For Spring/Summer 2011, Damir Doma releases the film “Exercise” on THECORNER.COM together with a limited-edition menswear capsule.

In “Exercise”, the new geometry & structure of Mr. Doma’s silhouette is ignited in fiery saffron tones, echoing the Eastern religious costume of bhagwa.

The tainted hero struggles in a harsh industrial void, as sands sift through his palms to join an inky blackness below.

Hidden demons batter his fragile body, contorting his frame. Instinctually he succumbs to martyrdom; at the ringing of the bells, is reborn as the phoenix.

“Divining a delicate tension, Damir Doma aligns a timeless balance between opposites. The keystones of universal folklore become blurred in the chaos of today. In the eye of the storm, grace is born from instinct.”

Film by Malcolm Pate.