conversation with Belfast born filmmaker Kathryn Ferguson who is best known for her experimental work in Fashion Film and pioneering the medium through both filmmaking and a research-based curatorial practice
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White Trench Coat

Designer beirut

Krikor Jabotian

An opulent aesthetic that transcends conventional notions of beauty

Pons Mini Backpack

Editorial NJAL Projects

Editor's Picks #2

NJAL's Editor's Picks has the low-down on the latest trend-topping pieces in The NJAL Shop. Today's expert edit singles out statements pieces, understated designs with an artistic sensibility and wardrobe staples to meet everyday needs. Considering the precarity of the summer season, NJAL spotlights the best trans-seasonal pieces to wear whatever the weather. It's also all available to shop now!
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Milky Doughnut with Poppy Seeds and Gold Glaze

Designer dubai

Bint Thani

A throwback to when NJAL designer Bint Thani unveiled the first ever 3D-printed dress made in Dubai, in collaboration with Inter | Act at NOT JUST A LABEL’s immersive, fashion hub at Dubai Design District (d3)
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Baseball Jacket

Editorial Horizon

Printed Matter #3

NJAL offer a curated A-Z guide to the cutting edge material that should be the centre piece of every coffee table—from coming-of-age tales and zeitgeisty art books to edgy erotica, and opulent indie magazines offering niche perspectives on fashion–this is the latest instalment of NJAL's Printed Matter
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Ella Dress

Designer london

Paula Knorr

Paula Knorr's sartorial sensibility for translating the complexities of womanhood and femininity has earned the German designer €10,000 plus the chance to showcase a new project at the 15th edition of the International Talent Support Awards
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Vast Clouds Overall

Designer yverdon-les-bains

Dyl DefineYourLife

Jenifer Thévenaz Burdet is the design force behind DYL–a strong label underlined by strong emotions for men with a sense for style in search of liberty, durable consciousness as well as a spirit of adventure. It's DYL's convincing aesthetic that earned the Swiss designer the Eyes On Talents Award at the International Talent Support Awards 2015
Editorial NJAL Projects

Berlin and Beyond: The Best of NJAL Meets Zalando Fashion House

This past week, NJAL has taken over an iconic department store in the heart of Berlin in collaboration with Zalando, offering an alternative format to showcase fashion and cross-creativity during Berlin Fashion Week
Editorial NJAL Projects

NJAL's Berlin Takeover: Day Three's Visual Vortex

NOT JUST A LABEL recaps the third day of its debut multi-sensory exhibition hub spanning fashion, art, design and new media with an engaging progamme of workshops, talks and symposiums in the heart of Berlin, all made possible by innovative online retailer Zalando
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High Waist Belt Black

Editorial NJAL Projects

NJAL's Berlin Takeover: Day Two's Visual Vortex

Day Two at Zalando Fashion House opened with intrigue and interactivity, with a compelling panel discussion to anchor the day’s proceedings
Editorial The Conversation

Vera Kochubey

At NJAL Meets Zalando Fashion House, Vera Kochubey has collaborated with Danish-born fashion designer Mads Dinesen to realise a full-scale installation that dances the lines of art, fashion, performance and storytelling in a visually explosive way.Today, the Russian artist unravels the details behind her process and practice
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Black Onyx Pendulum Choker

Editorial Designer Focus

Meet the Designers: NJAL Meets Zalando Fashion House

NOT JUST A LABEL will take over an iconic department store in Berlin from 7th-10th July during Berlin Fashion Week for a multi-sensory exhibition hub spanning fashion, art, and design in Berlin made possible by innovative online retailer Zalando. Here's an A-Z Guide to NJAL’s pioneering design talent on display at fashion's most innovative interdisciplinary showcase
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Spring Garden Shirt

Editorial The Conversation

Meet Dan Bodan

Dan Bodan’s placidly intimate anthems of the digital age cultivate a very natural kind of relatability, a kind that only really comes from a songwriter who is grappling with the emotional turbulences of their own personal life; processing their feelings, thoughts and intensities into flowing sounds which for Bodan, forms a tender crux for his latest record titled SOFT. Today, Dan Bodan offers up an introspective view of his process and detangles a contemporary diagnosis of networked culture
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Wide Printed Sweatshirt

Editorial NJAL Projects

The Agenda: NJAL Meets Zalando Fashion House

NJAL’s debut multi-sensory exhibition hub spanning fashion, art, design and new media in Berlin made possible by innovative online retailer Zalando is quickly looming. Join NJAL at Zalando Fashion House in Berlin from July 7th–10th during Berlin Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 for an electric display of innovative installations and fashion films, as well as educational talks, symposiums and panel discussions interrogating fashion and contemporary culture at large
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Emerald Green Suit

Editorial Essay

NJAL Launches in Berlin

NOT JUST A LABEL is set to take over an iconic department store in Berlin from 7th-10th July during Berlin Fashion Week for a multi-sensory exhibition hub spanning fashion, art, design and new media in Berlin made possible by innovative online retailer Zalando with cult fashion bible i-D Magazine as media partner. It's an apt moment to reflect on Berlin's contemporary cache for unhinged creativity and asses why this event is a milestone in Berlin's mission to recast its position in European fashion.
Editorial Essay

Why is Berlin the Creative Capital of the World?

Berlin has long boasted cheap rents, a low cost of living and a thriving creative scene, and its cultural cache only continues to beam with infectious cool. NJAL muses on why Berlin is still a city where everything seems to be possible, and assesses why a global creative class is moving there in the droves
Editorial Designer Focus

Sound of the Studio: Alpha Cruxis

Australian designer Rebecca Martin who now calls Berlin home, pays homage to the enduring love between the worlds of fashion and music with the latest in NJAL’s Sound of the Studio. The design force around Alpha Cruxis, the accessories label with a meticulously modernist edge weaves an auditory web of soothing sounds to sink into summer with
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Metallic Parma Bag

Event 4 July 2015

NJAL Livestream: ESMOD Berlin BA Graduate Show 2015

NJAL is thrilled to announce that Esmod Berlin will be live-streaming their BA Graduate Fashion Show exclusively on—on Saturday 4th July at 9PM. The defining characteristic of this year's graduate collections is that they are a labour of love. All you have to watch the artistic vision from Esmod Berlin's Class of 2015 unfold live is head to
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Bowtie-Bike Jacket

Editorial NJAL Projects

Nomadic Edit

NJAL distils a selection of nomadic inspired pieces for the upcoming festival season

Eco-Leather White Laser-Cut Flowers Coat

Designer johannesburg


Wanderlust is the luscious handcrafted scarf collection inspired by the dancing dunes of Egypt
Editorial Essay

Digital Nomadism Movement

In a time when every idea, creation and design has been exhaustingly researched, reinterpreted and re-launched with a digital era, are ideas the new luxury? Conjuring and imagining ideas is a bi-product of time and yet another lauded luxury in this connected continuum. In order to regain the power of time are we witnessing a seismic shift to preserve the art of doing nothing?

Black Jacket

Editorial Essay

NJAL For Ukraine

NJAL has once again returned from Kiev, Ukraine where the team launched ‘NJAL for Ukraine’, an exclusive workshop dedicated entirely to its stable of Ukrainian fashion talent. Today, NJAL’s Kam Dhillon charts change and reflects on the realities facing young designers and the future of its creative class

Eco Leather Yellow Shorts

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Ysé Black

Editorial Designer Focus


Marie Burlot and Jimmy Rinsum are the design-duo behind MarryMe-Jimmy Paul, the fashion brand falling somewhere between the foggy fracture separating art and fashion. NJAL catch up with the purveyors of all things pop and to get the critical details behind brutally bubble-gum aesthetic
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Spacer Bubble/Silk Skirt

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39 Grey Wool Skirt Trousers

Editorial NJAL Projects

A Gentlemans Companion

Travel isn't always heavenly; sometimes it involves weeping toddlers, chaotic delays and old-fashioned planes with little more than an inch to move, but it pays to look sharp. With this in mind, NJAL pays tribute to travelling in style for any occasion–from beach holidays to city breaks where temperatures might not exactly scream summer. Shop this week’s edited guidelines to more elegant travel
Editorial Designer Focus

Sound Of The Studio: Marshal Apparel

NJAL continues to pay homage to the enduring love between the worlds of fashion and music with the latest in #SOUNDOFTHESTUDIO. Today, Marshal Apparel takes the helms with a mixtape of music that’s as monumental as the brand’s hyper-aware aesthetic
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Kick Off Graphic Black Oversize T-Shirt

Fashion Film

Sex & Fashion

Monochromatic methodology–Inspired Idyllic Imagery
Editorial NJAL Projects

Editor's Picks: The Menswear Recommendations

NJAL’s Online Editor offers some sage sartorial advice with a curated selection of menswear recommendations from The NJAL Shop
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Grey Itamaraty Messenger Bag

Designer london

Byungmun Seo

The latest collection of the Korean designer is characterised by the use of all black silhouettes and a space theme. Rain coats, gloves and fine cotton slacks just scream high fashion, especially when combined with the gas masks, goggles and asymmetry
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Broken Trench Coat

Editorial Competitions

Why Apply for The Future of Fashion Program?

Last Call for Applications! On Friday 19th June, applications for this year's The Future of Fashion Program in collaboration with Who's Next and Premiere Classe in Paris will close. Today, Kelly Love and Väska, the winners of the current edition of The Future of Fashion Program tells NJAL's global design community exactly why they should all apply
Editorial Industry

Beyond the Boom of Menswear

Historically, fashion has always been the domain of womenswear but with the growth of the global menswear market outpacing that of its counterpart–there’s a certain shift within social convention to be noted. Both men and the garments they wear are no longer made with solely the machismo in mind. Today, menswear is contemporary, directional and teeters on the edge of experimental and but is it truly a global market with an open mind that’s facilitated such tectonic change?
Designer london

Kay Kwok

With inspiration taken from the Ancient Egyptian culture surrounding Cosmology and spiritulism
Designer london

Joseph Turvey

Inspired by cult horror films, Joseph Turvey’s contemporary menswear is firmly on the cultural pulse
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Blue Leather Skirt

Editorial The Conversation

Linda Loppa

Ahead of NJAL’s exclusive live-stream of Polimoda’s BA Graduate Show on Tuesday 16th June, it’s a timely moment to profile the enigma that is Linda Loppa
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Skylla Halter Bikini Top

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Skylla Hipster Bikini Briefs

Event 20 June 2015

NJAL For Ukraine

NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL) is delighted to announce its return to Kiev, Ukraine to launch ‘NJAL for Ukraine’, an exclusive workshop for Ukrainian fashion talent. The design workshop is being held on Saturday 20th June 2015, at the Fedoriv Hub, and has been organised in collaboration with Ukrainian Fashion Week and DEC Education, the leading educational agency in Ukraine, which collaborates with over 500 educational providers all over the world. This landmark event for Kiev’s fashion and design community will be an opportunity to unite the country’s vast array of creative talent
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Envy 14k Earring

Event 15 June 2015

NJAL Livestream: Esmod Dubai Graduate Show 2015

NJAL is pleased to announce that Esmod Dubai's BA Graduate Show will be live-streamed at—the middle-east fashion education authority will celebrate the graduation of its latest batch of graduate students. For your chance for a first look at the next wave of fashion talent from the Middle East, head to on Monday 15th June at 4PM BST (London) | 7PM DST (Dubai)
Editorial Industry

A Fashion Education

NJAL looks back to a conversation with Agnés Rocamora, author of 'Fashioning the City: Paris, Fashion and the Media', to delve into the scholarly side of fashion as the ultimate luxury and discover why studies are potentially more important than ever in today's industry
Event 11 June 2015 to 14 June 2015

FashionClash Festival 2015

The interdisciplinary fashion platform returns to shine focus on emerging designers and artists, all active within a broad range of disciplines and showcase their creativity to the city of Maastricht
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Chiara Sequin Silk Top

Editorial Designer Focus

Milko Boyarov

In homage to the young-guns redefining and radicalising fashion, NJAL meets Milko Boyarov–the material alchemist with an affinity for synthesising the authentic and synthetic
Designer manila

Kim Ang Studios

Inspiration is derived from traditional Japanese armoury and executed through complex pattern making
Editorial Horizon

The New Guard: Meet London’s Rising Photographers

Just like every other year, the seasonal slew of graduate shows re-affirms the UK’s position as a ripe breeding ground for rising stars set to shape the cultural and creative landscape of tomorrow. Some of these young, talented individuals have barely graduated, while others have cut their teeth and worked hard to carve a reputation despite a modest age. Today, NJAL spotlights the emerging photographers cultivating a new scene and redefining photography at large
Editorial Industry

Aspiring Designers: To Degree or not Degree?

Art School. Two seemingly harmless words, yet once joined together take on a different meaning. That meaning being a glorified institution subconsciously pedaling out the notion that art plus academia equals success
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#20 Raw Fabric and Suba Sweatshirt

Editorial Designer Focus

Kate Donald

Ahead of NJAL's exclusive LCF BA15 Fashion Show Live-Stream on Monday 8th June at 19.00 GMT, NJAL catches up with Kate Donald—one of the showcased designers in the catwalk show and delve deep into her illustrated universe where she questions and quashes our socially prescribed notion of beauty and hones focus on the aesthetic ambiguity between adolescence and adulthood
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Hight-Rise Wide-Leg Pants

Editorial The Conversation

Hussein Chalayan

NJAL steps inside the surreal world of fashion’s greatest fantasy storyteller. There are very few designers today with the enduring iconicity that the name Hussein Chalayan commands. Ever since his breakthrough graduate collection in 1993, Chalayan has been carving out his own identity while eschewing convention. Following his appointment as Head of Fashion at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, the cerebral designer has spent the past year guiding the next generation of fashion talent to hone and discover their own skills. Ahead of The Angewandte’s graduate show which NJAL will be live-streaming tonight, Saturday 6th June at 19:30 BST
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Short Jacket With Vest

Editorial Designer Focus

A Moodboard Moment: Feeas

NJAL's enduring focus on the power of objects continues with a #MoodboardMoment with Spanish artist Remedios Vincent. Vincent's tactile experiments with artefacts obscure the object's original purpose by appropriating it to a new context
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Kanye Backpack

Editorial The Conversation

Apartamento Magazine Q&A

NJAL speaks to the co-founder of Apartamento Magazine–the mag-rag that’s been dubbed “the hippest magazine in the world”. As part of NJAL’s enduring focus on objects, artefacts and lifestyle–it was a sensical choice to ask Omar Sosa exactly how the beautifully produced, small-format biannual came to life, exactly what it’s like profiling creative impresarios in their domestic chaos and why the magazine seems to defy all codes of convention amidst print media’s rather macabre diagnosis
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Marble Fantasy Sweater

Editorial Designer Focus

Sound Of The Studio: Chiara Pavan

In the latest instalment of #SoundOfTheStudio–NJAL continues to pay homage to the enduring love between the worlds of fashion and music. Today, Chiara Pavan–the Italian accessories designer based in London uses deep digital music and electronic euphoria to create a mixtape of sounds to bolster the design process. Step inside Chiara’s soothing sensorium to discover her deft skill for curation and an affinity for audio-visual intensity
Designer london

Lauren Geoghegan

The ordinary is reconsidered in an aesthetic mission to enhance, beautify and challenge the things we already know. Intelligent minimalism is heralded to magnify what is essential and edit out excess
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High-Waisted Wide-Leg Trousers

Editorial NJAL Projects

Object Ontology

In this week's NJAL Shop Edit, the fashion artefact is dissected and demystified for contemplation and aesthetic gratification. The cultural relevance of fashion as a mirror of the habits and tastes of times past needs no proof and this carefully curated selection of products from an international array of emerging design talent illustrates exactly how fashion can be an artefact of culture as it teaches us about our and other societies’ histories and actualities. It's also all available to shop now
Editorial Designer Focus

Mirja Pitkäärt

Mirja Pitkäärt is the latest of NJAL's global design talent to step into the limelight and unravel the delicate details behind her process, progress and practice. Now based in Paris–the material alchemist muses on marrying traditional and industrial manufacturing to create objects soaked in emotive value
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Relax Oversize Dress

Editorial NJAL Projects

Objective Thinking

This week NJAL is honing focus on the blurred lines between the slippery categories of fashion and art through an enduring focus on all fashion objects made to start a conversation. From insightful studio visits with the likes of NJAL's Culietta, and an in-depth interview on fashion’s future with the cerebral Hussein Chalayan to a Q&A with Apartamento Magazine's Editorial team–it's time for some objective reflection
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Mini Zipped Pouch in Light Blue/Orange

Editorial Designer Focus


In NJAL's latest Designer Focus, Daria Meged–the design talent behind Ukrainian swimwear brand Loves steals the spotlight. Today, Daria muses on the reality of designing niche, conceptual beachwear in Ukraine and distils the details behind a distinctive visual code of self-assured sensuality
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White Vinyl Bag

Editorial Designer Focus

Sound of the Studio: Collar Swimwear

NJAL continues to pay homage to the enduring love between the worlds of fashion and music. Today, Collar Swimwear soundtrack’s NJAL’s Sound of the Studio. Collar draws inspiration from an abstract web of auditory matter for an energetic mixtape of stylistic sounds to bolster the design process
Fashion Film

A Summer in New Orleans

Amanda Deleon turns up the heat with this sensuous sun-soaked fashion film
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Calais Backpack

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Printed Cali Short Sleeve Shirt

Editorial Essay

Swim Cap Fashion Glam

NJAL’s Ante Wolter muses on the loss of one of fashion’s most overlooked accessories–the swim cap and makes the case for the swim cap’s capacity for unapologetic glamour as well as its age-old affinity with form and function
Editorial Essay

Warrior Pose

In NJAL’s thematic focus on summer trend terminology, Louisa McKenzie takes on the stay power of military as an aesthetic reference with investigative prowess. From gladiator sandals to camouflage print, details associated with combat or the military make an appearance on catwalks season after season. NJAL explores the history of this enduring trend and examines why military tropes remain as popular as ever
Fashion Film

The Beach

Jan Ahlgren's candid visual hones in on the sartorial freedom of summertime ecstasy
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Editorial NJAL Projects

The Social Symbology of Swimwear

This week, NJAL hones focus on the social symbology of swimwear as a cursor for historical change in fashion and beyond. With summer in eye-shot, it's time to start thinking about this season's sartorial choices and NJAL expands on why the birth of the bikini warrants such special attention
Fashion Film


Collar Swimwear take to the Baltic waters for this ice-laden visual showcasing the Latvian's swimwear designer's latest collection
Editorial NJAL Projects

Cohesive Contrasts

Today’s edit of The NJAL Shop pays homage to spring-to-summer transitional pieces all within a crucial trend terminology. NJAL has applied a critical lens to the widest scope of fashion output, ranging from both the emerging and established fashion spectrum and have concluded that cohesive contrasts is the key aesthetic cursor to sink into summer with. Best of all, every piece is available to shop now
Editorial Industry

NJAL's Own Marques'Almeida Wins the LVMH Prize

It’s official! NJAL’s own Marques’Almedia have been awarded the prestigious LVMH Prize 2015 and it’s yet another milestone in NJAL's mission to change the face of fashion
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Mega Pixel Drawstring Top

Editorial Industry

NJAL's LVMH Prize 2015 Finalists

Ahead of today's imminent announcement of the LVMH Prize Winner, meet Craig Green, Jacquemus, and Marques'Almeida–NJAL's holy trinity battling it out to claim the second annual LVMH Prize.
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Sheer Silk Tee

Editorial Industry

Zac Posen Announceed as Patron for Dft Award

NJAL is pleased to announce Zac Posen as the new Patron of the fashion talent award “Designer for Tomorrow” by Peek & Cloppenburg Düsseldorf and its online shop Fashion ID. In a long-standing partnership with the German retail giant, NJAL is excited to continue to offer its global community of talent an exciting opportunity to have the New York design legend take talented emerging designers under his wing
Designer france


Jacquemus designer Simon Porte has a particular affinity for drawing things out in neoprene and wool, and keying into oversized and mannish tailoring. It's this stylistic agenda that's earned him a finalist nomination for LVMH Prize 2015.
Editorial NJAL Projects

The #OPB15 Video Diaries

In collaboration with AEG, NOT JUST A LABEL is proud to present a series of video reports from Origin, Passion and Beliefs (OPB)–the world’s biggest trade fair pairing 100 of NJAL’s global design talent with 100 of Italy’s most distinguished manufacturers. Click here to for the optical insight into OPB's core mission
Editorial NJAL Projects

Origin, Passion and Beliefs 2015: The Full Report

On 15th-18th May, in Vicenza, Italy, NOT JUST A LABEL staged ORIGIN PASSION & BELIEFS (OPB) for the second time. It’s an entirely new trade show concept, eschewing tired conventions and launched in partnership with Fiera di Vicenza—the organisers of international fine jewellery trade events to connect global creativity with the legacy of Italian manufacturing. Today, NJAL reflects on the sensory circus and electric activity that unfolded at OPB—the world’s biggest event for connecting creativity and craftsmanship
Editorial Designer Focus

Manufacturer Focus: Pier Spa

Pier was created in 1970 and immediately asserted itself as a protagonist in the high-end fashion thanks to its excellent production capacity. At Origin, Passion and Beliefs (OPB), the manufacturing legend matched the #Origin100’s relentless commitment to experimental design with an innovative presentation of their high quality workmanship
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Ellia Wang Layer Clutch in White

Editorial NJAL Projects

#OPB15 Visual Diary: Day Four

Origin, Passion and Beliefs (OPB) 2015 finally came to an emotionally charged close yesterday. Across four days, 100 designers from around the world joined an illustrious collection of Italy’s most distinguished manufactures to collate and correlate their respective creativity. All this happened under the lens of a curious public, a global press presence, esteemed educators, and industry luminaries
Shop JS | £100 | shop now >>

Black Magic Sandals

Event 20 May 2015

University of Westminster Graduate Show 2015

NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL) is pleased to announce that this year’s University of Westminster graduate runway show will be live-streamed on the NJAL homepage on Wednesday 20th May at 18.00 GMT. The hotly anticipated show heralds the start of the 2015 graduate fashion season with the BA (Hons) Fashion Design students set to showcase their collections. Head to to see the best of this year's emerging bright talents present their work to not just the industry at large but to NJAL's international community of design pioneers.
Editorial NJAL Projects

#OPB15 Visual Diary: Day Three

Day Three at Origin, Passion and Beliefs was one of action. It was the #Origin100’s contagious ambition that punctuated the day following Kelly Cutrone’s fiery Q&A that closed Day Two. People Revolution’s founder boldly delivered her trademark sass and tactical, informed advice to an eager audience of attendees
Shop Jiri Kalfar | £215 | Shop Now >>

Black Lace Shirt

Designer new york


#ORIGIN100–Post-human Mindfiles to envision an entirely (wo)man-made, synthetic world of bionic bodies. In this world, synthetic garments function as artificial
Editorial Designer Focus

Manufacturer Focus: Legor

Igniting a strong tradition and passion since 1979 the Legor Group is a fundamental researcher and producer of innovative jewellery technology. Balancing the pendulum perfectly between creativity and quality the Legor Group is one of the innovative accessary manufacturers chosen for Origin Passion and Beliefs (OPB) this year
Shop Omelya | £140 | SHOP NOW >>

Black Sleeve Urban Sweatshirt

Editorial NJAL Projects

#OPB15 Visual Diary: Day Two

As Origin, Passion and Beliefs finally unfolds into action this weekend in Vicenza, Italy–NJAL is visually documenting all the electric activity at the world’s biggest event for creativity and craftsmanship. Day two was all about putting the spotlight on the incredible plethora of manufacturers that are on offer to collaborate with at #OPB15 and opening the conversation
Shop Linda Sieto | £190 | Shop Now >>

Diagonal Slashed Clutch

Editorial NJAL Projects

#OPB15 Visual Diary: Day One

As Origin, Passion and Beliefs finally unfolds into action this weekend in Vicenza, Italy–NJAL is visually documenting all the electric activity at the world’s biggest event for creativity and craftsmanship
Editorial The Conversation

Sara Maino

With a full programme of workshops alongside Origin, Passion and Beliefs (2015)–Day One's defining moment was Vogue Italia's hotly anticipated Style Surgery workshop with the #Origin100. Following Sara Maino's informative appearance at OPB, Vogue Italia's Senior Fashion Editor sits down with NJAL to discern her role and talk fashion reporting in the digital age
Shop Marchi | £200 | Shop Now >>

Sheer White Dress With Applique

Editorial Designer Focus

Nixi Killick

#ORIGIN100–A self-professed imagineer, Nixi Killick has been whipping a crayola cocktail of acidic hues with firm form and function for quite some time and it’s an enduring aesthetic that’s earned her accolades such from HP’s brand ambassador to designing costumes for Lady Gaga’s international tour
Shop NAEVE | £290 | shop now >>

Neala Septum Ring

Editorial Designer Focus

Manufacturer Focus: P&C

As the countdown to #OriginFair begins, NJAL shines light on the manufacturers securing the future of ‘Made in Italy’ by discussing the fusion of definitive craftsmanship and tradition with contemporary creativity. MeetP. & C.–the family enterprise founded by the two Giaquinto brothers Paolo and Claudio.
Editorial NJAL Projects

Origin, Vicenza 2015 | The Final Events Programme

#ORIGINFAIR–The final events programme for this year from 15th–18th May 2015, OPB will be the only trade fair in the world to bring together 100 of Italy’s most distinguished manufacturers and suppliers with 100 of NJAL’s innovative emerging fashion talent from five continents
Editorial Designer Focus

In The Studio: Suprême Bon Ton

Today, Suprême Bon Ton swings open the doors to her Paris-based atelier and chronicles the winding journey of creative process behind her sumptuous, silk scarves
Event 12 May 2015 to 16 May 2015

Polimoda | IFFTI Conference 2015

MOMENTING THE MEMENTO is going to be one of the most important national and international events of the year in Florence
Fashion Film

Spring/Summer 2016

The minimalist mavericks visualise a penchant for clean aesthetics and contemporary urban staples in this vivid mash up of cohesive contrasts
Editorial Designer Focus

A Moodboard Moment: Salo Shayo

#Origin100 designer Salomon Shayo steals the NJAL spotlight with ‘A Moodboard Moment’ ahead of this year’s Origin, Passion and Beliefs (OPB) in Vicenza, Italy
Editorial Designer Focus

A Manufacturer Focus: Sisma

As #OriginFair begins, NJAL shines light on the manufacturers securing the future of ‘Made in Italy’ by discussing the fusion of craftsmanship and tradition with contemporary creativity
Shop Jaimalàlatête | £95 | SHOP NOW >>

Visor Cable Stich

Editorial Designer Focus

A Moodboard Moment: YVY

As Origin, Passion and Beliefs creeps closer, it’s an apt moment to shine light on the #Origin100 and chart the winding journey of creative process leading them to Vicenza, Italy where NJAL’s global design talent are paired with Italy’s most distinguished manufacturers. Today, YVY takes the helm and explains her connection to craftsmanship
Designer mexico city


#ORIGIN100–Lasasul play with the technical and functional aspects of jewellery to create emotionally charged yet wholly wearable designs
Designer cetinje

Katarina Zlajic

#ORIGIN100–Sculptural forms with a distinct contoured texture are exacted in exquisitely unusual hues
Shop SILVIA FADO | £1,800 | SHOP NOW >>

Spring Hydraulic Heels

Fashion Film

Min Wu

#Origin100 designer Min Wu visualises the fresh, elegant, sporty elements of her latest collection
Editorial A Letter From

A Letter from Vicenza

Vicenza is a city that’s almost always overlooked in favour of nearby Venice, especially amidst the fervour of the Biennale. Yet, this small, almost perfectly formed city in the flatlands of Northern Italy's Veneto is a majestic destination in its own right. It’s also where NJAL’s Origin Passions and Beliefs (OPB) 2015 finds its home for the second time
Editorial NJAL Projects

The #OriginFair Edit: Tech and Textiles

Today, you can meet the designers representing the Technology and Textiles categories at #OriginFair, and shop a selection of their statement products that demonstrate exactly why their distinctive designs made the cut from NJAL's 18,000 stronghold of global design talent
Designer new york

Jade Chiu

#ORIGIN100–Jade Chiu creates accessories around the Eastern Zodiac in a playful and tactile imagining of eclectic styles and muses
Shop Väska | £405 | shop now >>

Lego L in Black

Designer kiev


Minimalistic, clean and modern designs anchored by elements of contemporary sportswear
Editorial NJAL Projects

The #Origin100 Designers

Find a full list of the 100 designers jetting in from all corners of the world to participate at NJAL's Origin Passion and Beliefs (OPB) 2015
Shop INA KOELLN | £220 | shop now >>

Wilbert Dark

Editorial Designer Focus

Sound Of The Studio: Carla Fernández

Press play for some auditory satisfaction courtesy of Carla Fernández's power for deft curation and learn more about her vision to create a creative eco-system where style, sustainability and heritage entwine
Editorial Designer Focus

Manufacturer Focus: Marven

As the countdown to #OriginFair begins, NJAL shines light on the manufacturers securing the future of ‘Made in Italy’ by discussing the fusion definitive craftsmanship and tradition with contemporary creativity
Editorial Horizon

NJAL's May Culture Edit

NJAL becomes your cultural compass this May, with an expertly curated to-do list of global proportions across art, fashion and culture. From LA to London, The NJAL Team spotlights everything from blockbuster art exhibitions, to new books and magazines plus the best new, cinematic releases from all around the world
Designer sydney

Silviya Neri

Silviya Neri is set to bring her kaleidoscopic silk scarves inspired from antique, modern and surreal worlds to #OriginFair 2015
Shop INA KOELLN | £280 | shop now >>

Whoopi Black

Designer tokyo

Leonard Wong

#OrIgin100 designer A minimalistic mantra where tradition and modernity merge effortlessly
Fashion Film

Autumn Winter 2015

#ORIGIN100 designer Jovana Markovic visualises her latest collection with surface textures that are curiously cleaned and polished, and whee cuts are considered and proportions are purposeful
Shop HARRISON WONG | £200 | Shop Now >>

Origami Print Airy Boomer Jacket

Shop Neemic | £111 | SHOP NOW >>

Lisli Flower Top

Shop Massimo Casagrande | £119 | SHOP NOW >>

Short Sleeve Half Front Layered Shirt

Shop This Is The Uniform. | £350 | shop now >>

Silk Mesh Jogger Pants - Pink

Shop Mrs Herskin | £440 | shop now >>

Iron Nose Bag

Shop Harakiri | £160 | shop now >>

Congo Bangle

Editorial Designer Focus

Divka's Moodboard

As part of this week’s Tokyo Takeover, Takayuki Tanaka of Divka opens the doors to his Tokyo studio and invites NJAL for a closer look at his compelling collection
Shop PATH | £295 | Shop Now >>

Transparent Oversized Bomber

Editorial Designer Focus

Manufacturer Focus: EllBj

NJAL shines light on the manufacturers securing the future of ‘Made in Italy’–Lui and Lei are the ‘him and her’ duo behind the Italy-based manufacturer EllBj who will head to NJAL’s Origin Passion and Beliefs (OPB) this year
Shop Jaimalàlatête | £140 | Shop Now >>

Cap Napped

Designer new york

Diaboli Kill

#OriginFair designer Diaboli Kill renews artefacts of the old world with a luxe-noir edge

Futuhero Oversized Dress

Editorial Designer Focus

The East Asia Edit

As part of NJAL's Tokyo Takeover, this week's Shop Edit spotlights the best of NJAL's East Asian talent and it's all available to shop now
Designer new york

Andy Lifschutz

#OriginFair designer Andy Lifschutz draws on feminine grace and empowerment to create pieces rooted in their organic forms
Event 30 April 2015

Calvin Klein Presents FIT's The Future of Fashion 2015

Tune-in to NJAL’s live-stream of The Fashion Institute of Technology’s annual graduate show presented by Calvin Klein on Thursday 30th April at 19.00 EST. Just head to for a front-row seat to watch the sartorial action unfold
Designer new york

Bliss Lau

Consisting of a combination of fine metals that encircle the form, Bliss Lau’s structural expression is jewellery for the body
Shop Nudite | £85 | Shop Now >>

Structure Tank | Black

Designer arnhem

Wieke Sinnige

NJAL’s Wieke Sinnige received a jury’s special mention at the 30th edition of 30th edition of Hyères Fashion and Photography Festival, and a grant of a collaborative project with some of Chanel’s specialty ateliers
Editorial Designer Focus

Leonard Wong

To celebrate Leonard Wong’s hotly anticipated arrival to The NJAL Shop, it’s a decisive moment to connect with Tokyo’s break-out design star and dive into the details of building his eponymous brand
Shop Eilisain Jewelry | £200 | Shop Now >>

Black Abyss Ring

Editorial Designer Focus

Sound Of The Studio: Study NY

#OriginFair designer Study NY is the latest designer to share a mixtape of music that bolsters the design process. Listen to the Brooklyn-based designer's sonic collage of sweetly self-lacerating sounds and electric throbs here
Editorial NJAL Projects

The Ethical Edit

In the latest Shop Edit, NJAL spotlights the global pool of design talent who are committed to using 100% organic fabrics, keeping wastage low and providing an accountable manufacturing process–all realised in feminine forms and simple cuts
Shop Sandor Lakatos Menswear | £425 | Shop Now >>

3D T Print Long Bomber

Event 23 April 2015 to 27 April 2015

30th Hyères Fashion and Photography Festival 2015

The 30th Hyères Festival, often described as the Cannes of the fashion world announces its return for 2015
Editorial Designer Focus


Meet Swete’s Emily Nam–the Australian designer committed to organic cotton, an accountable manufacturing process, and minimal waste with a sleek, sports-luxe aesthetic
Editorial NJAL Projects

NJAL Reveals the 100 Origin Fair Designers

NJAL's Origin’s Passion and Beliefs (OPB) project returns for the second time, in collaboration with the Fiera Di Vicenza. From 15th–18th May 2015, OPB will be the only trade fair in the world to bring together 100 of Italy’s most distinguished manufacturers and suppliers with 100 of NJAL’s innovative emerging fashion talent from five continents. Find out which NJAL designers are heading to OPB and Pre-Register for the event here
Fashion Film

NJAL's 100 Origin Designers

NOT JUST A LABEL’s Origin Passion and Beliefs (OPB) 15 - 18 May 2015 is the only trade fair in the world that brings together Italy’s 100 most distinguished manufacturers and suppliers with 100 of NJAL’s innovative, emerging fashion design talents from five continents. NJAL is excited to announce the 100 designers set to reinvigorate and support the world-famous industrial and artisanal eco-systems in Italy this May.
Shop Nudite | £125 | Shop Now >>

Half-Skirt Trousers

Editorial Designer Focus

ThisIsNon Moodboard

Following FashionPhilosophy Poland Autumn/Winter 2015–Poland’s biggest fashion event, it’s a timely moment to magnify Polish fashion talent tearing up the aesthetic rulebook with NJAL’s dedicated mood-board focus. Meet THISISNON, the young, Warsaw-based brand heralding functional, considered design ahead of fleeting trends and seasonal symbolism
Editorial Essay

FashionPhilosophy Poland Autumn/Winter 2015

“There’s always a fashion week somewhere” is the age-old NJAL dictum as the team ambles the globe to unearth emerging design talent. This past week, NJAL’s Online Editor took to Łódź, Poland for Fashion Philosophy Autumn/Winter 2015
Designer barcelona

Martin Across

Designs characterised by round soft curves, defined lines and exaggerated shapes
Designer tbilisi

Atelier Kikala

Struggle for survival and a return to the primal elements of nature forms the aesthetic cursor for Atelier Kikala’s latest collection
Editorial NJAL Projects

A Fresh Forecast

Shop this week’s Edit of The NJAL Shop for a curated crop of crystalline and crisp looks for your sartorial reinvention this season. Ranging from strictly sleek silhouettes, avant-garde accessories to the more relaxed shapes to help you test spring's unpredictable terrain. Let NJAL guide you through this season of transition with a considered selection of products to catalyse a stylistic metamorphosis
Shop Yui Atelier | £345 | Shop Now >>

Pastel Pink Drop Shoulder Top

Editorial Essay

Generation Anonymous

NJAL’s digital deity Danielle Shannon examines why in the age of over-sharing and over-exposure, the next generational turn could be one of digital darkness, where working to maintain one’s anonymity as a node in the network is the next trending topic
Shop Study NY | £170 | Shop Now >>

Shirt 2.2

Editorial Essay

The Future of Fashion Forecasting

Following NJAL’s conversation with trend watching icon Li Edelkoort, NJAL taps a trend forecaster at work to scrutinise the future of forecasting and whether trend forecasting is a friend or foe of independent design talent.
Shop Hanger Inc | £82 | Shop Now >>

Wool/Latex Combination Crop

Designer antwerp

Marius Petrus

Marius Petrus has just been announced as one of the Europe Nominees for the 2015/16 International Woolmark Prize Womenswear | Menswear
Editorial Designer Focus


Meet Anton Edelshtein of OMTURA whose industrial, textured bags fuse underrated artistry with innovative, geometric shapes. Futurist and sculptural in shape, these bags are handmade using a tough leather usually reserved for belts, and today, the young designer irons out the details of crafting artifactual accessories with NJAL
Fashion Film

On|Off Walkabout Projection

A scintillating visual by On|Off featuring NJAL talent Lucia Kelly, Nguyen Cong Tri, Hellen Van Rees, Maid in Love and Kaaskas
Editorial NJAL Projects


NJAL embraces the single eye of symbolism with a considered curation of The NJAL Shop. The last few seasons have seen the epic return of monogrammed madness in high fashion, and consumer’s unapologetic willingness to align self with brand in the most visually, visceral way. Today’s edit proves that logomania isn’t just the reserve of iconic brands and highlights the crop of emerging designers adopting the enduring iconicity of the logo
Fashion Film

Out Of Flux

Out of Flux is a project that addresses the relationship between what occurs naturally and what is technically produced
Event 13 April 2015

Stefan Siegel at FIT's Faces & Places in Fashion

NJAL Founder Stefan Siegel will join FIT's Faces & Places in Fashion lecture series on April 13th in New York City. It will be an an opportunity to connect students and the public alike to the pulse of the fashion industry in an open and conversational setting, and understand NJAL's multi-faceted commitment to revolutionise fashion's future
Editorial The Conversation

Talking Trends With Li Edelkoort

Following Li Edelkoort’s masterclass at NJAL’s multi-sensory pavilion at Dubai Design District, it’s a timely moment to examine the significance of trend watching with the most influential trend forecaster today and her journey to becoming the industry’s certified tastemaker
Editorial Essay

One Last Look: NJAL Meets d3

Today, NJAL reflects on its defining moment in Dubai this past week, where the digital fashion platform made its physical debut in the Middle East with an immersive-experience pavilion at Meet d3–the pre-cursor event to Dubai Design District (d3). It’s an apt time to speculate on NJAL’s future in the Middle East and dissect the details of its flowering success in Dubai and the emergence of ‘Made in the Middle East’. Delve into Dubai with NJAL and view behind the scenes footage of NJAL Meets d3 right here
Shop Lucy Jay | £290 | Shop Now >>

Nikki Scarf

Designer oslo

Matilda Karlström

A renovations of relations it the conceptual cursor for Matilda Karlström’s latest collection, where the interplay between elements of garment construction demands all focus and attention
Shop PATH | £215 | Shop Now >>

Light Transparent Sweater

Editorial NJAL Projects

The NJAL Mixtape: April 2015

Tune into NJAL’s April Mixtape of scattershot sonic sensibilities, featuring soothing glissades, cosmic disco froths, and power-pop, all exacted with hypnotic poise
Fashion Film

IFFTI 2015 - Momenting the Memento

Pollimoda’s iconic IFFTI 2015 conference curated by Linda Loppa examines the extreme possibilities of fashion’s future with a five day festival celebrating contemporary fashion culture. With 37 nations invited, six thematic cursors, and a dynamic programme of events, installations and talks with’s Tim Blanks and NJAL Founder Stefan Siegel plus many more–it’s a monumental project facilitating seismic change within the industry
Shop HARRISON WONG | £250 | Shop Now >>

Colour Origami Print Airy Coat With Hood

Editorial Industry

Designers: Know Your Markets

NJAL continues its commitment to facilitating growth within the industry with some sound advice to young designers looking to crack new markets. Learn how the mechanisms of established and emerging fashion markets work around the world and assess your route to world domination
Editorial NJAL Projects

NJAL's April Culture Edit

Spring into step with NJAL’s cultural guide to April and fill your diary with everything you need to watch, hear and see this month
Shop Petra Ptáčková | £410 | Shop Now >>

Button Pants and Pullover Set - Striped

Shop HANGER INC | £115 | SHOP NOW >>

Latex Backpack

Fashion Film


Benjamin Antz Recalt fuses a video game aesthetic for an injection of nostalgia with futurist details to showcase his rebel heroine
Editorial NJAL Projects

NJAL's Opening Night at Meet d3

Last night, NJAL made its physical debut in the Middle East with the opening of its immersive-experience sensorium at Dubai Design District's Meet d3 event. With over 2,500 guests pouring into the venue to see NJAL's carefully curated selection of global talent–it was a sign of a successful first foray into the region
Editorial The Conversation

Meet Marriam Mossalli

Amidst NJAL’s physical debut in Dubai, it’s time to spotlight the women redefining style in the Middle East. Meet Marriam Mossalli, whose creative flair and unmatched business talent has helped shaped unique fashion market segments of the GCC, all while reinventing the contours of beauty and style, and establishing pioneering connections between the world of fashion, business and female empowerment.
Editorial The Conversation

Tala Samman

Meet the Middle-Eastern fashion impresario whose personal style diary exploded into a global lifestyle destination. To celebrate NJAL’s moment in the Middle East, Tala Samman talks the business of blogging, semantics of style and Dubai’s future of creativity
Shop Pitchouguina | £460 | Shop Now >>

Embellished Organza Top

Editorial NJAL Projects

NJAL Meets d3

NOT JUST A LABEL launches an immersive, fashion hub at Dubai Design District's specially commissioned launch event titled 'Meet d3'
Shop ATELIER KIKALA | £235 | Shop Now >>

The Handmade Skirt

Editorial Designer Focus

Morphing Design with Bint Thani

A body-centric approach to 3D printing is advocated by Bint Thani, as the esteemed Dubai-based designer gears up to unveil the first ever 3D-printed dress to be made in Dubai at NJAL's multi-sensory pavilion at Meet d3. Ahead of its exclusive showcase with NJAL, the designer talks collaborating with Inter | Act who sit at the emergent frontier of 3D printing and bending its potential for a Middle Eastern audience
Shop C S'tudio | £169 | Shop Now >>

Aquamarine Printed Trousers

Editorial The Conversation

Wolfram Glatz

Meet the mastermind behind NOT JUST A LABEL's physical debut at Dubai Design District. NJAL's own Wolfram Glatz combines a love for architecture and fashion with a broader eye for design. Ahead of this week's hotly anticipated Meet d3 event–the architect divulges the delicate details of designing NJAL's purpose-built pavilion in the shadow’s of desert in downtown Dubai
Editorial NJAL Projects

The Enigma of Enterprise

This week’s edit of the NJAL Shop pays homage to Dubai, with the unveiling of NJAL’s multi-sensory fashion hub at d3 today. NJAL’s trip to the Middle East has only revealed it to be a place where its new generation is always on the hunt for something now and new. It’s a laid-back city with a refined sensibility, and these carefully curated pieces from The NJAL Shop are perfectly emblematic of its modernist, and enterprising spirit
Shop Patrik Prusak | £1,600 | Shop Now >>

Lamb Fur Coat

Editorial Designer Focus

HOOKED | HKD Moodboard

With NJAL's physical debut in Dubai at d3 set to open today, it's time to shine light on Dubai-based brand HKD. Farah Nasri talks through her process and the reality of being a young, independent designer in the Middle East
Fashion Film

Digital Skin

London-based Hemyca collapse screen and skin in this seductive visual examining a woman's relationship with technology
Editorial Designer Focus

Satu Maaranen

Finnish designer Satu Maaranen is amongst the finalists in the Design Museum's 'Design of the Year' exhibition currently on show in London. With a creative vision defined by sculptural dexterity, the Helsinki-based aesthete distils her experimental use of colour and dimension, which was previously recognised at the 2013 Hyères Festival for Fashion and Photography, where Satu Maaranen was crowned winner
Shop Chikimiki | £1,595 | Shop Now >>

Nykhor Wrap

Shop Angela Bang | £85 | Shop Now >>

Swim Mid Tulle Swimsuit

Editorial A Letter From

Doing Fashion Paper No.5 – Editors Letter

To celebrate NJAL’s exclusive live-stream of The Institute of Fashion Design Basel’s Doing Fashion’s 2015 Graduate show on Saturday 28th March at 19.30 GMT/20.30 CET–Andrea Sommer, Editor in Chief of its iconic publication Doing Fashion Paper, previews the latest issue with an editor’s letter that reads more like a call to arms
Editorial Essay

Eyes on Ukraine

As conflict in Ukraine peaked last year, fashion was weaponised and designers bravely translated their political motivations to the catwalk. When the rest of the world’s fashion press avoided the war-zone, NJAL took to fashion’s front line in Kiev, to stand in solidarity with its home-grown talent. One year on, NJAL is back to assess Ukraine’s turbulent terrain and turn the camera on its community of emerging fashion talent in an exclusive short film titled #EyesOnUkraine. Watch here now
Editorial Designer Focus


NJAL will be exclusively live-streaming Doing Fashion’s 2015 Graduate show on Saturday 28th March at 19.30 GMT/20.30 CET. To celebrate Basel’s centre for deeply committed fashion, some of its strongest talent from this year’s BA and MA cohort will be stealing the spotlight with a special series of NJAL's Designer Focus. Today it's the turn of design Wuethrichfuerst, who see fashion as a playground to express ideas and concepts in different ways
Designer prague

Jiri Kalfar

Aesthetic intuition, and a taste for the purity of movement punctuates a collection devoted to beauty
Shop Luz Ortiz | £125 | Shop Now >>

Nova Malachite Ring

Editorial Designer Focus


NJAL meets Marco Zwick, the young Swiss designer graduating from Basel Institute of Fashion’s iconic Doing Fashion course and charts a journey from a design background in tailoring to breaking free and finding an unassuming creative energy. Marco plays with concept and stylisation for his final collection, to echo a firm comment on wider societal behaviour
Editorial Designer Focus

Dé Lia

Delia Matthäus is a rising Swiss talent dedicated to details and diversity and an obvious to choice to magnify ahead of Doing Fashion’s Graduate Show 2015. Inspired by ephemerality and transitory moments, Delia explains her artistic motivation, and exactly why fashion design is her creative calling
Shop C S'tudio | £199 | Shop Now >>

Solarized Baggy Sweatshirt

Fashion Film


Yvailo thinks globally yet fixates on dressing the individual. Luxury is the possibility to think brightly about the future without sacrificing the present
Designer oslo

Dreams Of Norway

The divine nature of goddesses, nymphs and ancient folklore animates a collection rooted in wild nature
Editorial Designer Focus

Luca Xavier Tanner

Luca Xavier Tanner is one of the fantastic four from The Institute Of Fashion Design Basel to be spotlighted for a standout collection rooted in concept yet realised with conviction. NJAL catches up the hyper-aware aesthete before Doing Fashion’s 2015 Graduate Show to understand why he heralds morphology at every stage of his design process
Designer basel

Isabelle Mayer

Inspired by the height of surrealism, it’s a visual language underscored by humour which cultivates a collection in touch with details and material attention
Designer london

Emily Carter

London based Scarf designer specialising in graphic illustrations of her lifelong interest in natural history and English heritage
Editorial The Conversation

Kurt and Bart

Design duo Kurt and Bart are famed for their aesthetic archaeology of silver screen style, lending a skill for style to blockbusters including Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, Dallas Buyers Club and Stoker. The costume designers demystify the process of communicating character and storytelling through fashion, dressing the likes of Jennifer Lawrence Tilda Swinton, and even offer up some advice to emerging costume designers
Shop Ellia Wang | £45 | Shop now >>

Ellia Wang Darling Earrings In White

Editorial NJAL Projects

A Matter of Morphology

Today, NJAL applies the formal elements of architecture to The NJAL Shop and discerns a selection of products that employ technology and construction techniques inspired by the built environment. All available to shop now
Editorial Essay

Fashion Presentations: Catwalk 2.0?

As more and more designers turn to presentations to display their collections, the reputation of the catwalk is in a state of transition. Social media friendly, cheaper to produce and beneficial in adding another layer to a designer’s aesthetic, just how much influence is the presentation going to have in the ache of digital’s grasp?
Shop NYX LONDON | £85 | Shop Now >>

One Love Cateye Sunglasses

Designer new york

Luz Ortiz

An emphasis on functionality and wearability, punctuated by minimal details for everyday ease
Fashion Film


Cassandra Verity Green's candy-crayola cocktail visual titled ‘Crush’ explores where the boundaries of active wear and fashion blur with acidic sincerity. A playful mix of textures and strong focus on fusing unconventional yarns and techniques is underscored by an energetic sense of freedom that comes with embracing youth.
Editorial Designer Focus

Valentim Quaresma

NJAL deconstructs Valentim Quaresma’s decadent designs to talk through the delicate details
Event 18 March 2015

Intellectual Property in the Fashion Industry Event at Condé Nast

NJAL is pleased to announce Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design's 'Intellectual Property in the Fashion Design Industry' event, focused on intellectural property strategies for the fashion design community where NJAL Founder Stefan Siegel will be a panelist.
Designer manchester

Rebecca Anne Rimmer

Graphic, cut-out silhouettes inspired by old Hollywood glamour continues to explore fun and freedom
Shop S M K | £40 | Shop now >>

Navy Vinyl Bag

Designer new york


A huge congratulations to NJAL’s own M. Patmos–the New York label famed for fusing function and luxury who has been announced as the winner of The International Woolmark Prize 2015
Shop Matériel | £270 | Shop Now >>

Oversize Fringed Top

Fashion Film

That Paradise Would Be a Meme

In this colloborative short film with artist Stef Van Looveren and producer Forest Swords—NJAL's Benji WZW illustrates our contemporary, cultural condition
Designer london

George Styler

A contemporary, networked condition provokes a melange of influences to communicate modern man’s expressive powers
Fashion Film


A tactile expression of design's expressive nature in relation to the human body
Editorial NJAL Projects

The Best of NJAL's Fashion Films

NJAL has long believed in the power of showing the entire creative process–from conception to completion, and pioneering the medium of fashion film is a way to combine these elements, and bring fashion to life. There’s a wide diversity of gorgeously animated fashion films on NJAL’s dedicated ‘Fashion Films’ page, but here you can find a curated selection of the some of the very best
Designer london

Sandra Tschanz

A range of unusual medias, exciting techniques and materials realise highly technical and garments
Fashion Film

Collection 2.1

A sun-kissed visual inspired by a creative journey of cross-cultural exploration
Shop Helga Kovacs | £365 | Shop Now >>

Unisex Sleek Back Pack

Event 14 March 2015 to 2 August 2015

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty at The V&A

The highly anticipated return of Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, arrives at London's Victoria & Albert Museum from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in an expanded and edited form.
Shop GBGH JEWELRY | £240 | Shop Now >>

Star Rock Pendant

Editorial Designer Focus

Moodboard Monday: Cres. E Dim.

NJAL continues a focus on inspired mood boards to chart the winding journey of creative process. Today, it’s an examination of the special relationship between music and fashion, to question how fashion designers can interpret musical terms and apply it to their creations. It was a sensical choice to tap Korean brand CRES. E DIM. whose name is a direct reference to the musical terminology of “crescendo e diminuendo”.
Fashion Film

School Play

Copper and sculpture collide in Sadie Clayton's signature aesthetic with its industrial influences and 3D manipulation. Clayton allows us to reconsider how to dress the female form and to showcase her Autumn/Winter 2015 collection which fuses themes of spirituality, the metaphysical properties of stones, physiognomy and elements of witchcraft. The designer has collaborated with cult photographer Mark Lebon (of Buffalo fame) on a short film entitled "School Play"
Editorial NJAL Projects

A Sonic Edge

This week's edit of The NJAL Shop is a hedonistic love letter to the world of music. Find a selection of products below that are firmly in touch with the cultural zeitgeist and all available to shop now
Editorial Designer Focus

Sound of the Studio: Homo Consommatus

In the second instalment of NJAL’s latest editorial feature ‘Sound of the Studio’—Homo Consommatus draws inspiration from abstract subjects for an energetic mixtape of sumptuous sounds to bolster the design process.
Shop WOOLINGS | £270 | Shop Now >>

Moon Shoes

Fashion Film

Subject One

Alannah Stott slows down the extreme ranges of movement from a collection inspired sportswear to reveal the untouched and the unexplained
Designer budapest

Ilona Karacsony

Raw leather is technically exacted and folded into a 3D shape using the method of traditional Japanese joinery
Shop Atelier Brut | £140 | Shop Now >>

Football Scarf Sweat #1

Editorial The Conversation

Five Minutes with BEAT Magazine's Hanna Hanra

This week, NJAL is treading the fine line between music and fashion, and it's an apt moment to catch up with Editor/DJ/Journalist and all-round musical maestro—Hanna Hanra of BEAT Magazine.
Editorial The Conversation

Javier Peral

This week, NJAL is spotlighting the cultural clash between music and fashion—can you even imagine a fashion show without music? It's an apt moment to revisit a conversation with one of the industry's top sound designers and learn more about sonically communicating fashion design.
Shop Flow | £160 | Shop Now >>

Cropped Hoodie

Editorial Designer Focus

Moodboard Monday: Fien Ploeger

In an ongoing focus on inspired mood boards charting the winding journey of the creativity, NJAL spotlights Fien Ploeger's futurist, metallic shapes. Here, Ploeger reflects on her last collection and evaluates her process, concept and inspiration.
Editorial NJAL Projects

NJAL Shop Guest Edit: Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics

In an ongoing focus on all things intelligently clean and simple, NJAL pays homage to ice-white hues and monochromatic minimalism in an extra special curation of the NJAL Shop by none other than Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics
Shop Niza Huang | £200 | Shop Now >>

Crush Statement Ring

Designer sydney

Alannah Stott

A directional fashion collection which explores concepts relating to contemporary sports wear
Editorial Designer Focus

Jovana Markovic

NJAL applies a lens to Markoviç’s deconstructive mode of design and talks through the essential details
Designer florence

Martha Chamoun

Chamoun's designs are Inspired and carried by the concepts of connection between pure thoughts and materials
Shop CRES. E DIM. | £86 | Shop Now >>

White Pleated Short Jumpsuit

Editorial NJAL Projects

NJAL's White Week X Ivania Carpio

Amidst the noise of the global fashion week calendar, it’s an apt moment for a palette cleanser. This week, NJAL pays homage to ice-white hues and monochromatic minimalism in an extra special curation of the NJAL Shop by Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics
Editorial Designer Focus

A Moodboard Moment with JS

This week, NJAL turns to spotlighting designers shaking up monochromatic minimalism by finding the liberating qualities of aesthetic restriction. Here, JS demystifies her visual subconscious with a selection of inspired mood-board imagery
Fashion Film

Spring Summer 2015

Material innovation stands at the vanguard of good design, and Nuria Sanmartín visualises its myriad possibilities through the rigid aesthetic statement of an all-white palette
Shop Melissa Tofton Leather | £200 | Shop Now >>

Braided Cuffs

Fashion Film

White In White featuring Zola Jesus

To kick off NJAL's White Week, here's a throwback to a film by Julia Kaldy featuring Zola Jesus
Shop Salo Shayo | £105 | Shop Now >>

Acrylic Glasses

Editorial Industry

The NJAL Report Card: London Fashion Week A/W 2015 Day One

See if Bora Aksu, Eudon Choi, Fyodor Golan et al made the grade this season and the best of the fashion set's LOL-inducing commentary
Designer kiev

Anton Belinskiy

Complicated cuts and an unusual combination of textures echo through the young Ukranian designer's aesthetic output.
Event 20 February 2015 to 24 February 2015

London Fashion Week A/W 2015

For four days, the global fashion calender fixates on London where the magnificent Somerset House plays host to one of the world's biggest biannual fashion showcases
Fashion Film

Introducing Raw Taste

Raw Taste offers a utopian dimension of mystical wilderness where dreams of dark beauty come to life
Event 20 February 2015 to 24 February 2015

International Fashion Showcase 2015

Presenting 130 emerging designers from 30 countries in the largest public fashion exhibition of its kind
Editorial Designer Focus

Scottacus Anthony

Ahead of Thursday's LCF MA15 Womenswear live-stream, NJAL catch-up with Scottacus Anthony
LCF MA Show Live-Stream
Event 19 February 2015

London College of Fashion | MA Womenswear Show

Be sure to tune-in to an exclusive live-stream of LCF's MA Show at on Thursday 19th January at 19.30 (GMT)
Shop Téo + NG | £1,080 | Shop Now >>

Clarice Bordeaux Harness

Shop Yuka&Tristan | £200 | Shop Now >>

Sachiyo Dress Kimono

Editorial Designer Focus


NJAL detangles Blon.D’s design methodology rooted in the mystery of the body
Shop Omtura | £490 | Shop Now >>

Corvus Grid V3

Fashion Film

Punk Future

Sculptural elements adorn the body in this loaded visualisation
Editorial NJAL Projects

Ch-Talents: Visionaries Exhibition—showcasing Emerging Swiss Fashion

'Doing Fashion: A Call for Action' presents four of their graduate designer's collections as part of an exhibition showcase at Display Gallery in London
Designer amsterdam

Marije Seijn

Seijn captures the sentiment of faded Americana in voluminous shapes
Shop Alicia Reina | £310 | Shop Now >>

Agave Column Dress

Fashion Film


A subtly stylised short film underpinned by SMK’s signature urban DNA
Editorial NJAL Projects

Tactile, Textured Textiles

NJAL’s curated selection of the tactile, textured textiles woven to perfection, and ready to stroke, caress, and adorn.
New York Fashion Week
Editorial A Letter From

N.Y. Fashion Week Below the Center

With New York Fashion kicking off today, NJAL revisit a critical analysis of the revered platform
Shop Ivana Ristić | Shop Now >>

Plaid Asymmetric Wrap Coat

Designer florence

Yojiro Kake

An imaginative re-invention of classic staples applied with precise tailoring
Event 10 September 2015 to 17 September 2015

New York Fashion Week AW15

The titan of the global fashion schedule returns for a truly international showcase of the latest collections
Shop Antoanetta | £215 | Shop Now >>

Black Diamonds Ear Cuff

Fashion Film

Made In Italy

Visually deconstructing the philosophy of 'Made in Italy' with emphasis on the basic elements of tailoring principles
ONAR Studios
Editorial Designer Focus

Sound of the Studio: Onar

ONAR Studios curates a mixtape of music to bolster the design process
Chromat, Moodboard, Chromat Moodboard, Chromat SS15, Beyoncé Chromat, Rihanna Chromat, Madonna Chromat, Rihanna Chromat
Editorial Designer Focus

Moodboard Monday: Chromat

Chart the visual mythology of Chromat’s structural experiments for the body
Dahui Li
Editorial Designer Focus

Dahui Li

To Celebrate the Start of New York Fashion Week, NJAL Discover Dahui Li’s Diasporic Designs
Shop Jump From Paper | £80 | Shop Now >>

Giggle Red

Designer zürich

Aziza Zina

Modern elegance with fanciful elements to accentuate classic femininity
Shop White Frost | £220 | Shop Now >>

White Frost

Designer basel

Sandro Marzo

A fantasy world in which the garments appear to playfully unfold an atmospherically inspired silhouette
Designer barcelona


WHO'S NEXT & NJAL teamed up to launch The Future of Fashion Program to discover new talent. Meet Väska, whose minimalistic accessories have won the accessories category
Editorial NJAL Projects

A Material Methodology

NJAL demystify the fashion artefact using a selection of products with complex underlying meanings and open them up for discussion and contemplation. All available to shop now
Event 9 February 2015

Mode Suisse - Edition 7

Mode Suisse, the Swiss platform for both emerging and established fashion designers and institutions returns to showcase Autumn Winter 2015 collections.
Editorial Designer Focus

Artifactual Luxury with Úna Burke

NJAL talk material methodologies with design extraordinaire with Úna Burke
Fashion Film

Montague X Gentle Monster

Raw remnants collide with smooth surfaces to form hybrid shapes in a highly charged visual
Shop Sleeper | £110 | Shop Now >>

Mattress Short Pajama Set

Editorial Industry

AltaRoma: Fashion's Comeback Kid

NJAL investigates the future of Italian fashion beyond the tired conversation of the Milanese fashion platform
Shop Diaboli Kill | £450 | Shop Now >>

Alexandria Earrings - Sterling Silver

Fashion Film

Happy Tears

Alan Cumming and model Thomas Gibbons star in a Julian Zigerli fashion film where they turn back time
Event 29 June 2015 to 3 July 2015

080 Barcelona Fashion Week S/S 2016

080 Barcelona Fashion Week returns to place Catalonia as a benchmark for sartorial creativity
Shop Robert Kalinkin | £260 | Shop Now >>

Blizzard Knit Cardigan

Editorial Designer Focus

Baiba Ladiga

From Latvia with love–Baiba Ladiga talks through her considered, conceptual practice defined by structured silhouettes
Fashion Film

The Nail

A genuine embodiment of the simplest yet most effective design that binds structures together
Shop V Society | £595 | Shop Now >>

Shantoung Bomber Jacket

Editorial Designer Focus

Monday Moodboard: Omtura

Delve deep into the visual world of Omtura–the Tel-Aviv based label crafting leather accessories defined by industrialist minimalism.
Editorial NJAL Projects

The Monochrome Movement

NJAL break down the basics of #healthgoth style a curated selection of monochrome magic from the NJAL Shop–all available to shop now.
Designer sydney


Skate the fine line between art and fashion, and embrace a conceptual representation of non-gender specific silhouettes
Editorial Essay

Body of Expression

NJAL look to contemporary artists using the body as a vehicle for artistic expression in extraordinary ways
Shop S M K | £40 | Shop now >>

Silver Metallic Bag

Fashion Film


A sensual visualisation of raw femininity, with emphasis on natural fabrics and urban life
Editorial The Conversation

Matthew Linde: Centre for Style

NJAL meet Matthew Linde–the multi-talented, multi-tasker and chart the evolution of his multi-disciplinary, genre-defying project space
Shop Macabre Gadgets | £120 | Shop Now >>

Bifacial Skull Ring

Fashion Film


Warsaw-based label Nenukko visually illustrate the basic ideological assumption of their design dictum: the universality of sex
Designer tallinn

Marit Ilison

A finalist at last year's Hyères Fashion and Photography Festival, Marit Ilison combines vivid prints with overblown silhouettes
Event 25 January 2015 to 30 January 2015

Paris Fashion Week, Haute Couture S/S 2015

Haute Couture to make its supreme return and showcase the latest collections
Designer Empoli

Claudia Susini

A static regime of shapes, lines, precision and definition designed to empower the soul
Fashion Film

Danse À Deux Temps

Lebanese accessories brand–Vanina explore the choreography of feelings
Shop Ivana Ristić | £430 | Shop Now >>

Leather Mix Wrap Jacket

Designer bratislava

Petra Kubíková

A considered stylisation of shapes, simplicity, textile combinability and neatness
Editorial Designer Focus


NJAL meets Irene Kostas, the design force behind Onar–a Helsinki-based, sustainable fashion label reanimating ethical fur, leather and knitwear with one finger on the cultural pulse and every other meticulously perfecting a commitment to craftsmanship
Editorial A Letter From

NJAL Travel Diary: A Postcard from Paris

NJAL shares snaps from the fashion behemoth that is Paris, featuring Tranoi–the international fashion trade show as well as the best new talent from Who’s Next & Premiere Classe's 'The Future of Fashion Program'
Event 5 August 2015 to 7 August 2015

Copenhagen Fashion Week S/S 2016

Get ready for a week of distinctly Scandinavian, sartorial extravagance at the Nordic Region's biggest event
Shop Jump From Paper | £40 | Shop Now >>

Spotlight Purse Pink

Fashion Film


Wood House visually manifest their signature architectural and constructivist concepts in 'Warrior'
Shop Omtura | £345 | Shop Now >>

Legatos Pera V3

Editorial NJAL Projects

The NJAL Style Report: New Season, New Style

Blaze the trail with the essential edit of The Shop’s latest arrivals. NJAL round up a curated selection of all things new; from statement separates, outerwear in sleek styles, to playful accessories and inventive jewellery
Shop Phoebe Heess | £240 | Shop Now >>

3D Mesh Sweater

Designer padova

Magda Abdel Hafith

Perforated materials exacted with a tailored edge to reinvent luxe sportswear
Editorial Industry

Royal College of Art's Work In Progress Show

NJAL reflects on the opening evening of RCA's Work In Progress and catches up with Zowie Broach–Head of Fashion at the celebrated institution to talk fashion innovation, education and inspiration
Shop Mariella Pilato | £105 | Shop Now >>

Invulnerable Ring

Editorial Essay

A Techno-Fashion Future

NJAL investigates how technology can advance sustainability in fashion while also closing the gender gap in the technology and engineering sectors
Fashion Film

The First Chapter

By using increasingly complex materials and artistic influences, Propaganda Noire stylise their own unique creations in this visual statement of research, experimentation and concept
Shop Mei Kawa | £140 | Shop Now >>

High-Low Hemline Sweater

Fashion Film

Grey As Snow, Black As Coal Dust

A brutalist visual illustration of Sasha Kanevski's Autumn Winter 2015 collection
Designer sofia


Considered structural figuration to satisfy the entire human sensorium
Shop Jump From Paper | £130 | Shop Now >>

Spaceman Backpack Red

Editorial Designer Focus


NJAL catch-up with Ukrainian design talent to talk inspiration and a timelessly appealing sense of design defined by a cohesive purity, urban minimalism and immaculacy of cut
Designer london

Charlotte Knowles

Recent LCF Graduate who was initially inspired by bicycle culture; wanted to instil femininity and desirability that felt it lacked
Shop Please Paris | £320 | Shop Now >>

Charlie Black Shearling Boots

Editorial NJAL Projects

The NJAL Menswear Edit

To celebrate menswear's mammoth moment on the global fashion stage, NJAL curate a selection of our favourite menswear designs–all available to shop now
Shop Kia Ora Design | £300 | Shop Now >>

Maroze Orange Backpack

Editorial Competitions

Ringstrassen-Galerien Designer Award 2015

The Ringstrassen-Galerien Designer Award–a highlight of the Austrian Fashion Calendar Returns for 2015. This exciting opportunity is now open and invites emerging talent to submit applications and other necessary material by 16th February 2015.
Shop Yojiro Kake | £255 | Shop Now >>

Black Sculpural Shirt

Steps to Help Young Fashion Designers Thrive
Editorial Industry

Steps to Help Young Fashion Designers Thrive

Is the industry and its institutions doing enough to help emerging talent get a firm foothold in the fashion business?
Editorial Horizon

Guy Bourdin: Image Maker

NJAL review fashion provocateur Guy Debord's retrospective at Somerset House
Fashion Film

Drapes of Lust

Drapes By Ashley Scott turns the lens toward her recent collection in this smouldering visual story
Designer tokyo

Yohei Ohno

Yohei Ohno expresses contemporary beauty with curious colour-blocking and technical materials
Designer istanbul

Günseli Türkay

Hyper real prints made in collaboration and androgynous elegance are the key aesthetic cursors
Editorial Designer Focus

Sadie Clayton

Sadie Clayton’s penchant for copper has become an enduring aesthetic signature. Her latest collections are defined by industrial details and a sculptural methodology that transcend avant-garde into considered, conceptual elegance. NJAL catch up with the rising star to discuss the realities of being an emerging design talent in London.
Designer moscow

Hydra Brand

A thoughtful combination of innovative textures and technical fabrics results in a graphic treatment of smooth, mathematical simplicity
Editorial Horizon

Make Do and Mend

FIT's Sass Brown returns to her regular ethical fashion column to explore how up-cycling is infiltrating fashion
Shop Olive Cooper | £390 | Shop Now >>

Ganton Sage Nubuck Handbag

Editorial Competitions

NJAL Open Call: The LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers Returns

NJAL announce the return of the LVMH Prize for 2015. Now in its second year, the prestigious €300,000 award has just opened applications to emerging design talent
Fashion Film

An Insight Into The Label

Exploring everything from brand aesthetic to Spring Summer 2015 inspiration
Editorial NJAL Projects

New Year, New Style

NJAL Designers Offer Up Their New Year’s Resolutions and Their Favourite Products for Success This Year
Designer amsterdam

Fien Ploeger

A Futuristic Vision that Consists of Transparent, Oversized and Fluid Metallic Shapes
Designer london

Massi Karami

Storybook aesthetics for the modern, playful set
Fashion Film

Stay True

The endlessly mutating collective continue their creative crossover of art and fashion
Shop Neemic | £1,355 | Shop Now >>

Natan Alpaca Coat

Editorial A Letter From

Beijing's Global Fashion Dynasty

NJAL charts the rise of Beijing’s international fashion community
alt="chinese fashion designers"
Editorial Essay

A New Fashion Landscape

Is the European fashion industry leading the topographical changes in global fashion?
Editorial Designer Focus

Sarah Hellen

Ahead of her debut showcase at London Collections: Men Designer Showrooms this week, Sarah Hellen–the breakout star of last year's MA Fashion cohort from Kingston University–lifts the lid on her artisanal affair with traditional Welsh craft
Shop Boo Pala | £425 | Shop Now >>

Paint The Canvas Biker Jacket

Shop Julia Cameron | £425 | Shop Now >>

Medea Headdress

Shop Angela Bang | £172 | Shop Now >>

Batwing Sleeve Striped Top

Designer budapest

Anna Daubner

A favourite name from the NJAL shop, be sure to check out her pieces
Editorial A Letter From

Editor's Letter 2014

NJAL Founder Stefan Siegel reflects on the highs and lows of 2014
Editorial Essay

Fashion Philanthropy

NJAL investigate the actuality of philanthropic practise in the industry
Editorial Designer Focus


Meet Martins and Linda–the Latvian design-duo behind BlankBlank
Shop Alchimionek | £215 | Shop Now >>

Black cropped jacket

Fashion Film

Vanishing Clouds

A film exploring seduction roles and their dissolution with the clouds
Editorial NJAL Projects

The NJAL Wishlist

A few things the NJAL team are hoping to find under the tree this year
Shop Linda Sieto | £370 | Shop Now >>

Muted Blues Satchel

Editorial NJAL Projects

The NJAL Jewellery Box

Jewels hand-selected especially for a sparkling Christmas
Editorial Essay

The Status of Fashion Film

A piece from the NJAL archives, discussing the history of the medium
Shop Voodoo Jewels | £295 | Shop Now >>

Reptilia Maxi Bangle

Shop Naeve | £110 | Shop Now >>

The Ear Cage

Editorial The Conversation

Adriano Goldschmied

Often dubbed the “God-father of denim” and billed as the architect behind the rise of premium denim
Shop Väska | £235 | Shop Now >>

Ada - Black

Editorial Designer Focus

Robert Kalinkin

Speaking exclusively to NJAL, Kalinkin discusses his influences, passions and beliefs...
Fashion Film

Fir Staging

Bringing you some festive vibes
Editorial NJAL Projects

NJAL's Handpicked Party Pieces

NJAL has hand-picked 10 of the most coveted pieces to wear this winter
Editorial Essay

Punk Britannia

NJAL's Emma Segal explores the true effect of punk in fashion...
Editorial Industry

Fashion Weeks: A moving show

NJAL's Louisa McKenzie explores the moving show that is Fashion.
Editorial Designer Focus

James Kelly

NJAL's interview with Fashion Scout Merit award winner James Kelly
Editorial Horizon

Reimagining Gender Through Fashion

NJAL's Bre Cruickshank investigates modern perceptions of gender, propelled through the progressive world of fashion
Black Friday
Editorial NJAL Projects

Black Friday Gift Guide

NJAL's Black Friday top ten gift guide! NJAL is offering 15% off all of our pieces in the shop for the whole weekend. To make the most of the offer, use the code 'NJALTHANKS' when you reach the checkout...
Shop Alchimionek | £125 | Shop Now >>

Black Cut Out Top

Angora: An Argument for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Editorial Horizon

Angora: An Argument for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Sass Brown, the Acting Associate Dean for the School of Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, explores the current climate of unethical production in fashion
Jason Hewitt
Designer melbourne

Jason Hewitt

Melbourne native Jason Hewitt produces forward-thinking, modern designs
Fashion and Instagram: Best of Friends?
Editorial Industry

Fashion and Instagram: Best of Friends?

NJAL editor Rosie Atkin offers an alternative take on Instagram in the fashion world
I don't want to go to heaven. I want to be a Harajuku girl.
Editorial Essay

I don't want to go to heaven... I want to be a Harajuku girl

From the Kimono to Harajuku, contributing editor Mariana Tsolova explores the rise of Japan's most distinctive fashion movement
Scotland's Independent Style: The Kilt
Editorial Horizon

Scotland's Independent Style: The Kilt

What the country's style says about the state of the nation
NJAL Designer Orange Culture
Editorial A Letter From

The Sleeping Giant: Nigeria’s Flourishing Fashion Industry

NJAL investigates the potential of Nigeria's fashion industry
Shop Diaboli Kill | £380 | Shop Now >>

Black Gold and Pyrite Damian Ring

Designer new delhi


Suketdhir has just been announced as one of the nominees for the 2015/16 International Woolmark Prize Womenswear | Menswear
Shop NIZA HUANG | £95 | SHOP NOW >>

Large Fan Brush Earrings

Designer london

Min Wu

Min Wu will join the Centre for Fashion Enterprise's New Fashion Pioneer Program whose alumuni includes Erdem, Thomas Tait, Marques’Almeida, Mary Katrantzou, Peter Pilotto and Craig Green
Shop Omtura | £490 | shop Now >>

Corvus Grid V 3

Designer munich

Belle De Cencen

Inspired by "Belle de Jour" and the secret double lives individuals play
Shop InVITRO | £275 | shop now >>

Kuki Wedges

Designer dubai

KBT Koncept

Inspired by Dubai's hidden industrial areas, KBT Koncept is a label that combines a rich cultural heritage with the new modern woman
Shop Alicia Hannah Naomi | £160 | shop now >>

Carrion Ring

Designer reykjavík


Quirky floral futuristic fusions from Reykjavík
Shop House Of Naive | £145 | SHOP NOW >>

Silver Leather Sandals


Kim Shui

The New York designer confuses the viewer with unusual linear geometries and it's this artistic leaning that assured the designer a place amongst this year's finalists at the International Talent Support Awards
Shop Muslin Brothers | £120 | SHOP NOW >>

Women's Raspberry Pleated Trousers

Designer beirut

Roula Dfouni

A fusion of geometric forms and an earthy, unfinished feel realises a sense of tactile beauty across these startling creations
Shop Studiowinkler | £440 | SHOP NOW >>

Nomen Trousers

Designer berlin

Mads Dinesen

Danish designer Mads Dinesen started out as a dancer yet went on to graduate from the University of the Arts Berlin in 2010. Dinesen will collaborate with Berlin-based artist Vera Kochubey on an installation merging art and fashion in the most visually visceral way with a performance exploring rituals, spirituality and the human sensorium
Designer berlin

Michael Metric

Michael Metric's unsiex designs exude clean classicism
Shop Moeva | £265 | SHOP NOW >>

Lidia One Piece in Dark Red/Black

Designer london

Sochacka Pothin

Sandwashed silk in white and pastels, draped chiffon and feathery wadding used to depict the weightlessness while in this circumstance of illusion
Shop Niza Huang | £175 | shop now >>

Black Delta Pyramid Ring

Designer london

Amy Davidson

Graduating this year with a Mulberry Accessories award already in her possession only great things will ensue for Davidson
Shop Matériel | £275 | shop now >>

Double Layer Straight Dress

Designer taipei

Envol Avec Ning

Envol Avec Ning designs represents the delicate balance between opposites and her trademark mix of femininity and masculinity

Neoprene Off Shoulder Crop Top

Designer barcelona

Juanma By El Cuco

Inspired by Scotland–Juanma By El Cuco reinterprets the symbolic Tartan pattern which saw the Dress Act of 1746 attempted to bring the warrior clans under government control by banning the tartan and other aspects of Gaelic culture
Shop PEPPER VALLY | £340 | SHOP NOW >>

Pythagoras Dress

Designer kansas city

Yulie Urano

Interlocking fibres & structures combining heritage and modern day cultural influences

Roe Skull Ring

Shop LAKE | £335 | SHOP NOW

V-Neck Blue Dress

Designer london

Ka Wa Key

Ka Wa Key's 'no asians please' collection starts a sensual revolution to turn everyone into a “RICE QUEEN”
Shop Dreams of Norway | £80 | Shop Now >>

Smokey Quartz Ring

Designer melbourne


Bold, trans-seasonal pieces anchored by a bold emphasis on shape, colour, and texture
Designer london

Felipe Rojas Llanos

A well honed aesthetic with contrasting fluid and structural elements
Shop 22designstudio | £80 | SHOP NOW >>

Terrazzo Hide Ring

Designer london

Massimo Casagrande

The SS15 collection draws inspiration from the designer's multi-cultural heritage, a personal retrospective into his background
Shop Omtura | £385 | shop now >>

Geo Scapula V3

Designer london


Power dressing is at the core. Combining the mighty Japanese sumo wrestler and the Hispanic Cholo. The oversized uniforms they both wear, the boldness in colour to symbolise their loyalty to a faction
Shop Jiri Kalfar | £260 | shop now >>

Black Trench Coat

Designer london

Miles Dunphy

A primary playground palette combined with chunky handmade knits yet still managing to carry of a street wear aesthetic
Shop Kim Shui | £500 | SHOP NOW >>

Off shoulder Mini Dress

Designer ivanovo sity

Baba Vava

Print and pattern create form and composition of costume in its collections
Shop PASIONAE | £205 | SHOP NOW >>

Melancholia Ring

Designer moscow


Infundibulum seeks to integrate profound spirituality with life in a modern context
Shop Anuschka Hoevener | £238 | SHOP NOW >>

Silk Dress with Half Sleeves

Designer budapest


Attention to detail is one of the pair’s trademarks, and each creation has a flawless finish
Shop Number 15 Concept | £228 | SHOP NOW >>

Oversized Coat with Side Pockets

Designer athens


The artistic culture of Japan and the nonchalance of surfers is an unlikely synthesis of inspiration for Greek designer Dido
Shop Lara Khoury | £440 | shop now >>

Green and Blue Sweater

Editorial Designer Focus

Louisa Pang

NJAL spotlights Louisa Pang, a showcasing menswear designer in London College of Fashion’s BA Fashion Show, which NJAL will be live-streaming on Monday 8th June at 19.00 (BST)

London College of Fashion

Get the lowdown on the globally acclaimed fashion institute ahead of NJAL's exclusive live-stream of London College of Fashion's annual graduate show. Head to at 19.00 (BST) to salute your new generation of fashion talent
Designer Silesia / Gdańsk


An affinity for alchemical iconography draws on archaic symbolic thinking and is realised through state-of-the-art, specialised technologies
Shop Przhonskaya | £405 | Shop Now >>

Turquoise Summer Coat

Designer budapest


A complex system of references cultivates an aesthetic as unique as Je Suis Belle’s muse in mind
Black Skull with Crystal Crown by Macabre Gadgets
Shop Macabre Gadgets | £95 | Shop Now >>

Black Skull With Crystal Crown

Designer london

Fannie Schiavoni

With a background in tailoring, Fannie Schiavoni fuses traditional methods of handcraft with a modernistic edge for a wholly unique approach to the design of her chain metal accessories
Designer london


Moeva weaves a rich taste of luxury swimwear with the most delicate of details for results edging on irresistible modernism
Shop JS | shop now >>

Heavy Metal Sandals

Editorial Designer Focus

OYE Swimwear

NJAL revisits a conversation with swimwear designers OYE about the struggles of being an emerging talent, perseverance, and finding inspiration in the most unlikely of places and moments
Designer london

Francesca Capper

With a background in tailoring, Francesca Capper combines considered cut with conceptual shapes that move with the wearer
Shop Katya Kovtunovich | £210 | SHOP NOW >>

Tender Flower Beach Dress

Designer sydney

Amy Lillian

Inspiration is rooted in both urban and the coastal environment, for garments that melt effortlessly into both contexts
Shop Mona Swims | £110 | Shop Now >>

Tilia Bandeau One-piece

Shop Min Wu | £80 | shop now >>

Blue Long 3D Printed Fan Earrings

Designer london

Craig Green

NJAL's Craig Green is amongst the seven finalists nominated for the LVMH Prize 2015 and it's his boyhood fantasy aesthetic that's propelled him from success-to-success
Shop Flow | £210 | SHOP NOW >>

Halter Neck Waisted Overall

Designer new york


#ORIGIN100–Using the raw, natural forms of precious stones and diverse elements such as emerald, wood, glass and silver
Shop Fakoshima | £330 | SHOP NOW >>

Ivory Round Sunglasses in Amber

Designer toronto


Benji WZW is a luxury ready-to-wear brand combining street tribalism with a narrative sensitivity. The brand's signature use of innovative technologies and sartorial craft create a unique perspective in a new generation of contemporary fashion
Shop Leonard Wong | £440 | Shop Now >>

Leather Pocket Trouser

Shop Rachel Entwistle | £290 | SHOP NOW >>

Rose Gold Bone Ring with Emeralds

Designer milan

Miguel Alex

#ORIGIN100–A stylised sensibility with a focus on innovative details realises a cohesive commitment to everyday experimentalism
Shop Havva | £195 | Shop Now >>

Madison Nude Brogues

Designer paris

Suprême Bon Ton

#ORIGIN100–Digitally printed, silk scarves inspired by the freezing depths of Öresund Strait, made and printed in France
Shop munkee see munkee doo | SHOP NOW >>

Cut Out Sleeveless Asymmetric Top

Designer budapest


#ORIGIN100–The Hungarian designer combines sophisticated techniques and refined tailoring with innovative details and materials
Shop Opelle Inc | £315 | Shop Now >>

Baby Kanye Backpack | Moss

Designer dubai

Kay Li

Kay Li couples clean cuts with geometric shapes to create sculpted yet feminine looks
Designer sydney


Henson play with the notion of beauty with organic, raw, and aggressive designs
Designer warsaw

June Design

Katarzyna Wójcik is the design-force behind June Design and an #Origin100 designer fusing traditionaltechniques with modern, geometric and sculptural forms
Designer amsterdam

Peterson Stoop

Peterson Stoop reinterpret iconic design principles with minimalistic shapes punctuated by avant-garde detailing
Shop Henson | £90 | SHOP NOW >>

Thin Silver Band Ring

Designer berlin


#Origin100 designer StudioWinkler’s latest collection is haracterised by its supernatural style and the complicity between illusion and utopia
Shop BLGR | £250 | SHOP NOW >>

Unisex Gold Bomber

Designer seoul


SMK’s design DNA is defined by simple and elegant lines tending to sustainability for the urban and active woman
Shop The Transience | £460 | shop now >>

Petite Gym Bag

Shop Blankblank | £199 | shop now >>

Deep Waters Long Sleeve Shirt

Shop 22designstudio | £65 | shop now >>

Concrete Rock Ring

Shop Moeva | £210 | shop now >>

Indira Bikini in Black/Nude

Editorial Designer Focus

Tokyo Trippin' With NJAL

Prepare for sensory overload and enjoy NJAL’s Tokyo Takeover. This week’s thematic focus is the hyper-modern metropolis that is Japan, and sweeping across all NJAL channels. Today, NJAL’s Pala, Malamute, Clémentine Sandner and Natsumi Zama serve up a visually explosive guide to a trip-tastic Tokyo
Event 1 May 2015 to 31 Oct 2015

Expo Milano 2015

Expo Milano 2015 is the Universal Exhibition that Milan, Italy, will host from May 1 to October 31, 2015
Shop VOJD Studios | £435 | Shop Now >>

Umbala Hexagonal Silver Ring x Theresa Burger

Designer london

Rachel Entwistle

#originfair–Primitive man, of artefacts and power symbols - and ancient history with amulets that would protect and divine
Shop MOEVA | £210 | SHOP NOW >>

Indira Bikini in Black/Blue

Designer london

Agi and Sam

Agi and Sam's playful response to menswear restricting conventions has earned them a nomination for Woolmark's inaugural British Isles Award
Designer Bremen

Anna Bornhold

NJAL's Anna Bornhold won big at the 30th edition of Hyères Fashion & Photography Festival where Chloé, a major partner of the festival for the past four years, awarded 15,000 euros to the young German designer
Shop Nudite | £134 | Shop Now >>

Organza Panel Blazer - Nude

Designer london

Nyx London

London cool kid luxury sunglass brand–providing you with the best designs this season. Available to shop now on NJAL
Designer arnhem

Yiyu Chen

NJAL's Yiyu Chen is amongst the ten finalists at the 30th edition of the International Festival of Fashion and Photography at Hyères
Designer Berlin/Warsaw


Handmade and designed with the highest demands to functionality and aesthetics
Shop MEI KAWA | £145 | Shop Now >>

Two Pockets Tunic Shirt

Designer hong kong

Harrison Wong

Strong masculine forms and geometric patterns combine
Designer istanbul

Asu Aksu

Asu Aksu has just been announced as one of the Europe Nominees for the 2015/16 International Woolmark Prize Womenswear | Menswear
Designer kiev


Vanguard yet utilitarian, Dzhus’ visual identity derives from innovative structural solutions
Shop Le Grana | £165 | Shop Now >>

Iris Jacket

Designer london

Peter Movrin

Unisex pieces rendered in awe-inspiring silhouettes, as seen on Lady Gaga
Shop Eilisain Jewelry | £210 | Shop Now >>

Asteria Earrings

Designer bucharest

Prosper Center

Propser Centre present a cross-pollination of global and local streetcar with abstract visual details
Shop Omtura | Shop Now >>

Orbis Via B

Designer portland


Plants harvested from gardens, insects, and rust are used to create unique patterns with a vintage sensibility along with ancient techniques to draw attention to the depth of detail within textiles
Shop Antoanetta | £395 | Shop Now >>

Rose Gold Claw Ring

Designer tbilisi


Renowned Georgian Fashion House Matériel offers a sleek and sophisticated Silhouette that is a staple for the ultimate uniform trend
Shop L. SHOFF | £235 | Shop Now >>

14k Ivory Teardrop Ring

Designer warsaw

Kamila Gawronska Kasperska

Geometrical precision is fused with opulent, decorative details inspired by Byzantium iconography for a result that’s rooted in originality, quality and attention to craftsmanship
Shop chikimiki | £850 | Shop Now >>

Cleo Top

Shop JEFFREY MICHAEL | £969 | Shop Now >>

Short Feather Dress

Designer vilnius


Architectural-inspired accessories built to test the elements of urban life
Shop VOJD Studios | £160 | Shop Now >>

Phase Statement Earrings

Designer basel

Nadine Michelle

A passion for tradition and function, more innovative technique
Shop Eon Paris | £145 | Shop Now >>

The Rope Skirt

Designer basel

Noëmi Weber

In an immaterial world where people are interconnected like never before, it’s the material attention defining this collection that embodies the closely, knit networked age
Shop RWD | £200 | Shop Now >>

Classics Shirt Landscape Print

Designer basel

Arabella Miller

The emotional perception of cold, and the feeling of comfort associated with blankets and layering is the aesthetic cursor for this collection
Designer helsinki

Sanna Naapuri

Vibrant prints rendered in relaxed cuts and luxuriously silky fabrics seamlessly adapt to everyday, urban environments
Shop Margherita | £80 | Shop Now >>

Oxidized Sterling Silver Skeletal Ring

Designer london

C S'tudio

A primary design approach defined by surrealist graphic treatment and the deconstruction of traditional Chinese art forms
Shop BROWNIE AND BLONDIE | £235 | Shop Now >>

Rain-Sweat RC.1 Black

Designer berlin

Dawid Tomaszewski

Using industrial and unconventional materials, combined with inventive cutting, uncompromising tailoring for a complex and conceptual result
Shop Kim Shui | £400 | Shop Now >>

Hi-Vis Oversize Top

Designer berlin

Augustin Teboul

Subtle, minimal shapes applied with poetry and clarity has earned NJAL’s Augustin Teboul a finalist place for The International Woolmark Prize 2015
Designer london


Introducing Mêhlê's new collection for Spring Summer 15. Muted tones combined with imaginative pattern cuts.
Blackboard Message

Apply Now: The Kärcher Scholarship at Esmod Berlin International University of Art

ESMOD Berlin is now accepting applications for the Kärcher scholarship for its highly regarded International Bachelor of Fashion Design
Shop Jump From Paper | £80 | Shop Now >>

Carly Sweetie Handbag Pink

Designer riga

Collar Swimwear

Abstract swimmer realised in icy, moody hues is designed to toughen the spirit
Shop Matériel | Shop Now >>

Yellow Coat

Designer bangkok

Him and Her studio

Drawing inspiration from reckless youth culture, Him and Her’s sickly-sweet street-wear pieces complete the aspirational lifestyle
Shop CLON 8 | £300 | SHOP NOW >>

Joust Top

Shop Helga Kovacs | £55 | Shop Now >>

Pocket Bracelet

Shop Hands of Oizo | £165 | Shop Now >>

Black Cavalcade Harness

Designer london

Melissa Tofton Leather

Melissa Tofton creates meticulously handwoven forged ornaments of desire
Shop NAH-NU Katarzyna Skorek | Shop Now >>

Black Lung

Designer moscow

Olga Sukhotinskaya

Overblown shapes in muted hues
Shop Roula Dfouni | £135 | Shop Now >>

White Construct Bracelet

Shop Emily Carter | £150 | Shop Now >>

The Fox Scarf

Designer kuala lumpur

Regnum Lapideum

A dialogue between science and nature results in textured fabrics and technical forms
Shop Onar | £265 | Shop Now >>

Stott Backpack White

Designer budapest

Bori Gyorok

Gyorok creates wearable tech aesthetically pleasing to the eye–a feat many struggle with
Shop Peter Movrin | £1,100 | Shop Now >>

White Faux Fur Jacket

Shop Nudite | £39 | Shop Now >>

White Crystal Stud Earrings - Gold

Designer brooklyn


A cultural crossover of modern western fashion and traditional eastern fashion exacted with contemporary details
Shop PINTA | £150 | Shop Now >>

White Leather Back Pack

Designer cape town

Jenevieve Lyons

Lyons depicts visual parables throughout her clothing; referencing strong concepts taken from various fields of study and interpreting them within a fashion context
Shop Luz Oritz | £180 | Shop Now >>

Nova White Howlite Silver Ring

Designer Salzburg


Stringent geometric clarity with an electric approach to realising form and function with a reworked minimalist sensibility
Shop Jovana Markovic | £230 | Shop Now >>

Little Black Dress with Lace

Designer perth


A harmonic, creative union between a fashion designer and florist, committed to sustainability results in considered colours and versatile form and function
Shop Luz Ortiz | Shop Now >>

Nova Malachite Pendant

Shop Vibe Johansson | £399 | Shop Now >>

Stingray Sweater

Designer riga


INCH-2’s charismatic personality and emphasis on high quality materials ensures stylish and skilled results
Shop Diaboli Kill | Shop Now >>

Black Pearl 14k Ring with Tsavorite

Designer rome

Tommaso Fux

Inspired by the sensuality of Japanese design, Tommaso Fux infuses mathematical rules for a romantic synthesis
Shop MEI KAWA | Shop Now >>

Raglan Black Sweater

Designer vilnius

Pando Wear

Taking inspiration from nomadic free spirits, and premium street-wear staples, PANDO Wear creates a unique wardrobe for the risk-takers
Shop Przhonskaya | £680 | Shop Now >>

Green Wool Coat

Designer stockholm

Alina Brane

Swedish designer Alina Brane explores the pursuit of fitting in through fashion
Shop Dori Tomcsanyi | £130 | Shop Now >>

Layered Silk Print Dress

Designer marrakech

Art C

A principle of defined simplicity laced with deep emotion creates kinetic pieces in raw materials
Shop S M K | Shop Now >>

Gold Metallic Bag

Designer zürich

Reto Crameri

Renaissance water colours and traditional North African craftwork inspire distinctive textiles
Shop Anderst | £210 | Shop Now >>

Circle Top

Designer bangkok


Jewellery designer Porshz melts Thai heritage and culture with modernist art elements
Shop Flow | Shop Now >>

Tapered Overall with Relaxed Shirt

Designer zürich

Julian Zigerli

Abstract themes of flora, fauna, love, and power converge in technical pieces exacted with a sporty touch
Shop Flow | Shop Now >>

Relaxed Capri Pants with Floral Print

Shop Marchi | Shop Now >>

Frill Maxi Dress

Event 6 Feb 2015 to 11 Feb 2015

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid AW15

Madrid Fashion Week is set to showcase the best of Spain's creative cohort
Shop Yojiro Kake | £225 | Shop Now >>

Peacock Black Shirt

Designer gothenburg

Orphan Bird

Streamlined Scandinavian aesthetics intermix with sincere Italian craftsmanship
Shop Rachel Entwistle | Shop Now >>

Bone Ring Gold with Rubies

Designer são paulo

Gefferson Vila Nova

Tuned to the speed of the current world to form a distinctly urban aesthetic
Shop Serafin Andrzejak | Shop Now >>

Zipper Mid Length Coat

Designer bristol / London

Lady Gonzalez

The explosive combination of her methods and ideas have earned Gonzalez the accolades ‘Neosurrealist’, and ‘Digital Print Storyteller’
Shop Marchi | Shop Now >>

Jacquard Sport Shorts

Editorial The Conversation

Monocle Radio Interviews NJAL Founder Stefan Siegel

Stefan Siegel talks technology revolutionising the fashion industry on Monocle 24
Shop Estuaries | £235 | Shop Now >>

Black Mesh Seine Halter Bikini

Shop Diaboli Kill | Shop Now >>

Lilith Silver Earrings

Designer seoul

Wood House

An aesthetic overhaul of conservative menswear through experimental androgyny, industrial elements and an ode to futurism
Shop Sleeper | Shop Now >>

Navy Pajama Set

Shop Przhonskaya | Shop Now >>

Grey Wool Coat

Shop Naeve | Shop Now >>

The Ear Pin

Designer Limbach


A luxe romanticism and tailored details collide
Shop Yvy | Shop Now >>

Armour Necklace - Nude

Editorial Competitions

The Abury Design Experience

NJAL have teamed up with Harper’s Bazaar Germany to present 'The Abury Design Experience'–an open call to emerging design talent to preserve world crafts and culture
Shop Tvortz | Shop Now >>

Brown Thick Coat


Polimoda Institute

The Italian centre for excellence
Designer barcelona

BET Barcelona

BET create beautiful leather bags from exquisite natural leathers
Designer zürich


Swiss design talent YVY is synonymous with seductive sustainability and a commitment to craftsmanship
Designer kyiv


Playful prints and overblown shapes
Shop Yojiro Kake | Shop Now >>

Fushia Cape

Designer london

Saccharine Shrine

A candy-crayola cocktail of sickly sweet shapes and textures
Designer sydney

Bolor Amgalan

A Clean Sculptural Aesthetic Fusing Innovative Textiles and Sustainable Practice
Shop Yuka&Tristan | Shop Now >>

Border White Singlet Top

Shop Milcincuenta | Shop Now >>

Silver Clam Bracelet

Shop Oye Swimwear | Shop Now >>

Selina Swimsuit

Shop Staskauskas' Jewelry | £70 | Shop Now >>

Allegory Pt.4 Ring

Designer warsaw

Serafin Andrzejak

A distinctive style consisting of classic elegance combined with strong dark tones.
Shop Keta Gutmane | £211 | Shop Now >>

Leather Finish Shirt

Designer london


Milcincuenta create simple, elegant pieces with a hint of the geological
Wool/Latex Combination Skirt
Shop Hanger | £270 | Shop Now >>

Wool/Latex Combination Skirt

Designer gdańsk


Polish label Dudzinska find dynamism within a muted, winter palette
Broken Wings Necklace
Shop Alighieri | £150 | Shop Now >>

Broken Wings Necklace

Designer budapest


Hungarian label Aiaie toy with pink hues and classic shapes
Shop Alchimionek | £215 | Shop Now >>

Black Quilted Dress

Shop Marchi | £275 | Shop Now >>

Sporty Wool Dress

Yui Atelier
Designer london

Yui Atelier

Yui Atelier create feminine designs with a touch of modernity
Shop Niza Huang | £69 | SHOP NOW >>

Illusion Stick Studs - Gold

W by WenJun
Designer hong kong

W by WenJun

W by Wenjun experiment with playful print and colourful art direction
Designer sydney

Alison Hope Murray

Alison Hope Murray showcases Australian fashion talent, combining heritage with fine art detailing
Asymmetric Top With Stripes
Shop Klekko | £116 | Shop Now >>

Asymmetric Top With Stripes

Timeless Fashion
Editorial Essay

What is the true meaning of Timeless Fashion?

Contributing editor Lavinia Ban draws in a wealth of fashion perspectives to explore the notion of 'timelessness'
Product | Fragrant Ring
Shop Staskauskas' Jewelry | £80.00 | Shop Now >>

ring: Fragrant_x

Lucia Benitez
Designer montevideo

Mercedes Arocena & Lucia Benitez

NJAL designer Lucia Benitez, hailing from Uruguay, minimises colour in exchange for sculptural shape
Fashion, Sustainability, and the Misplacement of Shame
Editorial Horizon

Fashion, Sustainability, and the Misplacement of Shame

Contributing editor Silvia Bombardini wades into the deep waters of fashion shame, exploring its relationship to sustainability
Shop Anna Daubner | £260 | Shop Now >>

Bevin Coat

The changing space of retail
Editorial Industry

The Changing Space of Retail

Contributing NJAL editor Ophelia Wu explores the current landscape of retail
Shop Neemic | £377 | Shop Now >>

Leonard Winter Coat

Designer Focus | Evgenia Popova
Editorial Designer Focus

Evgenia Popova

In an exclusive interview with NJAL, Bulgarian designer Evgenia Popova issues a call to arms, encouraging all fashion followers to swap fast, throw-away fashion, and opt for quality craftsmanship
Shop Jovana Markovic | £420 | Shop Now >>

Black Lace Dress

Shop dyn menswear | £74 | Shop Now >>

Samson Loose T-Shirt

The Future is Now
Editorial Industry

The Future is Now

Contributing NJAL editor Tania Rufus investigates the future prospects, and limitations, of intellectual property in fashion design
Shop Kamila Gawronska Kasperska | £450 | Shop Now >>

Minimalist Wool Cape

Future of Denim Branding Competition
Editorial Competitions

Future of Denim Branding Competition

The Future of Denim Branding competition gives young designers the opportunity to win a paid internship with the Avery Dennison RBIS creative team, and much more. Find out how to apply
NJAL Designer Arete
Designer shanghai


Shanghai label Arete have patented a distinctively curve focused silhouette, complete with cut-out details and luxe PVC
Designer skopje


Based on emotions, often melancholic and sad, the collections walk the line between wearable and sleek avant-garde
NJAL designer Anna Milada
Designer nottingham

Anna Milada

Sustainable zero-waste fashion knitwear collection made from biodegradable, recycled or recyclable materials
Designer melbourne

Lois Hazel

Lois Hazel is an artist and fashion designer currently working across a variety of mediums
5:AM Shoes
Editorial Designer Focus

5:AM Shoes

NJAL sits down with the designer behind 5:AM. From Barcelona to international acclaim
Editorial Horizon

Fashion and protest; where is the call to arms?

NJAL Editor Rosie Atkin discusses the dormant political power of leading fashion shows
Designer venice

Roberta Colla

Clothing types taken from an aviator’s wardrobe: the pattern of a menswear coat expands and shortens, becoming a double breasted coat, a classic jacket, or a bomber
Editorial Designer Focus


Pick the brain of the ingenious designer behind Japan-based label, Divka
Designer rotterdam

Jonathan Christopher Homme

Jonathan Christopher Homme has just been announced as one of the nominees for the 2015/16 International Woolmark Prize Womenswear | Menswear
Shop Iga Węglińska | £220 | shop now >>

Boxy Jacket

Editorial Designer Focus

Iga Węglińska

Today in the NJAL Shop, Polish designer Iga Węglińska launches her perfectly edited minimalist uniform and unravels her design details in NJAL’s latest Designer Focus
Designer london

Anna Kim

Anna Kim is a Royal College of Art graduate working to aestheticise her collections with loaded, social commentary
Shop Matériel | £300 | Shop Now >>

White Cornet Skirt

Shop MONA SWIMS | £80 | SHOP NOW >>

Skylla Bustier Bikini Top

Shop MONA SWIMS | £70 | SHOP NOW >>

Electra High-Waisted Bikini Briefs

Shop Ju Ninelle | £220 | shop now >>

Bohemian Bag

Designer taipei city


A delicate balance of industrial components and the beauty of traditional shoemaking
Shop Golets | £690 | shop now >>

Silk Jumpsuit

Designer berlin

Anna Swic

Monochromatic perfection displayed in Anna Swic's stand out collection 'pilgrim'
Editorial The Conversation

Kostas Murkudis

NJAL catches up with the contemporary visionary pioneering German fashion design ahead of his debut retrospective at The Museum für Moderne Kunst opening today to understand his conceptions and perceptions of the medium of fashion
Designer borås

Lisa Viola Setterberg

Investigating the triangle in material manipulation, these are constructions underlined by basic geometry
Shop Zsigmond Dora Menswear | £165 | shop now >>

22 Scuba Detailed Cardigan

Designer borås

Saina Koohnavard

Visual dominance–Our human perception, that with great authority, powerfully influences and controls all of the senses
Shop Bijules | £262 | Shop Now >>

Helix Cuff - Rose Gold

Event 13 July 2015 to 16 July 2015

New York Fashion Week: Mens Spring/Summer 2016

For the first time, American menswear designers will have their very own stage to showcase their designs as part of a four-day showcase for US spring/summer 2016 collections with heavy-hitting labels such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Polo Ralph Lauren, Thom Browne, Michael Bastian and Rag and Bone all in the fold
Designer helsinki

Elina Määttänen

Disorder, rawness, and beauty in the unexpected are all highly heralded as the driving forces behind Määttänen’s process and practice, earning the NJAL designer the highly lauded Vogue Talents Award at the International Talent Support Awards 2015
Shop Jacob Birge Vision | £315 | shop now >>

Long Vest

Designer berlin

Verena Schepperheyn

An aesthetic reaction to the new masculine in society–tradition in its broadest sense is subverted to stretch the idea of fashion for individuality
Editorial Horizon

Berlin's New Guard

This is NJAL’s unapologetic love letter to Berlin and its kaleidoscopic array of creativity. Here, you can meet just a few of NJAL’s favourite artists who have travelled from all over the world to its arms, united in an affinity with probing popular-culture and materiality, whether it be sampling Beyoncé, or sourcing inspiration from mass media icons and representation
Shop Yvy | £200 | shop now >>

Wrap Harness Black

Editorial NJAL Projects

NJAL's Berlin Takeover: Day One's Visual Vortex

NOT JUST A LABEL recaps the opening day of its debut multi-sensory exhibition hub spanning fashion, art, design and new media in Berlin made possible by innovative online retailer Zalando
Designer berlin


Umasan is creating a brave new world combining high end taste with a commitment to sustainability, the longevity of planet earth and its inhabitants. At NJAL Meets Zalando Fashion House, UMASAN will hone focus on sustainability in a tactile display of horticulture, raw materials, and objects to share their values of integrity and environmentalism
Shop InVITRO | £235 | SHOP NOW >>

Kuri Men's Lace Up Ankle Shoes

Designer munich


Part of Germany's New Guard–A young, experimental and avant-gardistic take on tailored streetwear
Event 7 July 2015 to 10 July 2015

NJAL Meets Zalando Fashion House

Join NJAL for its take over of an iconic Berlin location where its multi-sensory debut spanning fashion, art and design unfolds during Berlin Fashion Week from 7th-10th July
Shop Eleventen | £45 | shop now >>

Normal People T-Shirt

Designer london


Oversizing meets tailored elements–Opulent nod to the bygone eras with techniques like knitting, crochet, macramé and hand-dyeing techniques
Shop Jovana Markovic | £380 | SHOP NOW >>

Purple Suede Jacket

Designer new york

Daniel Silverstain

Daniel's creations aim for innovation, essentiality and futurism. He explores textiles and natural forms in an era of hi-technology and industrialism
Shop Melancholia | £40 | shop now >>

Septagram Earcuff

Designer stockholm


Lunneskog is focusing both on creating intricate surfaces by fabric manipulation and progressive cutting techniques–Often inspired by opposing forces
Shop AGNESKOVACS | £220 | shop now >>

Tan Breakline backpack

Editorial Designer Focus

Hana Frišonsová

Young Prague-based designer Hana Frišonsová is focused on the use of traditional techniques with contemporary conviction and the creation of her fantasy-inspired fashion. Following her recent showcase at FashionClash Festival, the young designer muses on her multi-faceted design process and regales her tales of flourishing into fashion
Designer berlin

Fade Out Label

A unisex line of exclusive clothing and accessories handcrafted from deconstructed vintage materials
Shop LDVC | £200 | SHOP NOW >>

Underwood Lock Ring Nickel Steel

Designer vienna

Simon Grundtner

Adapt but don't die, a reflective and emotive collection focusing on everyday life struggles & conformity
Shop Omelya | £130 | shop now >>

White Relax T-shirt Dress

Designer vilnius

Rasa Studio

Vilnius-based RASA Studio kicks off NJAL's focus on nomadism–from the urban flanêur to wild bohemia, the nomadic traveller continues to inspire sartorial splendour
Shop This Is Non | £200 | shop now >>

Merino Open Front Long Vest

Shop Der Metropol | £1,865 | SHOP NOW >>

Chinese Jacket

Shop Swank | £225 | shop now >>

Helter Skelter Top

Shop Harrison Wong | £120 | shop now >>

Graphic PU Leather Patched Mesh Vest

Event 16 June 2015 to 19 June 2015

Pitti Uomo 88

The key global trade event showcasing contemporary men’s fashion returns with a kaleidoscope of international designers, models, and colorful collections all sweeping into Florence for Spring/Summer 2016
Editorial NJAL Projects

Suitcase Selects

Build the perfect jet-set wardrobe with NJAL’s suitcase selects for some sleek, sunshine style in time for summer. From airport essentials to ensure sartorial supremacy even in preparation, to looks for the city and beach–NJAL’s curated guide for packing purposes is climatically appropriate for a sizzling summer. Best of all, it's available to shop now
Event 12 June 2015 to 15 June 2015

London Collections Men: S/S 2016

London Collections Men is a biannual showcase that takes place every January and June and celebrates the creative and commercial importance of the British menswear industry
Designer amsterdam


With the help of different disciplines from the art and fashion world, MaryMe-JimmyPaul takes the viewer into the beautiful, eerie, humorous, bizarre, grandiose fantasy fashion world
Designer moscow

Gottlieb Schwarz

Handcrafted from high-quality 100% natural materials, such as Italian and French leather, with high attention to fit and construction
Shop Van Esch | £270 | SHOP NOW >>

White Poplin Blouse

Editorial Competitions

The Future of Fashion Program 2015

NJAL is proud to once again present The Future of Fashion Program in collaboration with Who's Next and Premiere Classe in Paris, following the phenomenal success of its last edition. The coming together of Who's Next, Premiere Classe and NJAL will allow a number of selected designers to learn more, make use of and enjoy a first hand experience of the trade show environment. Apply Today!
Editorial Horizon

NJAL's June Culture Edit

NJAL becomes your cultural compass this June, with an expertly curated to-do list of global proportions
Shop Le Grana | £160 | shop now >>

Azalea Jacket

Designer warsaw

Jolie Su

Distinctive fabrics are paired with different textures to create conceptual yet functional fashion
Shop Loves | £150 | SHOP NOW >>

Leeloo Milk Boyshort Swimsuit

Designer berlin


Groundbreaking and timeless, merging bold conceptual curses with art, culture and technology and an ethos of functional simplicity
Shop ANDREEVA | £240 | SHOP NOW >>

Handmade angora slip over

Designer hong kong

The World Is Your Oyster

It’s a vision of menswear embracing characteristics of formal tailoring with a touch of contemporary street wear
Shop Jiri Kalfar | £100 | shop now >>

Variable Black Tee

Event 8 June 2015

NJAL Livestream: London College of Fashion BA Fashion Graduate Show

NJAL are pleased to announce that London College of Fashion's BA Catwalk Show will be live-streamed at NOT JUST A to an eager, global community of fashion aficionados. All you have to do is head to at 19.00 (BST) on Monday 8th June 2015 to watch all the action unfold
Shop SARA VALENTE | £500 | SHOP NOW >>

The R-B Rotoli Bag

Designer london

Wai Yang

Inspired by in haptic materials and interactive art, Wai Yang expressed artisanal randomness through an exploration in material bonding and layering printing techniques, in order to achieve an abstract, tactile quality
Event 4 June 2015 to 5 June 2015

Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2015

Every year Berlin fashion Film Festival brings together thought-leaders with creative professionals to be presented and awarded for the best fashion film productions, and a focus on promoting and recognising visual talent
Designer london

Maria Piankov

Piankov's signature lies in highly modern, technically intriguing and feminine designs aided by traditional needlework techniques and new technologies
Editorial Designer Focus

In The Studio: Culietta

In the first of NJAL’s series of global studio visits, the pin lands on London and in an enduring homage to this week’s focus on objects and artefacts–Julia Dias of jewellery brand Culietta takes the lead and invites NJAL and its global fashion community inside her design studio to delve into the her multi-faceted process, progress, practice
Designer stockholm


A signature style that embraces both eccentric ideas, references to bespoke traditions and contrasting elements added to classic forms

March Midi Grey Raincoat

Designer paris

Téo + NG

A love for leather and a stylistic sensitivity married with a knack for a technical conception results in simple yet wholly complex pieces made to stand the test of time and age with character
Shop THEMONIK | £314 | SHOP NOW >>

Torso Harness

Designer taipei


Concrete is re-envisioned and repurposed as an uncompromising sign of strength for bold and individual products
Shop Ivan | £300 | shop now >>

Gold Pyramid

Event 30 May 2015 to 2 June 2015

Graduate Fashion Week 2015

Graduate Fashion Week returns to Shoreditch's Old Truman Brewery to unleash new creativity and undiscovered fashion talent
Shop Robert Kalinkin | £180 | SHOP NOW >>

Butterfly Effect Body

Designer kiev


New swimwear collection from Love's is created in a collaboration with a conceptual fashion designer Irina Dzhus. The limited line is filled with DZHUS’ signature industrial spirit. The styles play up various objects of inspiration: from architectural constructions to uniform details.
Shop ATELIER KIKALA | £430 | Shop Now >>

Handmade White Dress

Editorial Horizon

French Riviera Hedonism

An NJAL archive piece–“One could get away with more on the summer Riviera, and whatever happened seemed to have something to do with art” F Scott Fitzgerald, “Echoes of A Jazz Age”
Shop INA KOELLN | £155 | shop now >>

Wendy Light

Event 22 May 2015 to 27 August 2015

Riviera Style: Resort & Swimwear Since 1900

The Fashion and Textile Museum's latest exhibition explores over 100 years of fashionable bathing from the English seaside to the Côte d'Azur and California
Designer sydney


Cleonie takes its cues from a by-gone era, evoking the eternal joy of a perfect Summer’s day
Designer new york


A seamless synthesis of sportswear and style for functional pieces that transition from beach to rooftop with ease
Shop Angela Bang | £158 | Shop Now >>

Colour Block Bikini I

Editorial NJAL Projects

The NJAL Mixtape: May 2015

Press pause on the usual playlists that lack dimension and variety and hit play on NJAL’s monthly mixtape of sensory satisfaction. Now that we’re teetering on the edge of the summer, it’s time to slow down and sink into sounds on the right side of sumptuous
Editorial The Conversation

Craig Green

Today, the winner for the LVMH Prize 2015 will be announced to the world. NJAL feels like a rather proud parent with three out of seven finalists on the platform. Look back to this interview with the iconic London designer on his influences and why he cannot predict what fashion will do next
Designer london


NJAL's Marques'Almeida are amongst the seven finalists nominated for the LVMH Prize 2015. Introspective moments of teenage years, and youth subculture from the ‘90s has long been the aesthetic dictum of the London-based design-duo
Designer berlin


#ORIGIN100–Klekko work to connect fearless improvisation with mathematic accuracy with a play on texture, proportion and form
Shop Robert Kalinkin | £180 | Shop Now >>

Golden Skeleton Body

Designer london


A collection of jewellery inspired by Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divine Comedy’ where each piece corresponds to one of the poet’s literary gems
Shop CULIETTA | £500 | Shop Now >>

Veiled Headpiece

Designer new york

Azede Jean-Pierre

Celebrating sensual femininity New York based designer Azede Jeane-Pierre is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of functionality through exploration in innovating techniques achieving balance for wearable designs
Shop Dori Tomcsanyi | £240 | shop now >>

Silk Neoprene Judo Jacket

Editorial Designer Focus

Matter Matters

Today, it’s the turn of #Origin100 designer Flora Leung of Matter Matters to share her 'Moodboard Moment’ ahead of this year’s Origin, Passion and Beliefs (OPB) in Vicenza, Italy
Shop Przhonskaya | £125 | SHOP NOW >>

Silk Turquoise Blouse

Editorial NJAL Projects

The #OriginFair Shop Edit: Stone and Leather

In the run-up to Origin, Passion and Beliefs (OPB), NJAL is spotlighting the 100 designers that will descend on Vicenza, Italy from every corner of the world to participate in the most innovative trade show format in existence. Today, you can meet the designers representing the Stone and Leather categories at the fair, and shop a selection of their statement products
Shop Nudite | £145 | Shop Now >>

The Line 1 Lofters | Black

Designer london

Michelle Lowe-Holder

#ORIGIN100–A design philosophy on heritage handcrafts, vintage detail, zero waste and upcycling
Designer lisbon

Valentim Quaresma

#ORIGIN100–A diverse artistic practice that includes creating intricate sculptural pieces to adorn the body
Shop Przhonskaya | £255 | SHOP NOW >>

Cross Straps Turquoise Dress

Designer hong kong


#ORIGIN100–Sports-lux streetwear inspired by pertinent social issues exacted with a distinctive graphic treatment
Shop INA KOELLN | £255 | shop now >>

Walt Dark

Designer jakarta


#ORIGIN100–Born from a love of street-wear and a distinctly urban aesthetic, Swank is for the sartorially open-minded
Designer budapest

Linda Sieto

#ORIGIN100–A fascination with all things experimental realises designs underlined with with emotional and textural depth
Shop Vulantri | £145 | shop now >>

Flin 01 Necklace

Designer brooklyn

Study NY

#ORIGIN100–Brooklyn-based Study NY’s sharp aesthetic and deeper commitment to sustainable living across fashion and lifestyle is thoughtfully conscious for fashion’s futurity
Editorial Designer Focus

A Moodboard Moment: Robert Kalinkin

#Origin100 designer Robert Kalinkin returns to the NJAL spotlight with ‘A Moodboard Moment’ ahead of this year’s Origin, Passion and Beliefs (OPB) in Vicenza, Italy to chart the winding journey of creative process with a visual insight into his kaleidoscopic design practice
Shop Moeva | £200 | SHOP NOW >>

Alice High Waisted Bikini in White

Designer riga

Keta Gutmane

A conceptual collection underscored by smart functionality in transformable details, bridging classic unique tailoring with urban avant-garde silhouettes
Shop Jaimalàlatête | £130 | shop now >>

Sweater Front Pocket

Shop Alchimionek | £195 | SHOP NOW >>

Black Quilted Pencil Skirt

Designer mexico city

Salo Shayo

#Origin100 designer Salo Shayo combines an eye for detail with a raw, genuine interest in experimental techniques for collections defined by structure, form and silhouette
Shop Chikimiki | £510 | Shop Now >>

Lola Net Bomber

Shop Olive Cooper | £320 | Shop Now >>

Kingly Khaki Suede Handbag

Shop Bellaobastian | £200 | Shop Now >>

Unisex Råde Shirt

Shop Amanda Deleon | £230 | Shop Now >>

Chiffon and Leather Gill Tunic

Shop Sandor Lakatos | £580 | shop now >>

Cashmere Jacket

Shop Lake | £300 | shop now >>

Wrap Black Slip Dress

Shop Jump From Paper | £100 | shop now >>

Red Adventure Backpack

Shop LAKE | £380 | SHOP NOW >>

Belted Dress Robe

Designer venice

The Warriors Brand

The result of a collaboration between a Venetian designer and craftsman who will head to #OriginFair 2015 to rework heritage handicraft for a contemporary context
Designer london

Fyodor Golan

A flair for fusing conceptualist inspiration with beautiful hand detailing, and intelligent fabric manipulation is exactly why NJAL's Fyodor Golan have been nominated for Woolmark's inaugural British Isles Award
Designer london

Sophie Breitmeyer

Bespoke and specifically romantic pieces denoting British luxury are inspired by poetic narratives and an affinity for architectural structures
Editorial Designer Focus

Sound Of The Studio: Yohei Ohno

NJAL's Tokyo Takeover continues and it’s a timely moment to tap the material alchemist Yohei Ohno for a mixtape of music that bolsters the design process. Press play for some auditory satisfaction courtesy of Ohno's power for deft curation and learn more about his body-centric approach to morphing design
Shop Dzhus | £230 | Shop Now >>

Pleated Dress

Editorial Horizon

Japan's New Guard

Expanding on the legacies of pop-visual Japanese icons such as Hiromix, NJAL meets Japan’s bright, young things in the field of photography who are ushering in the country’s new wave of creative currency

Bunka Fashion College

Bunka Fashion College was founded in 1923 as the first dressmaking school in Japan. Since then, Bunka has had a significant role in shaping fashion education in Japan
Editorial Industry

Q&A With Mantis World's Prama Bhardwaj

On Fashion Revolution Day, NJAL spotlights Mantis World–the award-winning ethical clothing company with ranges for adults, kids and babies. Founded in 2000 by Prama Bhardwaj, her business has gone from strength to strength, showing that commercial, large volume manufacturing can happen in an ethical and sustainable manner with care to everyone in the supply chain. Today, NJAL sits down with Prama to discuss the challenges of being a responsible, honest and modern company today
Editorial Industry

Fashion Revolution Day 2015

Sass Brown, designer, celebrated author and Assistant Dean of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City utilises the NJAL platform to urge us all to learn about the responsibility we have to find out who made our clothes and the true cost of fashion on Fashion Revolution Day, two years on from the Rana Plaza tragedy
Designer hong kong

Matter Matters

An abstract synthesis of art-deco inspiration and geometric forms reinvents contemporary basics with a luxe edge
Designer barcelona

Guillem Rodriguez

Guillem Rodríguez’s romantic mysticism has previously earned him the ModaFAD award and he’s also a finalist at the 30th edition of Hyères Fashion and Photography Festival
Designer paris

Sophie Harand

Sophie Harand’s aesthetic commitment to hybrid colours has earned a place amongst the ten finalists at the 30th edition of Hyères Festival
Event 15 May 2015 to 18 May 2015

Origin Passion And Beliefs 2015

NJAL has partnered has partnered with Fiera di Vicenza (FdV), the leading organiser of trade shows and events to produce the second annual ORIGIN PASSION & BELIEFS concept fair. Pre-Register for the event here
Shop Flow | £190 | Shop Now >>

Slightly High-waisted Trousers

Editorial Competitions DDFC Fashion Prize

Following the success of NJAL meets d3, all designers based in the Arab world are invited to take part in the first DDFC Fashion Prize 2015, where the wining designers will win the opportunity to produce a capsule collection for FarFetch, a year of mentorship with industry luminaries, media/press coverage; an advertising campaign, and a reward collectively representing over US $250,000 in value
Designer prague

A sent Pre ence

Contemporary Jewellery reshaped using classic forms and new technologies, all to reveal the beauty of the invisible
Shop MLTV Clothing | £180 | Shop Now >>

White Architectural T-Shirt

Designer hong kong


Hailing from Hong Kong–Sketcharound is a brand focused on study on iconography, unisex tailoring and a purity of form. Challenging conventions of normal practice by using mixture of various innovative materials to create something relaxed yet chic and distinctive
Shop Alicia Reina | £240 | Shop Now >>

Willow Peasant Blouson

Designer berlin


Ivanman has just been announced as one of the Europe Nominees for the 2015/16 International Woolmark Prize Womenswear | Menswear
Event 16 April 2015 to 19 April 2015

FashionPhilosophy: Fashion Week Poland Autumn/Winter 2015

FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland is the biggest and most important global fashion event in Poland and returns for its 12th edition from Thursday 16th April through to Sunday 19th April 2015 where NJAL's Online Editor will report from the frontline of Polish fashion
Editorial Horizon

Hermès presents Wanderland

Take a surreal stroll with NJAL through Hermès’ latest exhibition on view at London’s Saatchi Gallery
Event 15 April 2015

Designer Lunch With NJAL's Stefan Siegel

Join NJAL's Stefan Siegel for a special talk moderated by Manufacture NY's CEO Bob Bland. Learn more about NJAL, discuss the future of the fashion industry and join in on a roundtable Q&A with designers in attendance
Designer brussels

Doriane van Overeem

Doriane van Overeem aims to empower women and invites them to believe in their own natural strength
Event 13 April 2015

Bird’s Eye View: Stefan Siegel of NOT JUST A LABEL

This week join Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator Executive Director Debera Johnson and BF+DA Production Director Tara St James in conversation with Stefan Siegel–the founder and CEO of NOT JUST A LABEL
Event 3 April 2015 to 16 August 2015

Design Oracles

La Gaîté lyrique and the Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP) invite Lidewij Edelkoort–renowned trend forecaster, to take a unique and original look at the CNAP’s collection of design and decorative arts
Designer Amsterdam - Paris

Peet Dullaert

A design approach loyal to preserving traditional techniques in order to push forward sartorial possibilities of the future
Shop Plusthirtynine | £280 | Shop Now >>

Cotton Gingham Dress

Editorial Designer Focus


In NJAL’s latest Designer Focus, the Ukrainian label muses on the poetry of design as well as its problematic realities
Event 10 April 2015

Fashion in Motion: Grace Wales Bonner

Menswear designer and recent Central Saint Martins graduate Grace Wales Bonner will be the subject of the V&A’s next Fashion in Motion. On 10th April, the V&A will showcase four free presentations showcasing Wales Bonner’s collections to date, which take inspiration from black visual culture, the African diaspora and a mix of couture and crafts techniques with deep cultural roots.
Designer antwerp

Dimitri Arvanitis

Moving away from conventions and genre, this is statement menswear in the age of modernity.
Editorial NJAL Projects

The NJAL Shop Edit: Marriam Mossalli

The success of NJAL’s multi-sensory fashion pavilion at Dubai Design District last week has cemented its presence within the region, and today’s NJAL Shop Edit sees Middle Eastern style maven Marriam Mossalli return to the spotlight to apply her analytical eye for a carefully curated selection of designs from a global community of design talent.
Designer london

Gayeon Lee

A sophisticated simplicity punctuated by artisanal elements and delicate finishes drives curiously conceptual possibilities in textures, shapes and proportions
Designer riga


Paviljons fuses Lativian and Nordic heritage with urban details for a well-rounded collection to weather all the elements
Shop Yvy | £155 | Shop Now >>

Leather Peter Pan Collar - Black

Event 7 April 2015 to 15 April 2015

Shanghai Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2015

Shanghai Fashion Week returns to feature a mix of prominent and rising designers in China’s fashion industry as well as global stars like Astrid Andersen
Suspender Dungarees Beige
Shop CRES. E DIM. | £147 | SHOP NOW >>

Suspender Dungarees Beige

Editorial The Conversation

Bradley Zero

One of the key faces behind the world conquering Boiler Room–DJ Bradley Zero bought an unquenchable thirst for new sounds and affinity for vinyl to NJAL Meets d3 last night. NJAL sits down with the musical maestro to discuss everything from a fervent love for vinyl to rapidly changing musical experiences
Shop Ecid | £80 | Shop Now >>

White Backpack

Editorial Essay

The Aesthetics of Accelerationism

With the opening of NJAL's fashion sensorium at d3 this weekend, it's an apt time to trace Dubai’s explosive expansion and cultural renaissance. NJAL spotlights Arab artists making work that’s both inspired by and directly addresses the contemporary culture of the Arab Gulf region today.
Shop Anna Daubner | £150 | Shop Now >>

Cambria Dress

Editorial The Conversation

Saadia Zahid on Dubai Design District (d3)

NJAL marks its physical debut in the Middle East with a multi-sensory pavilion at Meet d3. Meet Saadia Zahid–a creative strategist based between New York and Dubai refining d3’s mission to become a centre for both local and global talent within the region
Event 2 April 2015 to 4 April 2015

Meet d3

Dubai Design District (d3) and NJAL team up to celebrate creativity in Dubai from 2nd to 4th April 2015
Editorial Essay

Sand People

NJAL's moment in the Middle East is finally here. Join NJAL and a carefully curated selection of global design talent at NJAL's multi-sensory pavilion at d3. To celebrate NJAL in Dubai–look back to Andreas Waldschuetz's sensorially satisfying short titled 'Sand People' fusing fashion and art off the beaten track
Shop Lucy Jay | £290 | Shop Now >>

Lorraine Scarf

Designer beijing


A textured treatment of soft mohair, alpaca knits and fine silks in effortlessly, elegant silhouettes
Editorial Designer Focus

Kay Li

As NJAL gears towards physical debut in the Middle East with an expansive and multi-sensory pavilion showcasing a special selection of NJAL’s global community–it's an apt moment to meet the designers exhibiting. Amongst the carefully curated crop is Dubai-based designer Kay Li, whose knack for mixing form, fabric and function has become feverishly sought after amongst the Middle East’s tastemakers
Shop Jump From Paper | £80 | Shop Now >>

Carly Sweetie Handbag Purple

Shop Anna Daubner | £130 | Shop Now >>

Cult Cropped Blouse

Shop Elizabeth Dunn | £105 | Shop Now >>

Tan Leather Shopper

Shop PATH | £225 | Shop Now >>

Printed Sweatpants

Designer london


Iceland’s Tiaber create garments that encapsulate Scandinavian modernity down to a T through simple silhouettes with attention to quality and sustainability
Shop BROWNIE AND BLONDIE | £285 | Shop Now >>

Parka D+F Black

Event 25 March 2015 to 29 March 2015

Volvo Fashion Week Moscow Autumn/Winter 2015

Volvo Moscow Fashion Week raises the curtain on its latest fashion showcase
Shop Colmillo De Morsa | £370 | Shop Now >>

Perforated Leather and Silk Shirt

Shop Linda Sieto | £325 | Shop Now >>

Layered Metallic Bag

Designer new york


Unafraid to push boundaries, creates pieces to embrace and express strength with unapologetic personality
Shop Azbukka | £45 | Shop Now >>

Grey-Elm Small Cross-Body Bag

Editorial Horizon

A Printed Matter #2

NJAL offer a curated A-Z guide to the cutting edge material that should be the centre piece of every coffee table—from firmly feminist literature and zeitgeisty art books to edgy erotica, and opulent indie magazines offering niche perspectives on fashion–this is the second instalment of NJAL's Printed Matter
Shop Onar | £225 | Shop Now >>

Haris Collar

Editorial Industry

The Power of a Name

There's no denying that the cult of celebrity and its fetish for fashion will wither anytime soon
Editorial The Conversation


MISS is the global platform that celebrates amazing women across the creative industries, and is founded by Mary Wang and Vere van Gool. NJAL posits the pertinent questions to find out where femininity sits in design culture and unravel the complicated relationship between fashion and architecture
Event 18 March 2015 to 25 March 2015

Ukrainian Fashion Week AW15

Ukraine’s Fashion Week is set to focus on its future, and NJAL will be reporting from the front line. Stay tuned for NJAL's #EYESONUKRAINE
Editorial NJAL Projects

Editor's Picks

Look to NJAL's Online Editor, Kam Dhillon for the low-down on the latest trend-topping pieces in The NJAL Shop. Today's expert edit singles out statements pieces, sculptural designs with an artistic sensibility and wardrobe staples to meet everyday needs.
Event 8 March 2015 to 7 June 2015

Björk at MoMA

MoMA presents Björk, a retrospective dedicated to the multifaceted work of the singer, composer, and musician
Designer shenzhen


Shenzen-based VMajor draws on their rich cultural origins but with an international commerciality—a stroke of aesthetic genius that's earned the NJAL label a finalist place in The International Woolmark Prize 2015
Event 18 March 2015 to 22 March 2015

Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015

The curtain raises on the eastern sphere's fashion stage with India's Lakmé Fashion Week stealing the spotlight
Designer beirut

Bird On A Wire

Lebanon's Bird On A Wire create products that are everlasting, by dipping them into the beauty of life, and have been recognised for their purist sensibility with a finalist nomination for The International Woolmark Prize 2015
Editorial Designer Focus


At the centre of a current media storm is NJAL’s own JumpFromPaper whose candy-coloured accessories blow both mind and vision. Today, the pop-purse-purveyors launch their Spring/Summer 2015 collection with NJAL, and talk through all the shiny, glossy details.
Event 16 March 2015 to 21 March 2015

Mercedes-Benz Tokyo Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2015

The multi-city fashion marathon makes a stop in Tokyo to showcase the best of this season's sartorial offerings
Designer london

Hanger Inc

Hanger’s material affinity for latex continues with a collection inspired by traditional cultural garments, with particular emphasis on the transition of simple cloth to luxury
Editorial NJAL Projects

A Cinematic Expression

NJAL applies this week's thematic focus of cinematic style to the NJAL Shop. From boundless extravagance to sumptuous, adoring details—every look is silver screen worthy and a far cry from the blunt connotations of Hollywood's buxom blondes. Shop the best of NJAL's unapologetic luxury for some screen-studded, self-assured cool right here.
Shop The Transience | £300 | Shop Now >>

Basic Tote

Editorial Designer Focus

Sound of the Studio: Clon8

NJAL’s latest editorial feature ‘Sound of the Studio’ asks designers to share a mixtape of music that bolsters the design process in the studio. Today, Clon8 draws on their power for deft curation to create a mixtape merging raw, carnal energy with sweet, honeyed ambient lifts.
Shop S M K | £80 | Shop Now >>

Light Pink Shirt

Designer london


Layers of fabric symbolises layers of meaning in a collection defined by the personal journey
Shop Flow | £280 | Shop Now >>

Laconic Cut Blouse

Designer kyiv


Laconic yet never banal, laced with a lashing of romance—the Ukrainian womenswear label tell the story of spiritual minimalism
Shop Ellia Wang | £415 | Shop Now >>

Flower Bag in Black and White

Editorial Essay

The Significance of Soundtrack

NJAL applies another lens on the special relationship between fashion and music, and looks back to an archive piece dissecting the impact of the show soundtrack
Editorial Horizon

Fashion Dramaturgy

NJAL continues to celebrate the enduring love between the worlds of music and fashion, and today’s investigation wanders to the underbelly of YouTube to unearth some of the most performative, intelligent and implausibly dramatic shows in the history of fashion.
Shop S M K | £125 | Shop Now >>

Coral Red Cardigan

Designer london

Rochaele Siobhan

A true feat of technical knowledge of textile performance and intricate, detailed design
Shop JIRI KALFAR | £100 | Shop Now >>

Variable Black T-shirt

Editorial Designer Focus


NJAL sits down with the minimalist mavericks to unravel their complex methodology and the essential details of being young, fun and free in Berlin.
Morgan O'Donovan for Dazed Digita
Event 29 September 2015 to 7 October 2015

Paris Fashion Week S/S 2016

The city of light takes it turn on the global fashion carrousel to showcase its rich fashion heritage
Editorial Horizon

Music and Fashion

This week, NJAL is celebrating the enduring love between the worlds of music and fashion, and like any well-matched couple, they find innovative ways of surviving, and thriving, through collaboration.
Editorial Competitions

Project Runway: Now Casting for Season 14

NJAL is pleased to announce that Project Runway is now casting for Season 18, allowing designers the opportunity to showcase their work during New York Fashion Week, and the chance to win $100,000 or more to launch or expand their own fashion line.
Shop S M K | £145 | Shop Now >>

Orchid Printed Jacket

Designer london

Diani Diaz

Luxe street wear with a casual edge, smartly combined with innovative materials
Designer UK

Li Hua Siji

An affinity for exacted pattern cutting and pioneering technology realises thoughtful shapes and considered cuts
Shop Marie Viltoft | £375 | Shop Now >>

Leather Fur Tote Bag - Pink

Shop Neemic | £445 | Shop Now >>

Elija Wool Sweater

Editorial The Conversation

Ivania Carpio

NJAL has long been enchanted with Love Aesthetics' Ivania Carpio, the Dutch blogger whose penchant for monochromatic minimalism has made her a definitive force in fashion blogging. Here, NJAL poses a few quick-fire questions to the aesthete extraordinaire before tomorrow’s guest-edit of the NJAL Shop.
Event 20 June 2015 to 22 June 2015

White Milano S/S 2016

WHITE is a breeding ground of ideas, taking place from the 28th February - 2nd March. It is fashion culture as a lifestyle that embraces art, design, music, communication and the new frontiers of the web medias
Shop Path | £175 | Shop Now >>

White Zipped Pockets Sweater

Designer zagreb

Coded Edge

Croatian fashion-duo draw on a dystopian imagination of a post-apocalyptic future
Shop This Is The Uniform. | £450 | Shop Now >>

The Tiered Dress

Designer stockholm

Patrik Guggenberger

An anatomical collection achieved by dissecting exciting, new techniques and materials
Editorial Designer Focus

Arantxa Morcillo's 'Splintered' Moodboard

NJAL continues a focus on inspired mood boards to chart the winding journey of creative process. To commemorate a special curation of all things intelligently clean and simple, NJAL taps young design talent Aranxta Morcillio, hard on the heels of a recent British Vogue feature, to distill the details of her recent collection's whited-out palette
Event 23 September 2015 to 29 September 2015

Milan Fashion Week S/S 2016

Milan Fashion Week returns to showcase some of the industry luminaries' Autumn Winter offerings
Shop Flow | £390 | Shop Now >>

Oversized Cocoon Dress

Editorial Industry

The NJAL Report Card: London Fashion Week A/W 2015 Day Three

See if Claire Barrow, Sophia Webster, Pam Hogg et al made the grade this season
Editorial Designer Focus

Nicolas Martin Garcia: The Lolito Moodboard

NJAL continues a focus on inspired mood boards to chart the winding journey of creative process. Nicholas Martin Garcia steals the spotlight, hot on the heels of his win at #ACMTALENTS2015 at AltaRoma Fashion Week
Editorial Industry

The NJAL Report Card: London Fashion Week A/W 2015 Day Two

Instead of getting bogged down with the superfluous semiology of show reviews, revel in the show essentials and key highlights with NJAL’s Report Card.
Shop Flow | £650 | Shop Now >>

Midi Shirt Dress

Editorial Competitions

NJAL Reveals the Shortlist for the 2015 LVMH Prize

NJAL is pleased to announce the next stage in finding the 2015 LVMH Prize Winner. Six of NJAL's designers have made the shortlist for the second annual LVMH Prize, the winner of which will receive €300,000 and a year-long mentorship at the luxury mammoth
Shop Atelier Brut | £140 | Shop Now >>

Stock Market Sweat #3

Designer melbourne


Abstract expressionism and the rich textures of daring brushstrokes form the crux of Amxander’s inspired vision
Shop JIRI KALFAR | £85 | Shop Now >>

Asymmetrical Underwear

Event 18 September 2015 to 22 September 2015

Fashion Scout S/S 2016

Fashion Scout, the leading international fashion showcase, returns to the Freemasons' Hall in Covent Garden for London Fashion Week AW15 present over 50 visionary designers
Editorial Designer Focus

Diani Diaz

NJAL spotlights Diani Diaz, a showcasing designer in LCF’s MA15 Womenswear show
Shop Morphe | £195 | Shop Now >>

Dori Lycra Jersey Jumper

Chromat, Chromat AW15, Made Fashion Week, Milk Studios, NYFW AW15, New York Fashion Week AW15, Marine Rothblatt
Editorial Designer Focus

Chromat at New York Fashion Week

Chromat present a futurist vision of femininity, anchored by daringly diverse dominatrixes, and complete with 3D printed chokers, lashings of latex and and green nipple lasers
Designer tbilisi

Nino Sepo

Named as a new emerging talent by Vogue Italia in 2012, Nina Sepo’s kinetic wearable sculptures are both stylish and spiritual
Shop Serafin Andrzejak | £70 | Shop Now >>

Collar Tunnel

Designer costa rica

De Polvo Y Viento

De Polo Y Viento creates unique pieces that command a sincere emotional attachment from their wearer
Event 18 February 2015 to 22 February 2015

LCF MA15 Exhibition 2015

The #LCFMA15 exhibition reveals visions and pieces from the next generation of creatives
Shop Téo + NG | £365 | Shop Now >>

HéloÏse Black Bag

Prada Candy
Editorial Essay

The Evolution of Product Placement

“Big-name brands seize the full gamut of movie marketing materials for their own agenda…”
Editorial Essay

The Artist as Brand

By applying a lens to artists and designers working today such as Bjarne Melgaard, Eckhaus Latta and Amalia Ulman, NJAL detangles the artist playing as brand in a conflicted celebration and subversion of commerce in contemporary culture
Designer amsterdam


Structural experiments interlaced with dreamy textures become wearable art
Shop Moeva | £225 | Shop Now >>

Mansfield Bikini in Green/White

Designer london


Inspired by the street culture of the megapolis that is London, By Sju’s hats are individual at the core
Editorial Horizon

Printed Matter

Here's an A-Z guide to everything on the cutting edge of print
Shop Heiter | £120 | Shop Now >>

Dune Spike Earrings

Designer paris

Bianca Popp

Indulgent femininity is thoughtfully realised through researched structures and natural fabrics
Shop Phoebe Heess | £145 | Shop Now >>

Superheroine Cape

Designer paris

Kenta Matsushige

A synthesis of urban and modern details with a respect to pastoral beauty
Shop Yayoi | £105 | Shop Now >>

Flow Necklace

Designer berlin


The Berlin-based label melt diverse influences with functional details and are set to showcase at this season's Mode Suisse
Shop Dahui Li | £365 | Shop Now >>

SweetHeart Sweater

Designer london

Kelly Love

Congratulations to Kelly Love who has won the Ready-to-Wear category of The Future of Fashion Program, a new scheme devised by WHO'S NEXT and NJAL
Designer berlin

Blank Etiquette

The Berlin-based label melt diverse influences with functional details and are set to showcase at this season's Mode Suisse
Shop Omtura | £370 | Shop Now >>

Geo Scapula V5

Designer prague

Petra Ptáčková

Storybook aesthetics meets magical realism for enchanting yet wholly wearable results
Editorial The Conversation

Le Creative Sweatshop

NJAL meet Le Creative Sweatshop, the design-duo stretching the imagination with calculated experimentalism
Shop Methodology | £79 | Shop Now >>

Rowan Cap in Black

Designer london

Colin Horgan

Reconstructing and redefining his aesthetic combined with organic techniques has earned Colin a deserved reputation for attention to detail
Shop Bliss Lau | £675 | Shop Now >>

Fathom Black

Shop Robert Kalinkin | £360 | Shop Now >>

Skin Deep Red Coat

Editorial The Conversation

Karen van Godtsenhoven

The curator talks to NJAL about the challenge of bringing clothing to life in a museum, and why she thinks Antwerp's approach to teaching fashion verges on psychoanalysis
Event 30 January 2015 to 2 February 2015

Alta Roma Alta Moda

NJAL will be reporting from Alta Roma this weekend, where today’s top and emerging designers and their upcoming Autumn Winter collections
Designer brooklyn

Alicia Reina

Alicia Reina's new arrivals in The NJAL Shop feature refined feminism mixed with a masculine allure
the art of fashion
Editorial Essay

The Art of Fashion

NJAL investigate fashion's cultural ascension to platforms and spaces traditionally reserved for showcasing fine art.
Editorial Competitions

Mediterranean Fashion Prize 2015

NJAL announce the return of the Mediterranean Fashion Prize to reveal, perfect and train tomorrow’s talents of the Mediterranean Basin
Editorial Competitions

WOW's Wearable Technology Award 2015

NJAL join forces with World of WearableArt to present a new prize in 2015: The Wearable Technology Award
Designer barcelona


Hunch commit to the cult of finer details, with technical and material research, and elaborate production techniques form the crux of their practice
Shop Angela Bang | £150 | Shop Now >>

V-Plunge White Insert Swimsuit

Designer london

Lion Studio

Imaginative jewellery realised through skilful craftsmanship and commitment to character
Shop Jealousy | £190 | Shop Now >>

Half Gun Dress

Shop Abcense | £495 | Shop Now >>

Obtuse Ankle Boots

Event 27 June 2015 to 29 June 2015

Tranoï Homme S/S 2016

Tranoï is more than just a tradeshow–it's a valuable source of truly different, international creativity, high-quality and outstanding talent
Designer lima


Handmade designs exploring decadent adolescent themes from pop culture to bodily taboo
Shop Anna Daubner | £220 | Shop Now >>

Bao Bomber Jacket

Designer montreal


A synthesis of fashion and art details exacted with military precision
Shop Sleeper | £100 | Shop Now >>

White Short Pajama Set

Designer warsaw

BLGR Boys Left Girls Right

Directional street-wear elevated with considered graphic treatment
Shop Slowfactory | £182 | Shop Now >>

Paris by Night Scarf

Event 16 January 2015 to 26 January 2015

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam

A combination of fashion shows of upcoming talents, designers and commercial labels and brands.
Designer new york-Paris

Victoria Scandale

Geometric lines, discrete volumes and refined fabrics intersect to create dramatic silhouettes
Shop Konsanszky | £990 | Shop Now >>

Cult Calf Fur Coat

Designer warsaw


A fusion of bold prints with intricate, three-dimensional embroidery made by hand
Designer antwerp

Manon Kundig

A technical amalgamation of acidic prints and maniacal ornamentation
Shop Path | £185 | Shop Now >>

Orange Jersey Shorts

Shop Jovana Markovic | £250 | Shop Now >>

White Silk Dress

Shop Evgenia Popova | £189 | Shop Now >>

Wide Leg Wool Trousers

Designer tel aviv

Muslin Brothers

The Tel Aviv interdisciplinary design collective create everything from colourful clothing to installations weaving raw elements from culturally-rich sources
Designer berlin

Drapes by Ashley Scott

Ripping, sculpting, painting, melting, and burning all form part of the multifarious Drapes aesthetic
Shop Omelya | £140 | Shop Now >>

White Sleeve Urban Sweatshirt

Designer kyiv


Clean lines, elegant cuts, and voluminous shapes are underscored with painterly prints
Designer kiev


Industrialistic minimalism meets bulletproof accessories
Designer london

Somewhere Nowhere

May the power of rainbows and unicorns be with you
Shop Väska | £360 | Shop Now >>

Venla - Toffee

Designer warsaw

Joanna Startek

A modern tribute to simple, functional and considered design
Designer taipei city

Jump From Paper

Surrealist inspired accessories for all the digital fairies
Shop Snowman New York | £260 | Shop Now >>

Mage Quilted Coat

Shop Boyarovskaya | £990 | Shop Now >>

Deconstructed Leather Skirt

Shop Matériel | £220 | Shop Now >>

Cashmere Tail Vest

Shop By Sun | £535 | Shop Now >>

Peacock Green Dress

Shop BySju | £95 | Shop Now >>

Soho Hat

Shop Chikimiki | £1,400 | Shop Now >>

Europa Wool Wrap

Shop Hanger | £275 | Shop Now >>

Wool Tailored Pleat Trouser Burgundy

Shop Neemic | £470 | Shop Now >>

Aya Knit Cardigan

Shop Lusasul | £335 | Shop Now >>

Paliacate Neck Piece

Brick Lane Hat
Shop BySju | £95 | Shop Now >>

Brick Lane Hat

Shop Nudite | £34 | Shop Now >>

White Crystal Bracelet - Gold

Designer copenhagen

Marie Viltoft

Effortlessly Scandinavian leather goods
Designer london

Cm Aox

Central Saint Martins graduates from two different disciplines.
Designer london

J Moon

London based label J.Moon innovates with unexpected colour to produce unique, modern pieces
Shop Väska | £190 | Shop Now >>

Tuuli Royal Blue Bag

Editorial Essay

C’est la Mode Francaise

From the NJAL archive, Becky Cope explores the quintessentially effortless French style
Fancy Me Pencil Skirt
Shop Boo Pala | £165 | Shop Now >>

Fancy Me Pencil Skirt

Designer arnhem

Maison the Faux

Maison the Faux, NJAL brand from the Netherlands, experiment with free-form fashion
Felt Overcoat